MIS Reporting Services

We specialize in providing MIS reporting service which enable the business heads to take informed decisions. In many cases these are analytical in nature and depict the health parameters of the business.

We will analyse and understand the reporting needs of your organization, and accordingly create spreadsheets encompassing the required details. The format is created in such an ‘easy to use format’ to help inculcate the habit of everyday reporting and focussed on the key parameters watched by the business.

As appropriate, we will provide a sector wise and product line wise analysis and include benchmarking and variance with industry standards. The reports will have analysis on historical and current financial activity and also project future financial needs, as required, which will helpmonitor and manage the use of funds. Besides, we specialise in providing CFO services which are strategic in nature to help withdecision making. We complement the management team on a part-time or interim basis.

Therefore, rather than hiring a full-time employee, it may be more advantageous to retain us for specific projects, or on a contractual basis to enhance the current organization.By outsourcing this service the organization gains insight into expertise which will require lot of long term investments in people, process and infrastructure. The same quality and timely reports are available at a fraction of cost.

Accounts payable and receivable ageing report on weekly basis.
Profit and loss, Balance sheet, trial balance report as per management requirement.
Cash flow statement
Budgeting, Forecasting on weekly,monthly and Quarterly basis.
Monthly review of accounting.
Accounting review report on monthly basis.