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Hello there Every person. John Stucky with TrinSoft. Today were speaking about an underutilized
attribute in Characteristics NAV called Expense Accounting. And with Expense Bookkeeping, were going to show
you how you can track things like non-financial System Accounts, dynamically designate expense throughout
your organization making use of those device accounts or standard monetary measures, as well as just how
to spending plan as well as record on that information, as well as handle the allocations. So, I’ve got a couple of quick slides to
show you the overviews of the features, and after that we’re going to dive right into the applications,
as well as I’ll reveal you exactly how to set up as well as utilize Dynamics NAV Price Accounting.So, first, as we pointed out, this can make it possible for
you to track non-financial accounts and device accounts such as square video and also FTEs. Next off, it makes it possible for automated expense appropriations
making use of either those non-financial accounts or your conventional financial accounts from
you General Journal. You can allot expenses to groups, that are
called things in NAV, that are NOT in your graph of accounts– such as areas or item
lines, geographies or various other groups. You can allot costs based on product unit
sales. So, a couple of good characteristics allotments
approaches below where you can actually allot across products line based upon thing or item
shipments.It provides in-depth monetary coverage on these that is separate from your monetary test equilibrium so that’s nice. The price accountancy things does not cloud or clutter your typical financial General Ledger
. And also you can add Spending plan tracking to track particular costs for these cost steps. Let’s speak about each of these quickly. You can track products with system accounts to be utilized as a basis for the expense appropriations. There are endless types and values of
this, You can develop as numerous of these as you want and also in as much information as you would such as.
You can track by any kind of existing measurement: jobs, department, or any kind of various other that you have actually established up and also are making use of in NAV. The System Accounts do not need to be connected to a measurement in all. Some instances are, Square Footage, Complete Time Equivalent Employees( FTE ), as well as things that assist determine capability like Area Count or Number of Physicians or Events or Performances– whatever that might be.One of the core functions of the system is the Allocation Process or Appropriations. It will automatically collect expenses from you General Ledger.

You can allocate based upon multiple aspects as well as
numerous degrees, and also you can manage the degrees. I follower you can have up to 99 allotment levels. You can allot throughout measurements, accounts, items as well as more. Alright. This functionality was presented in NAV 2013.
Below we see NAV and also the performance is located under Financial Monitoring and also there is a separate location currently called Cost Accounting.
We can develop the allocations and the objects.Now, promptly, are these? There are three expense kinds below, cost measures,
that you will certainly need to manage. The first is Price Types. The chart of accounts Expense Types is extremely comparable to your accounts from the General Journal.

This is used to parallel your accounts from General Ledger. It does not need to, and also you can use the accounts right here that are not in the General Journal– which’s exactly how we utilize unit accounts.
One of the most convenient methods to establish it up, or get started, it to make use of the same account that you
have in your G/L as well as the system will certainly permit you to integrate that data to ensure that deals that upload in your economic General Ledger will immediately enter this one.But notice as we
scroll to the bottom, we do have accounts that do not exist in our monetary General Ledger. Specifically, I have some of my targets which stand for where I’m assigning cost to. That’s the first things, is the Price Keys in. Following are Price Centers, as well as Expense Centers are. As Well As Expense Objects are used to establish up and also represent.
This item lines, or regions, or some. Cost Objects actually give you an additional device. As soon as those are set up, the next step is to.
Here, we have actually numerous appropriations established up. As you can see, every one of this information

is. available for you in Cronus– in the sample data source– so you can use this and see it. and try out it. What we do is as
we record costs in the financial. system, those price transfer over automatically right into our Cost Types. And after that I can establish up an allowance system. below that can assist me allot those prices. What I have below is a vibrant allotment that. will designate my energies costs right into my 2 measurements, my two departments, based. on each division share of square footage.Now right here is exactly how this works, quickly.
On the Allowances display, first the expense. that I intend to find are situated in the Expense Type Range on top.
Notification when we pierce down on 652 there, that. represents my G/L account that accumulates my utility
costs. That’s electrical energy and also heating there. So, the system is mosting likely to check out the total. that we have actually invested on utilities as well as it’s going to allot that into a brand-new account. Currently, the way I’ve established this set up is my.
allotment will hit a brand-new account, Allotments of First Cost Center– I’m going to produce. a brand-new account facility that will include that– and the result of my allotment is going to be. to debit this make up the calculation.I’m mosting likely to debit and simplify between.
administration and Productions. After that I’ll break that down based on Price. Type Entries and also their square video. All Right? What we’ll see right here is that the system will. instantly determine my portions. You will certainly see that my management has. 10,000 square feet and my manufacturing has 20,000 square feet. The system, when I compute my Allotments. basis below will instantly stay on top of each share

and also a percentage.
And these allowances basis’ can be computed. every period, every month automatically in the system. Now, we can go see those basis’ if we go.
back out into Expense Types as well as scroll down and check out Square Video numbers there.Notice that we can see the square video. total amount of 36,000.00 and also when I drill down into it, I can see the break down here by Cost. . Cost Facility or System Account entries, once more. they are different that Financial Account access, and
in Cost Accountancy, I have the. capacity to get in those straight in a Cost Journal– in a special journal. To make the unit account entries, all I do. is enter into my Cost Journal, simply get in the quantity of square footage for that duration– or. gather it.
Article that entry. That entrance stays within my expense system. This does not strike my monetary General Journal. And afterwards it’s offered to me for the cost. appropriation to produce my basis– the vibrant percentage basis– that will be utilized to allot.
When it’s time to run my allocation, that’s. Below I can see, I can transfer or be sure,.
I can after that determine my Allotment Bases,. As well as then I can merely his Allocate Expenses. This will enable me to pick which cost levels– bear in mind.
as well as post those allotments entrances for me. It will accumulate the complete expense, it will.

break that cost down based upon those percents and afterwards it will make the entrance to transform. that expenditure into the account I told it to put the cost in. The last step after that is to do some coverage. on that. Under Price Bookkeeping, we have an Account. Set up location. This is much like the economic Account Schedule.
If I choose Expense Type, that will certainly draw data. You can in fact choose Cost Kinds and as soon as. There is a lot of performance in the Cost.
I assume it is among the more underutilized. attributes of NAV and also can give a great, abundant function set for you to help analysis cost. for your source.

, if you have any type of concerns concerning or we can.. be helpful in anyhow, or you would like a little much deeper dive right into this performance,. give us a ring and let us recognize. If you would certainly such as that slide deck, I would certainly be. pleased to share that with you too. Many thanks for seeing

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