Meesho Account Creation

Meesho Account Creation

to start selling on Meesho, you need to get through a simple registration process which is absolutely free of cost.

On getting registered, you can start displaying your products and get orders online from all the potential buyers all over India. As a facilitator, Meesho does charge some fee on the orders processed.

Meesho Account Creation

Who Can Become a Meesho Seller?
An Individual– Any individual person can register himself/herself as a seller by providing the required relevant details along with the registration form
A business registered as a  LLP–  they can start with the Meesho registration process
A business registered as a One Person Company
Documents Required for Meesho Seller Registration
PAN Card
PAN is a mandatory identity proof.

GST Registration
Documents Required for GST Registration

Aadhaar card of the directors or the partners, as the case may be
PAN Card of the Company, LLP or the Individual
Bank Account Details your current bank account.

The documents required to open a bank account are:

Meesho Seller Registration Process

PAN Card of the Individual or the company or the LLP Address proof
Certificate of Incorporation case of a company or an LLP
Partnership Deed  case of a Partnership Firm
Identity proof and address proof of all the directors of the company or the LLP as the case may be
cancelled cheque required
Address proof of the entity
Valid email ids
Steps to Register on Meesho as Online Seller
Keep the above-mentioned documents ready
Next, go to and fill up the “Register Now” form and click on
seller registration Meesho

Once registration is complete, update your profile and create product catalogue for Meesho Account Creation On receiving  Meesho courier partners will pick-up & deliver goods to the end customers
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