Mini-Video – Accounting 2 – Ch. 17 Fin. Stmt. Analysis – Basics of Financial Statement Analysis

-What is financial statement analysis? What is economic evaluation? Okay, I obtained an image of a baseball gamer
below, fine? Did anyone play baseball in high college,
alright? Okay, you can come off of that. Baseball has a bunch of stats that they
track, is that proper? PERIOD, batting standard, punching percent,
what are a few other? -On base percentage. -On base portion. -Whip. -Whip? What'' s whip?- Strikes plus strolls per inning.- Walks? I'' ve never heard that, strolls plus strikes
per inning. But they have all of these ratios. Currently, you played in senior high school? You too? Did you have someone that tracked this
– Yeah, I ' m sure you did, too. Instructors always keep track of this things. Because it'' s going to help them make far better
decisions, right? Okay, Michael, as an example, they could keep
data for you and also they could compare it to how you were doing last year or how
Well, why put on ' t you obtain the stats? It'' s a great deal like sporting activities stats, all right? It ' s a whole lot like sports data.

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