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numbers tell amazing tales as well as if you have the abilities to be able to take out what that tale is it'' s like a superpower you need bookkeeping in your life much like you need water seriously individuals hate it and also my job is to make you love it people assume accountancy is boring however audit can send you to jail i can'' t wait to show you something i love fraudulence tales and i love true criminal offense i make use of that as a way to make people comprehend why they need to find out about accounting a lady swiped millions from a town government how does this occur ask on your own what do the numbers tell allow'' s check out the worldcom example take notice of what they did they made a cost come to be a possession they made use of standard accountancy concepts to conceal billions this is why i comprehend accountancy is so really powerful [Music] what i desire any individual who'' s taken this program to realize is that you'' re not just in an accountancy class you'' re discovering important life skills the most effective person in any service is the person that comprehends cash this course gives you a power that a great deal of individuals simply wear'' t have welcome to introduction to financial audit let'' s start [Music]

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