Important Questions of Financial Accounting – PART 2 (in Tamil)

foreign [Music]   balance sheet and then petty cash 
book so petty cash books in a small   so in the small expenses petty 
cash book and then honorary um advantages of BRS bank reconciliation statements and then mistakes foreign [Music] they can't go for the loans and then capital expenditure Capital heavy amount   incurred sometimes on the property 
and then the building construction expenditure and then fictitious it's 
do not have tangible existence but they   get reciproced as actual cash expenditure in 
the financial statement the fictitious asset   and then objectives of accounting Monday very 
very very important question so other one is prepare trading account from the following data 
opening stock purchases purchase written garage   invert frighten Cottage sales Carriage 
outward sales return closing stock wages sixty thousand less returns foreign foreign and then Goods written to D this is 
purchase written sorry for now the   account data to purchase written and 
then dealer goods sold to stream for   rupees 3500 was debited to Sita ramako 
so name of the person and the accountant and then stiram account sriram account actually but in there but amount developers by rupees 50.

so purchase is forty thousand amount of claim from the insurance company thank you.

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