Mini-Video C – Accounting 1 – Chapter 2 “Clarification of a Common Confusion”

In some cases people get confused with the accounts:
Accounts payable as well as accounts receivable, alright? Is it, like, is it a debit? A credit scores? They try to place them both on the liability
side or the asset side or occasionally even in the earnings statement. Okay. Due to the fact that, an account receivable is a property
it implies that you have the civil liberties to obtain some money as a company in the future. , if I had a piece of paper that stated I have

As well as it goes on the balance sheet on the responsibility.
As well as they go, okay, I'' m doing the earnings declaration. Do I include the receivable quantity to the earnings? No, those are 2 separate accounts.
Allow ' s say we marketed services worth$ 850 on account to a customer, fine. Well what ' s the Chapter 1
way of recording it? Oh, not cash money', is it? Due to the fact that it ' s on account or on credit report. So we offered $850 well worth of solutions on account or on credit rating to a consumer. Accounts receivable is influenced, isn ' t it? Which rises by 850, you with me? And also what else is affected? Use your words. What various other account? I ' ve provided $850 worth of services on account to a'client. What is it? > > Profits? Or no > > I heard it out
of there. > > Is it a >>liability? > > No
>>. > > No, since they '

>>re paying you. > > It ' s>income.>We supplied the solutions, right? Did >>we'remember the Income Acknowledgment Principle? When it is earned, we identify profits. When is it gained? When we gave the services or product. Okay. So I intend to make sure you individuals have that. , if you guys require a little brush up on your transaction analysis, this is where I desire you to
go back to those exercises that we did like 1.12, 1.11, 1.13,1.14, around there.And I desire you to exercise
that due to the fact that you need to understand those.

You always need to know what accounts are impacted, do they go up or down and also by how much? Okay. So if you ' re a little fuzzy on that particular, make sure you evaluate that, fine? Okay. Do you'comprehend now where we are
? Okay. If I was doing an income statement at, currently December 31st, as well as once more this was the only profits deal we had, would I state my profits for that month ended of December 31st is 1,700? No, it ' s 850? Okay.You see what I ' m saying? You wear ' t add that over on the earnings declaration, no, no, no, no

. There ' s 850 income on'the income statement as well as after that 850 on the balance sheet that shows it ' s still receivable. You can have millions
of bucks well worth of earnings as well as no receivables, couldn ' t you? What sort of scenario would that be? > > When they pay cash money.
> > If you only offered on money? Okay. They ' re not the same thing.

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