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hello to your udders invite to this brand-new ado allow'' s since we ' ve seen exactly how to tape-record the economic life of my company ' s stealth we would certainly Inc I would certainly additionally like to have a good understanding of the access recognizing this information will certainly be very helpful to recognize our very own efficiency health and wellness and examine the way we manage our service yet I'' m not the just one that desires to evaluate just how sneaky would is doing tax obligation authorities additionally need to receive legal records to ensure that every little thing is in order and capitalists as well as monetary supervisors will certainly need them to have a mutual understanding of our financial resources records are details to a firm'' s localization yet even if they differ according to the country'' s legal demands they use and remain the exact same in nature below are a few of them revenue as well as loss or the earnings statement reveals the efficiency of a firm over a provided duration by comparing a period with another one it quickly comes to be extremely clear exactly how the company is progressing the annual report is a recap of all of the records and also provides a snapshot at a specific date showing what the firm owns and what it owes on that day it also reveals that all its financial records are properly balanced according to the adhering to formula possessions amount to the obligations plus equity the cash flow declaration is really helpful to recognize what exchanges take place in as well as out of the business over a period of time and also if they relate to operations investments or financing there are lots of other reports those needed by a nation are automatically produced by odoo when you create your database yet we can likewise determine to produce our very own reports based upon our requirements fortunately odoo produces all sort of economic reports in real time as well as extremely conveniently it is after that feasible to alter different alternatives and also contrast the various reports for example I can choose to obtain my reports on an amassing basis meaning that the records take the date of the deal as their basis or on a money basis with which the date of the settlement is utilized for the reports basis so allow'' s look at this on our data source alright so here I get on my database particularly on the accountancy modules let'' s go on as well as look into our reports by clicking coverage and the first one we'' re gon na look at is profit as well as loss fine so right here of program we have our revenue and also loss report as well as we can also compare this duration to another one so allow'' s go on and also select comparison right here go to previous period you can select your variety of periods I'' m going to claim one as well as then apply so here I have details for book 2019 and 2018 as you can see I put on'' t have any type of details for 2018 tape-recorded so it simply says 0 okay currently allow'' s return to reporting and after that let'' s most likely to our equilibrium sheet ok so from here we can do it based upon a cash money basis that we'' re checking out right here or we can even say an accrual basis so if I deselect cash basis technique then that will certainly offer me the amassing basis here okay now allow'' s go back to reporting once again and also after that most likely to our cash flow statement okay here I have a capital declaration and also I'' m looking at my bank journal here I can eliminate this or I can pick any kind of other journals that I'' m interested in ok so today I'' m looking at all journals however we can state I'' m just red stripe for instance ok or we can look at numerous journals so we can state stripe as well as Bank okay we have both of those things right below to ensure that'' s truly hassle-free allow ' s return to reporting again as well as look into our aged receivable alright so below we can rapidly view as of today how much our consumers still owe us as well as exactly how old their debts are alright we have all of that details right here ok now let'' s go back to reporting and after that partner journal ok so the partner ledger provides a bigger overview integrating by default both receivable and payable accounts the aim is to have the equilibrium the last column right here at 0 which we can see that for me it'' s not no so I need to look into what'' s taking place below yet we can play with some various alternatives ok so if we most likely to options right below we'' re considering a harsh basis posted entries just but I also wish to see only show unreconciled entrances I can remove this ok I can even claim cash money base this technique once again I can include unposted entries which here reveals us draft access or I can get rid of everything so you have you do have some alternatives below which are actually amazing all right so this is just an additional step to enable you to check all of the entries that you may have including some that are tape-recorded however not necessarily confirmed and posted yet all right so now from below we'' re going to most likely to reporting we ' re mosting likely to go all the method to'billings okay so we ' re checking out our invoices evaluation below yet let ' s go on and also change the filters allow'' s group by partner for instance and after that we'' re mosting likely to go to actions and also we'' re mosting likely to transform the step too so now I'' m taking a look at untaxed amount allow'' s go on and state typical cost after that allowed'' s consider this as a pie chart for instance okay so I have 3 companions here and we see the color coding on the top right alright and also I simply have some added information if I always desire to have simple accessibility to this I can do so quickly by marking it as a preferred so I'' ll simply go to faves I'' ll say save my existing search and after that I can um title the search so I can claim PI by partners after that save now if I eliminate this all right after that I go back to my faves I can rapidly access this report so I have this precise view if this is one that I inspect really typically from here allow'' s proceed and check out the pivot table alright so we likewise have some additional info right here so if I most likely to as your inside for instance I can consider the billings so I see an invoice in an expense as well as I can always download this report as well by clicking this button which will certainly download it as an excel s alright and we have that PDF right below so as you can see records with odoo are extremely clear and also incredibly simple as well as it'' s so practical to see specifically what you need to see that'' s all for this video clip thanks for enjoying

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