Learn How To Create This Incredible Excel Accounting Application Inside My Mentorship Program

all right thanks a lot i'd like to give you 
a demo a little bit of a walk through of this   excel books accounting application it isn't really 
an incredible application i want to take a little   bit of time to show you some of the amazing 
features and benefits with this application   it comes with a complete toolbar up here you can 
go to anything just by clicking this toolbar above   the admin settings if of course the user has those 
rights they'll be able to change the currency the   time date phone percent and the start date all 
throughout the application so one change with this   currency is going to change all the currencies 
inside the application that's going to go with   time and date as well we'll be able to customize 
the phone types and if there's any updates   they're going to be able to show here company 
information all the company information that   those are the kinds of things that could appear 
on invoices and purchase orders and credit memos   if you want that there we also have custom fields 
here so that's really helpful if your company has   some specific field that's not provided in the 
billing address or shipping address or something   like that you can provide them in the custom 
fields we just set a name and then set a value   and it's there user settings really really 
important this application does have   user sharing and sync and what does that 
mean that means any user throughout the world   can share and sync this application at the same 
time you can assign those users and the user   lists and writes you can turn this feature off 
and turn it on here and once you turn it on you   can set different fields like allowing passwords 
and remembering usernames and a lot of different   settings so that's really great user lists and 
writes here we can add users right so we can   not only add but edit specific users if we want to 
edit a user we'll just click here we can edit the   information whether it's a password email or their 
role each user can sign a role so you can assign   up to four different roles here and these roles 
could be for any type so we can set access or set   editable rights such as the admin access or such 
as maybe you want general journal access or maybe   you want them to be able to view invoices but not 
create them or maybe you want them to be able to   make deposits so all these different settings on 
a per user basis you can add a new user just by   clicking here and you can edit a user by clicking 
here relatively simple accounts and settings you   can set default accounts really a great way easily 
set default accounts for all the types generally   you just have to set these once you've got paid 
terms and methods so you can set payment terms   based on bill due dates payment methods and tons 
we've got vocabulary naming this is super powerful   maybe you don't want to call them customer maybe 
you want to call it client or maybe you want   to call it contact all you need to do is change 
it here and it's going to change throughout the   application same thing with vendors and everything 
ever so custom vocabulary really really powerful   really good to use so this application can be 
customized to your own requirements the way   you're doing things is the way you want to do 
them and that allows you to do that also we can   enable or disable sharing sync just by 
that and we'll set a shared folder on here   automate emails and notifications we'll get into 
that you can set some defaults here customer   defaults every customer can have an automatic 
custom field so let's say you want to put   credit limit and you can do that here and then 
all you want to do is just set the field type   of course it's going to be a currency and then 
you can set the format of that which is really   really powerful and then a default value so that's 
going to automatically change you can also have a   list maybe you want something like customer type 
or something like that you can either do a custom   list so if we do list we can then edit the custom 
list here so all we need to do is just click on   here and if this was a list type let's say we 
want to put something like customer type here   and then we can set a format if we want we've got 
all different types of formats here and also if we   want to edit that list we can we can edit anything 
in that list we can add new items and that's going   to go for each one of those so if we have a list 
here as well we can add that list here so each   specific custom field can have its own list type 
and have its own list items so lots of different   possibilities with the custom fields now custom 
fields are available also in vendor settings   they're also available in item settings so you can 
have that even with items items you have product   types item locations default products so custom 
fields can be throughout purchasing defaults again   also with these go on purchase orders we can 
also have a default footer message too if   we click on here we can set our default footer 
message clicking on here we can customize that   footer message that's going to go below purchase 
orders or the invoices or anything else so that's   a custom footer message we'll go over that a bit 
invoices and credit memos same thing custom fields   default footer message we can have a default save 
as the default email ads and tons of defaults   so that's basically the admin and settings 
there and now also we've got an incredible   dashboard with over 14 reports and it's going to 
include a company overview we've got to drill down   profit and loss is going to allow us to drill 
down into specific transactions automatically   just by clicking on here drill down drill up but 
date range we've got tons of different just by   changing the date range it's automatically going 
to change so a lot a lot of different options here   and that's going to be for many many reports that 
we can do just check on this we can also do custom   dates if we select on a specific date we can do 
custom dates and that's going to be for any report   very very easily and we also have the previous 
period or showing a previous period so we can   show or hide the previous period on this 
one so that's going to be coming in handy   trial balance also very very important so we've 
got the trial balance here and we can do it as   of any specific date a balance sheet a really full 
balance sheet so we have that cash flow calendar   is really really important so we can see that 
our cash flow if we change the date on here we   can see like the next month it'll go to red that 
means our cash flow is going to go down so we need   to keep an eye on that on a specific day how's our 
cash flow look and it can be based on any specific   account here if we want to eliminate certain 
accounts or include certain accounts we can an   aging payables report any report also we can use 
if we want to show or hide certain columns we can   toggle those columns all we need to do is just say 
if we don't want to show aging days and due dates   we can just unselect and do that and also what 
we can do is making this a custom report if we   like the way this looks with just those three 
columns missing and we want to show only this   all we need to do is just click save as a custom 
report we've got save as excel pdf picture or   custom reports just click on the customer report 
and assign it a name just call this aging custom   and we can just simply save it and that's going 
to be available in our custom reports and all we   need to do is we have a list of custom reports all 
we need is click this again it's going to refresh   it's going to have those columns missing just 
the way we want it just those custom columns so   creating custom reports is a great way we can also 
rename it all we need to do is just click rename   so custom reports we also have aging receivables 
sales by customers purchase orders we've got a   profit and loss graph here we've got depends 
on the date we can change the dates let's do   set the last year to date so we can do last year 
last custom this month anyway you want it's going   to show our custom we've got inventory reorder 
report this is really cool if we have inventories   that are falling below certain levels and we 
need to know we need to order those inventories   we can have a list of vendors that's going to 
show us so all we need to do is click on the   vendor and say okay this vendor has items and all 
we want to do is just click create purchase order   it's going to automatically create that purchase 
order based on those required items just like this   so that's a really really cool feature okay so 
back into the dashboard we go a few other reports   that i wanted to show you we have inventory on 
hand worksheet this is going to allow us to adjust   the inventory items on hand just change those 
quantities up here and there and that's all we   need to do is just adjust those quantities so if 
we want to put that we only found in let's say 60   of those items and 50 of these items we know it's 
a deduction then all we need to do is just save   that transaction and based on a specific account 
we can set the account let's just say we've got an   inventory adjustment here we've got an adjustment 
account we can click make adjustments going to   enter that transaction automatically and make 
those adjustments and set those correct now   we've got the correct inventory item on hand and 
it's credited the proper expense account inventory   reorder bill payments and our net worth graph 
we've got a lot of really cool features on this   that's it for the dashboard we can access any 
report from the toolbar here just by clicking here   if we want to collect it or any custom report just 
by clicking here chart of accounts a very very   cool report lots of different accounts going to 
show the accounts every individual transaction we   can see those individual transactions we can view 
the individual transactions just by clicking here   also we've got enter transactions here right 
we can enter any type of any type of check   e-payment or receipt here we've got check we can 
enter checks we can enter e-payments or of course   receipts we can also enter bills and credits so 
if we want to enter a bill for a specific vendor   we can have a specific account just select 
a vendor on here let's do one with a name   this vendor and maybe we want to put in some 
delivery we've got a let's say a delivery   cost of 15 and let's say we've got some items 
that we've purchased from that vendor so maybe   we want some blue t-shirts maybe we've ordered 
some pink t-shirts and so we can set the quantity   and we see we've ordered the total is 85 so we can 
just set the amount in here let's say we want to   show decimals all we need to do is go into the 
admin go into the general application and then   change that free currency so let's say we want 
now it's changed all throughout the application   so if we go back inside enter transaction 
we're going to see that those formats have   now changed so now we've shown the decimal 
so you see how easy that changes we can set   a build due date and specific terms if it's due 
on the 30th or we set a discount date on that   assign it a memo right if it's not in balance if 
for some reason the items and the expenses don't   add up to what we've put on here it's going to let 
us know that this total expense has got to be 85   the total items plus the total expenses must equal 
85 okay so we can change that so it lets us know   very cool we can save the transaction here and 
once it's saved we've got a lot of other options   we can create make this reoccurring if we want to 
make this transaction reoccurring we can make it   reoccurring every day every week or every month 
even if it's on the month it could be every last   first day or week a month tuesday lots of options 
for reoccurring so it's going to automatically   create that specific bill every month or however 
often you send it so that's transactions we're   in transactions super powerful we can assign a 
purchase order memo lots lots of things we can   do with that also we have a bit of right checks 
in here also again we're able to enter credit card   general journal we've got a really powerful 
general journal allowing us to put in compound   items we can refresh this we can select a specific 
account or we can select a specific date range   that we want to see if we want to view a 
specific bill payment or specific check we   just click on here it's going to take us right 
to that transaction here very very easily on   the general journal making transfers also if 
we've got can make transfers between accounts   also really powerful here in the meet transfer 
recurring transactions the list of all those   recurring transactions you can edit them it's 
going to edit that information they'll see a   list you can make them active or inactive i also 
can reconcile accounts where you can sell accounts   is really really important we can select specific 
accounts if it's not in balance it's going to tell   us so we can select those specific transactions 
we can select a specific account a reconciled date   ending balance and a lot of other information we 
can set an account some service charges as well as   interest and make sure that those accounts are in 
balance once we do it's going to show that those   are cleared so reconciling really cool printing 
checks very very cool be able to print checks   got three different check formats whether it's on 
a voucher a standard or wallet we can set it up   we can set the initial check number we can select 
the printer that we want to use and we can adjust   the margins edit the layout customizing the layout 
is going to turn it into edit mode and allow us to   drag and drop and completely customize this and 
that allows us to more edit in the edit mode and   print those checks printing checks super powerful 
customers and invoice we got customer information   of course we've got all the invoice history the 
payment information we got attachments we can   attach anything we want to those customers general 
information is going to show those custom fields   that we talked about earlier those custom fields 
will appear here that's for customers of course   new customer delete customer now so we have a 
customer list here we'll be able just like with   any list we'll be able to use a single click on 
sorting or we'll be able to filter any specific   customer if we want just by looking for it we 
can filter that or clear that filter out that   goes with any list whether it's customers vendors 
items and so on and so forth all right we've got   customer payments if customers could be able to 
make a payment so the customers paid us 600 we can   then apply that payment to multiple invoices if we 
want and once we run out of invoices it's going to   let us know that we can't apply those anymore so 
we can apply specific amounts to specific invoices   and we can apply them to credit if customer has a 
credit we can apply those to unused credit memos   very very powerful customer payments information 
i know moving fast so much to show you in this   incredible application making deposits once 
the customer is paid we can then take those   payments and make deposits here just select on 
whichever ones we want to make and we can deposit   a specific id or view payments and we can select 
what account to deposit it in if we've got any   cash back we can put down transaction in here 
you can navigate to previous deposits as well   all right so we have that make deposits in 
the customer information we also have invoices   invoices are super powerful we're going to be 
able to do these here's our invoices but most   importantly we can customize these invoices so if 
we click customize we can then show if we want to   show or hide we have invoice details if we want to 
show or hide if we want to put in a delivery time   we can then put that in here we can customize it 
any we can drag it up and then once we do we can   customize that we can add anything we want to 
this we can change the font size the text color   the fill color the border color if we want to 
add a border a red border around it we can just   add that or green border just by doing that and 
we can change the border thickness and the font   size just by increasing it doing so many things 
with it adding a fill color if we want if we   don't want to show that all we do is just click 
here and hide it and just click here and hide it   this is going to allow us to customize invoices 
exactly how we want them using this custom invoice   customer details are here we can show or hide 
any customer details if we want to show them here   first name or last name if we want to put that 
here all right so that's finished once we're   finished customizing we've got an invoice this is 
a floating footer we can put as many lines as we   want this footer will move down notice remember we 
talked about this footer message remember we have   a default footer message that's what this message 
is here we can select different footer messages   just by clicking here setting that footer message 
on your invoice so it's going to show up and we   just insert the selected note and it's going to 
insert now we've got a different footer message   there it's going to display on that floating 
footer going to put up to two tactics we can   duplicate make the recurring apply payment avoid 
it delete it printing to a specific printer if we   want a drop down list of printer email it as a 
pdf picture or embedded picture or save it as a   pdf very very powerful tools inside this invoice 
all right so that's the invoicing application   we've got credit memos almost the same as invoices 
customizing it just like we do invoicing but this   is when we want to offer a customer a specific 
credit so this is a great powerful tool we want to   show give customers credits we can do just that 
selecting specific item all this is controlled by   inventories and we also have the credit memo list 
and customer attachments we've got a full vendor   information purchase order history bill payments 
for that vendor and attachments that we can attach   to that vendor selecting on a specific vendor and 
we have vendor list as well vendor attachments we   have the ability to enter bills we saw that screen 
already in the entry we bill payments we'll be   able to pay those bills we can select bills that 
we want to pay and the method of that we want   to pay them also which account that we want to do 
payment date and the check payment number and then   the discount if we want we can set a discount to 
a specific one and also what we do have purchase   orders purchase orders are similar to invoices and 
credit members also the ability to customize those   creating a very custom purchase order and a 
floating footer if we want to set a footer message   we can do that exactly just like we did previously 
we just need to set this message and our purchase   order will also have us footer message we can 
show or hide this we can customize this footer   message however we want once we click customize 
only then can we customize this so that's   only in the customization mode very very cool 
and powerful tools on the purchasing order   okay great we've got last thing we will show 
you email automation this is the amazing email   automation we can automate and trigger emails and 
trigger notifications on pretty much anything we   want so for example if a purchase order is 
updated we want this information to show up   we have a trigger we can trigger this on anything 
on a credit memo on a customer on an item   and then like for example purchase order we could 
do when this purchase order is updated when it's   created and with over 60 different triggers 
we've got a ton of triggers notice each trigger   has a different type of variable so for example 
purchase orders can have information and variables   based on the purchase order while a credit memo is 
going to have information based on the credit memo   so you'll be able to insert that information into 
a specific email or into a pop-up note if we have   those enabled and what does that mean that means 
when we create a purchase order for example if i   create or update in this case update it's going to 
automatically create an email and you'll see that   email contains the purchase order and it contains 
all the purchase order information we also have   a notification so that way we can get pop-up 
notifications all right i'm so glad i got to walk   you through this i know it's quick i know there's 
a lot more to show you but i wanted to give you a   rundown of the amazing features and benefits of 
this accounting application okay thanks so much

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