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All right. So in the last video clip we talked concerning what inner controls remained in this video we'' re going to sort of inform you what you require to comply with in order to create your very own inner controls, alright, what a firm would adhere to these are the principles of internal control so all these examples that we'' re mosting likely to be speaking about later on regarding you know instances of inner controls they'' re mosting likely to follow under one or even more of these concepts and there'' s uh seven of them so let'' s go with them. First we desire to see to it it develops responsibility in some kind or fashion, so duty is developed so whoever supervises of it they think the duty of it and if something goes wrong you'' re able to determine that person to go to that person first, that'' s one significant principle.Another one is we wish to keep adequate records we wish to document what we require to be creating down we put on ' t desire to be avoiding over anything we wish to make certain we ' re doing what we require to be doing. Third we wish to make sure possessions and also bond essential workers so one we wish to ensure that we have insurance coverage on our assets so if anything were to go incorrect we would have the ability to obtain that cash back so if someone swiped something if there'' s a storage facility fire anything like that we would have the ability to get that cash back.And after that additionally we would certainly wish to bond vital staff members staff members that have access to these properties we wish to bond them or put insurance coverage on them too to make certain if they take something and also we can'' t get it back from them we will still be able to shield our assets therefore bonding key staff members is like putting insurance on an individual and not the possession, so that'' s the third one. The 4th one we want to separate record avoiding the safekeeping of assets whoever'' s in cost of staying up to date with the properties I do not desire them to be the exact same person that ' s in fee of record maintaining of those properties since they can easily steal something because they have the protection of and afterwards compose it off as if we marketed it or something like that and also I would certainly never ever understand it as the owner of the organization I wish to maintain those two things completely different it would certainly be the matching of me stating you take a test and after that you quality the test as well as you give you recognize give on your own a grade there'' s a bit of problem of rate of interest in there therefore you desire those to be two different jobs.Kind of piggybacking right off of that a person is going to be separating duties for associated transactions so it kind of drops really with the the 4th one however this ' s really claiming all right what I intend to do is I wear ' t desire the individual that is in charge of offering the approval to purchase something to likewise be the one that does acquire it that additionally is the one that obtains it and is additionally the one that spends for it I would eventually I wish to have 4 different divisions I ' d have the po division, I would certainly have the obtaining division, I'would certainly have the payables division, I would certainly have all these things are various that ' s suitable therefore I wish to have the ability to maintain those various the greatest example single biggest example of inner controls drops within those 2 the the 4th as well as the 5th one which ' s separation of responsibilities this is the instance is called splitting up of obligations'which ' s just we separate various duties that are associated so we can obtain rid of that conflict of interest.The next one is and also this is possibly the largest one today is using technology regulates these can be as large as you recognize eye retina scans or something like that or as little as a pin number into the sales register yet these are extremely vital since once again that ' s one more way of establishing responsibilities if you ' re having to place a pin number right into a cash money register after that you understand precisely that ' s in that money registe. It can likewise be electronic cameras it can there ' s a whole lot of points it might be but this is really huge specifically currently with technology coming to be a lot more expense inexpensive for businesses to to safeguard their possessions and also whatnot. As well as the last one is we intend to do independent and also routine evaluations we intend to ensure that our butt our interior controls for our properties are doing what they need to be doing I ' m not throwing away cash doing something as an inner control that ' s not really assisting I put on ' t want to simply squander cash because I desire to make sure what I ' ve collection myself my interior controls up for they ' re in fact working otherwise I require to repair them and also or do different ones.So those are the principles that ' s these are the 7 points that we have to produce inner controls up under the examples of interior controls up under.

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