Tally ERP 9 Complete Basic Accounting Class with Example (HINDI)-Day 1|Journal Entries Example Tally

Know analyze the entry we debit the cash a/c due to the fact that money is the part of real a/c and we recognize spent 50,000/- in service so apply the regulation debit what'' s comes in cash money come in organization so it must be debited as well as what concerning the capital, below service owner in ram or he came in individual account ram bring 50000/- in service according to the rule of personal a/c credit rating the giver yet we attributed funding instead of ram a/c. 10000/- apply the guidelines debit what'' s comes in when we purchase goods then goods comes in service so debit the purchase a/c any kind of point which we desire to buy for sales is recognized as goods as well as in business items are stood for by purchase a/c second we attributed the money a/c since when we acquire goods money goes out from the company and also regulation states credit history what'' s goes out so we credit the money a/c goods acquisition from sohan Rs.-20,000/- so in this entrance acquisition a/c debited because rule says debit what'' s comes in yet we attributed sohan'' s account why? 10,000/-to sohan we debited the sohan ' s account due to the fact that we recognize debit the receiver and credit rating the cash money since regulation claims credit what'' s goes out goods marketed to ravi rs 10,000/- here ravi a/c debited since he is receiver and also we offered items to him we credited the sales a/c due to the fact that sales is our earnings and we use the policy of nominal a/c credit scores all the income products return by ravi 5000/- we debited the sales return a/c due to the fact that sales return is our loss and apply the guideline of small a/c that is debit all ravi and losses'' s a/c credited since ravi is giver and also guideline of personal a/c claims credit scores the provider below money receive from ravi and also regulation says debit what'' s comes in so money come in service as well as for this reason it is debited right here ravi is provider so credit rating his account money down payment rs.5000/- in financial institution below bank is receiver so financial institution get debited and also money goes out from organization so money attributed cash money withdraw from bank rs.-2000/- here cash come'' s in business so money get debited and bank is giver so bank get credited shop lease paid cash money rs.-1,000/- here shop lease is our expenses so according to the regulation of nominal a/c all expenses should be debited and money goes out from the organization so money obtain credited in the entrance Light costs paid rs.-1,000/- light bill is our expenditures and all exp.

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