Processing Transactions – Journals and T Tables – Accounting

All. Now we'' ve chatted concerning T tables, we ' ve chatted about journal entrances, now allow'' s talk regarding refining transactions, what we have to go through in order to do this whole system of reporters and also T tables. So actions to process, the initial step we intend to identify any resource and also the purchase records, so we need to understand once again assume about the 3 points that we perform in audit, we recognize, record, and afterwards connect. The very first step is identifying initial step is claiming yes we require to begin tape-recording and we additionally what do we need to start taping, what accounts are in the deal are there any type of resource documents, exist invoices, exist order are, there anything like that that'' s the initial step.I obtained to obtain all that together the 2nd one I analyze the purchase utilizing the accounting equation what rises what drops our assets impacted, our equity influenced, our responsibilities impacted, our incomes, all that type of things I obtained to go number out what'' s being influenced and just how is it being influenced, is it increasing or is it going down. 3rd one, I record the purchase in a journal entrance type using dual access audit a lot like we just did in the last video, I put right into a journal entry form.Now given I went from t tables to journal entrance a lot of the moment you do journal entrances t-table yet you can function both ways on that one. Okay. And also after that ultimately the 4th one is I upload the entrance I put it right into the t tables alright that is the four action procedure of journalizing transactions, uh you comply with those purchases you ' re going to obtain every one of them you ' re going to obtain them today it ' s just an issue'of the analyzing side of it.So that ' s exactly how you refine

them that ' s exactly how we enter into the bookkeeping cycle. Appreciate it.

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