Here the subjects for SEM 1 (2017), I don't know if it's still the same with your silibus. You can stop if you wan to read in details. Here the credit for each subject. Credit- simply means the number of hours you need to attend each week. sorry -,- This is the book that I had to use. But I already sold it to my junior, so I search it from google only. These manual books are really important. You need to use it until you degree. TRUST ME. But I'm sorry this book only provided by your own lecturer. look … It's already torn. Got 3 sets of these manual. There is a formula for cash flow. So that is why it is so important. The cash flow formula is really important since every sem there will be a group project that asked you to do the overall accounting statements including cashflow. Here the textbook I used. It will be used for sem 4 as well.. You have to focus on your lecturer to understand the concept or if you don't, it will be a lil bit harder to understand on your own.

There are too many notes because my lecturer will give bonus points in my assessment if we do so. This way actually to encourage students to take note during the class. Maybe because some students were lazy to jot down anything. Like, I don't even know why I used so much color paper instead of white HA HA. Tt's so ugly and unpleasant to my eye. You need to understand the theory and the concept first and then memorizing it.

For the graph you have to understand… I don't even know why I wrote now. TT This is the book. But .. i don't buy this book. I only borrowed it from my friend when I need to. Because my lecturer not using this book, so I find another way to do extra exercises. i don't have a book. Only modules had been provided. I forgot how the modules look like. Not really remember what i studied. hehe This totally from my experience.. since it's covid-19 and online learning, I have no idea how the co-curricular system works during your time. Bye bye. Assalamuaalaikum..

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