Santa Monica College – Accounting 2 Online Fall 2016

Welcome to Accounting 2: Corporate Financial
and Managerial Accounting. This course will officially start on September
19 and end on December 9th. This is an accelerated twelve week online
course. This course is normally taught over sixteen
weeks. So we will be covering one chapter per week
starting with chapter 13. And then after chapter 17, starting with chapter
18, we will be covering two chapters per week. To be successful in this class, you need to
expected to spend an average of ten to fifteen hours per week. Of course, I have made a lot of learning material
and resources available for you online. So how do you get started in this class? To get started, I recommend you read the book,
starting with chapter 13. And if you need additional help, you can look
at the PowerPoint slides or the LearnSmart tutorial or the interactive video presentations. Those are of course, optional. Once you have a good grasp of the material,
comment and write down your thoughts and reflections in the online journal.

The online journal is a threaded discussion
and you do need to post your comments first, before you can see other students’ comments. It is a required assignment and it is worth
five points. What I am looking for are your original thoughts. I do not want regurgitation or a summary of
the chapter material. Once you have completed the online journal,
you can start on the homework. The homework is a required assignment. For every homework assignment, you will see
guided examples. If you need help with the homework assignment,
you can post your questions on the homework discussion thread. Active and consistent participation in the
homework thread could earn you up to ten points in extra credit awarded at the end of the
term. Of course, I am here to help you as well. If you need help with the homework, the best
way to get a hold of me is to email me. I will answer all emails within 2 business
days not counting the weekend. Lastly the quiz. Every chapter has an assigned quiz and it
is a required assignment. Before you take the quiz, I highly recommend
you take the practice quiz.

You can take the practice quiz as many times
as you like and the answers will be revealed after you submit the practice quiz. That’s about it for now. I look forward to a fun and good 12 weeks
together. I will see you online!.

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