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Hi, pupils O'' Degrees online provides the
video lecture collection for Standard Accountancy. In this video clip, we will certainly cover Properties according
to the curriculum. These video clip lectures practical for those trainees
that are showing up in Cambridge O levels under CAIE either in June or November examinations
for Accounting 7707. Allow’s start the lesson 01
Ok, what is the account? Allow’s talk about
The account is a Technical Tool which is made use of by the accountant to tape-record a boost
or reduce in any type of thing of assets, obligations, capital, cost & & revenue.Here we noted

words raise or reduce
in the definition, we will remember them and will certainly check its execution later on. Below a question is available in my mind that what
What is an Asset? Resources had by the company are called
assets. It suggests all resources with financial worths
that an organization owns or control with the assumption that it will certainly give future benefits.There are 2 sorts of

possessions. Number one, present properties or current source. The second one is dealt with assets or repaired resource. Allow’s review one at a time with examples. Current Resources or Current Assets are that
assets or resources which is utilized by the service generally in a year. Or it means that Existing properties are all the
properties of a business that are expected to be marketed or made use of as an outcome of standard business
procedures within the year. The point must be noted within a year. The initial instance in existing properties is money
in hand or Cash. It implies the cash money available for the company
It calls for a legal responsibility to use it.
Supplies refer to the stationary, tools ' s. & other consumable things
regularly routinely in the office. The 6th present possessions example is pre-payed.
Business making development payments for goods. or solutions to be obtained in the future. It will certainly additionally be made use of within a year so.
it must be the component of present properties. Currently we move on set assets.
Fixed Resources or Fixed Properties are that properties. or resources which is made use of by the service typically over a year.
Let ' s have an appearance at its instances. Structure refers to area from which
the businessOrganization The third set assets example is
Like bookcases, chairs, desk, declaring cabinets. & tables.
The fourth fixed properties example is tools. The fifth set assets instance is plant and also. Ok, we have completed existing possessions and repaired.
Now, total assets are equivalent to present possessions. I hope you discover something brand-new today if you.
Thanks for seeing I will certainly see you in the. next lesson.

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