peachtree accounting tutorial in ahmaric full 2019 lesson 1 በአማርኛ በቀላሉ ይማሩ

hello hello every one how are you doing welcome to hani tube Family How are you i am very fine if you are watching this channel for the first time please subscribe do not forget to click the alarm button if you click the alarm button one you can receive notification when new video uploaded today im going to show you how to create new company using peach tree software saga 2010 as we know we use peachtree software to make in order to prepare financial statements we can prepare financial statements very easy way using this software ok let begin before start the lesson we need peachtree software so that i have an application on my computer at the very beginning you need software we need to open the application then,since we are creating new copmany click to file on the menu bar then click and open new company then it bring this window the window look like this we need the company name we need business address again we have to know which types of business the company operating the company it may be working on service,manufacturing sectors etc generally,we have to clearly know the types of business operating the company you need to know what types of accounting system the company are using? it might be accrual or cash basis again we need to know the fiscal years if we know this things clearly we are ready to create new company so click next button it ask us to choose the product —we can choose any one of the product of peachtree software then click next–it will open the window which required to fill company information on the window the red color is the one which is mandatory to fill it the required field if we not put our mandatory required filed it bring an window which alert us we as we are not fill the required field properly on this field we going to type the company location or address for example my company located Addis Ababa Addis Ababa on this field other things are not mandatory but it is advisable to fill the required all field which more explain the company for example telephone numbers country code,postal address business types also there on this window it can be corporation , partnership, sole proprietorship limited liability but for the sake of our example i am going to create sole proprietorship after we fill this requirement click next after we fill this requirement click next then it appear the choice that ask us the method types of company we want to create it is more advisable to select sample of the company which are provided by peachtree software then click next then select business type

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