Angela, Kevin and Oscar’s $3,000 Accounting Mystery – The Office

-So what is it that you wanted
to speak with me concerning? -Well, we'' ve been trying to stabilize the publications for a week currently, and for one reason or another, they'' re not stabilizing. -I'' m sorry?- There ' s about$ 3,000 missing out on, and also
we ' re trying to find out where it went. -Well, it ' s possibly simply some audit mistake.
– It is not an audit mistake -Well, it can be–
I like it in this way.
-Okay. Like, he'' ll state he invested $50.
on a lunch with a client, as well as he'' ll send an invoice.
from J. Team. -Are we absolutely certain it'' s
not. an accountancy mistake? -I reviewed my books.
3 times. -Me, too.
– Ooh. Has any individual in the office.
purchased anything nice recently? -That'' s a very wonderful watch,. Oscar.-Yes, it is. My grandfather left it to me.
when he died. -I'' ve never seen it prior to He should have died.
really just recently. -Yes, he did, actually. About 3 weeks ago. -You individuals wished to see me -Yeah.
Um, we'' re going. It'' s just basic procedure -We are missing out on $3,000, and we'' re trying to figure out. Michael is the apparent suspect.
yet he is the employer, so we need to a minimum of pretend.
To ask other individuals. -So, I know the solution'' s. most likely no, however did you buy or take any kind of money anything with firm.
cash, or anything like that – … -Oh, my God. -I recognized it.
– You did? -Well, about 3 months earlier,.
I was on a sales call, and also I damaged the heel on my footwear, as well as I just had.
the corporate card. I'' m really sorry.- How much was that?
-$ 14. -Um, we'' re chatting even more like.

$ 3,000. -$ 3,000? Ooh. That wasn ' t me -No. We didn ' t assume it was. -It will certainly never occur once again. My guy, Bob Vance, from Vance Refrigeration. offered me a Vance Refrigeration.
bank card. Just for emergency situations. -An emergency situation like,.
you have a gelato cake as well as you'' re in the sun,.
-You don'' t use it to buy.- Don ' t shout at me.
Thank you, Phyllis.- Okay.
– So, exists anything. you intend to tell us about? Accounting-wise?- Gosh, I put on'' t assume so.
– We ' re trying to find out who. -Why put on'' t we just ask her. Now we don'' t have.
– You think I took$ 3,000?- Oh, we know you did … or someone else did. We '
re just simplyAttempting
– Please. , if I swiped $3,000.
I wouldn'' t be right here. I ' d be on a beach in Jamaica. That ' s Jamaican beer?
as well as get a beer after job. Or, hi there, you desire.
to go right currently? -It'' s 11:15. -Yeah. So, that'' s prematurely? -You didn'' t take any type of'cash. whatsoever? You ' re sure? -Yes. I ' m a solitary mother.
I would certainly never ever do anything. to jeopardize my youngster.- I believed you had two children.- My ex-husband took Wendy,.
Thanks for your time. -Sure.
– Many thanks, Meredith. -Someone swiped some cash.
That is fantastic.How much did they get

?-$ 3,000. We ' re in the process of. interviewing everybody in the workplace. I assume it ' s type of fun. It ' s an excellent possibility to'. overtake individuals
.- I ' m certain it ' s not you,.
yet we need to ask. -I wish they acquired.
something good, as well as I hope you never ever capture them. -We'' d appreciate.
your cooperation if you discover that did it -I'' ll inform you what, if I discover who did it, I will tremble their hand,.
pat them on the back, provide them 72 hours to venture out.
I wear'' t believe it was him. -Truly, genius?-'Angela assumes it ' s an insult.
but technically, guess what? I am a brilliant. When I was a youngster,.
I took an IQ test and also I scored over 100. … joke is on you, Angela. -I don'' t know.
– You know, my mama picks. the worst times to go to.- Why? What ' s taking place? -Well, my mom '
s around, however a lot of my good friends. remain in town, too, as well as we “were going to go.” watch “The Prince of Tides.” -Why? -Well, we wear ' t like it.

We'make fun of it.It ' s like a “Rocky Horror.
Image”” point we do. -Right.
My mother'' s in community,. I can ' t go.- I truly'wear ' t believe it was.
to tell you the truth. Since I thought.
we were all excellent individuals right here -Possibly it was someone.
He'' s obtaining married. He can use the money.-Roy wouldn

' t do it. -He wouldn'' t do it.
unsuitable. -You have a crush on Roy. Amazing. -Quit it! Quit it today! -Does he thrill you? Does he get.
your blood streaming? – [Growling]- Kevin– -Does he get your–.
You individuals put on'' t know anything -♪ ♪ Roy as well as Angela. -We put on'' t assume it was you.- But we have to ask everybody if you used any money.
to get anything and failed to remember to report it, or … -Well, I indicate, just how would I d0.
that even if I wished to? -You would have to take some.
from minor money. -Well, I put on'' t also recognize. where that is.
– In Oscar ' s drawer.- Isn ' t it secured?
– Wait, hold on.I ' d never do something.
like that. It'' s incorrect.
I'don ' t take points.
– Well, I ' m satisfied. Thank you very much. for your time, Roy.
– Oh, Roy, another inquiry. What do you consider Angela?- You put on ' t have. to answer that one.- Yet you can if you intend to.- But you don ' t have to. -It isn'' t Stanley or Jim,. it isn ' t Meredith, it isn ' t any of us. – We wear ' t know that.
– Oh, begun. I didn ' t swipe $3,000.
from petty cash. I am not foolish. If I wished to steal. from this business, there are a great deal of less complicated means. to do it. For instance,. I might take people ' s coats as well as sell them on -It
certainly isn ' t Dwight due to the fact that he has the many. stability of any individual in the workplace.
What–. Did you speak to Kelly?- Yes. She said she didn ' t do it,.
45 minutes later on the conversation ended.- Okay, enough of this.
examination things. We just have to produce.
a memorandum to the workplace as well as ask that someone come.
onward anonymously. -Fine. I'' ll create it.
– No, I wan na compose it. -No. -'No. Angela, you never let me. create accountancy memos. -Penalty.
I ' ll oversee. -Yeah. God.
[Keying in] – The date must be. right-justified.
“- Hm.- Right-justified,.” not left-justified. Do you know what. justified ways?- Yeah, as in. “justifiable murder.””- [Sighs]
[Typing]- “To whom it may concern?”. Actually, Kevin? Actually?- Fine, after that you write it.
– Thank you. It ' s just easier. -I finished my own memorandum.
And also wear ' t inform her I said it. It ' s simply for me.In fact, fail to remember that I claimed.- We are missing out on $3,000.
Here, I discovered it! Below it is- Oh.- $ 2,800 gone back to.
Angela, I neglected to sign in.- It ' s obtained to be it. Um, I took that, and then I quickly lost it
but however the Pistons.
all back. Go Pistons. But this is.
completely unassociated to the various other $3,000. -You wagered minor cash money? -Yeah, yet I won, didn'' t I- That ' s not the factor. Just how are. we expected to believe you didn ' t take.
the various other$ 3,000? -' Reason I ' m informing you.
that I didn ' t. -You have to confess, guy, this.
looks a little dubious. -Oh, suspicious. Well, just how come Angela. all of a sudden has a brand-new necklace suddenly? -My friend offered it to me.-What friend?- Diane … Chester … Snydburgh.
– What? That'' s not also shut to being. a real person. -Well, it ' s none of your. organization that offered it to me But I didn'' t take any type of cash -You guys, this is stupid, that we'' re turning.
on each various other. This is specifically.
what they desire us to do. -Who? -The individuals that took the cash. -Okay, you understand, there''. only one even more point to do. We have to explore.
Michael. -He is still therein. -Yeah, we recognize. -Primarily, we'' re convince.
that Michael took the missing $3,000, so we'' re waiting until.
he leaves his office so we can enter.
and also look for proof. When I state it aloud, it truly doesn'' t seem.
like an excellent idea. He claimed he was leaving.
At 5:00. -What time is it currently? -You put on'' t have a watch? -It ' s sluggish.
– You can ' t appearance at the.- Well, you can ' t just tell me.- I think you'' re mean.
– Nothing. Nothing. I just want a new wok. There'' s a new one
. I'desire–. -'You know, I'' m not mean. I ' m simply demanding.
I ' m sorry if I was mean. -It ' s all right. -Thank you.
– [Whispers] – Okay, let ' s go. You'' ll leave finger prints. -You believe he'' s gon na dust.
[Blows whistle] -Stop that.
Any kind of evidence he took the cash Or something worth $3,000. -Do you believe this thing.
is worth $3,000? It'' s cool. -Check this out. [Chuckles “Michael Scott.
is the pleased proprietor of a Quality Seyko wrist watch.”” You think he paid $3,000.
-No, Kevin, I don'' t. If I were Michael, where would I.
hide a key crucial that drawerCabinet One, 2, 3, six, 9 Count them– 9 snow worlds with Dunder Mifflin logo designs.
on them, as well as nothing else. -He has a snow world drawer.
– And also he maintains it locked. -I'' d lock it, too. That is really awkward. -Place it back, Kevin. It'' s not yours.
– I like it.- Okay, 'just go to Quicken, ' reason I established online checkin.
for him. -Okay, below we go. Last deal was … $23 to Jack'' s. Joke as well as Magic Shop. -No.- Go to the start. of the month.- Last eight deals are to.
Jack'' s Joke as well as Magic Store [Sighs] -What are you doing? -Paying his electric bill.-I do not

assume. -Well, it'' s concerning to be. Somebody simply has to speak to him. -You'' re saying Michael took.
No,'that ' s insane. -We asked her. She claimed.
she didn'' t do it.- Which is precisely what.
you'' d say if you did do it Oh, guy! I ought to ' ve been.
-I believe she didn'' t do it. Are you questioning me?- Oh, my God.
-There needs to be a better.
description.- How did he'pay for that. new waterbed he ' s always extoling -He billed it. Discover. Made a little money back.
on the deal. Smart. , if he were a general.
in the Military, as well as you charged him.
without evidence, you would certainly be court-martialed.
before a shooting team -That'' s not real.- Okay, enjoy “” A Couple Of Great Guy and inform me that.
that'' s not true.I very own it on DVD if you wan na.
“You can'' t manage the reality. Simply joking.
didn'' t take it, yet honestly, I think.
-We, uh, we discovered it. -In your books. -You unintentionally logged this.
devices devaluation twice -Well, that doesn'' t noise.
like me. -Did you let another person have.
access to your books? -Not. -Then … -Oh.
– Yeah. “” Oh.”” -Really well. Situation closed. -Extremely well. Quite possibly.
– Effectively. -Extremely well. -This is the very best day.
of my life. Oh …

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