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Accounting Services

We offer Accounting (Bookkeeping)Services to maintain the day-to-dayoperations of your accounting systems and record keeping. The goal of theAccounting (Bookkeeper)is to properly record all 


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BookKeeping Services

Recording and maintaining of day today transaction.
Handling petty cash expenses.
Booking direct and indirect cost.
Direct and indirect income and expenses.
Bank payment and receipts transaction.

MIS Reporting

Accounts payable and receivable ageing report on weekly basis.
Profit and loss, Balance sheet, trial balance report as per management requirement.
Cash flow statement
Budgeting, Forecasting on weekly,monthly and Quarterly basis.

Payroll Processing

Calculation salary and making salary sheet
Making and distribution of Salary Slip
Provide Salary Information to Accounts or Bank
Calculation of Salary structure
Calculation of TDS as per investment declaration from employees


SME Accounting

General Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, Preparation and maintenance of day-to-day bookkeeping and monthly or quarterly accounts,Preparation of Financial Statements, Preparation of annual accounts for the statutory annual audit, E-accounting services, Accounting Setup Services, Accounts payable services, Accounts receivable services, Financial reporting services, Accounts reconciliation services

Statutory Compliance

GSTR-1 Outward sales by business

GSTR-2 Purchases made by Business

GSTR-3 GST monthly return along with the payment ofamount of tax

GSTR-4 Quarterly return for GST

PF/ ESI/Labour Law Compliances
Control over Statutory Compliances


About OM Accounting

OM Accounting have team of experienced accountants and provide services of computer accounting solutions & all type small business. accounting services OM Accounting is smart bookkeeping business services provider for financial accounting, bookkeeping accounting software and financial accounting business. We are providing cost effective bookkeeping services from more than 5 years. Capitalize on efficient and quality Bookkeeping, Accounting and financial Services!! OM Accounting strives to help clients to achieve operational efficiency by providing expertise and experience handling almost all the popular and widely used bookkeeping and accounting software with the flexibility to respond to today’s ever-changing business environment.

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Accurate & Reliable Bookkeeping Services for Accounting and Bookkeeping Business Outsourcing of bookkeeping determines the ladder of success. Our clients are satisfied because of accurate reliable and readily available financial records and data. OM Accounting Solutions is designed to meet the various bookkeeping services needs of your organization. We remove all your workload and other problems like maintaining all bookkeeping and financial accounting details, preparation of bank reconciliation statement by providing a cost effective and accurate bookkeeping, financial accounting and bookkeeping accounting services to you

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