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what'' s good YouTube?? CPA Toughness right here Jonathan Dorn certified public accountant certified CPA in the
that I get your certified public accountant I put on'' t know nothin else and i.
got certified public accountant license, I understand a couple more points yet releases ok so DC/ADE/LER all right we'' re going to do some. journal entrances today ok so this is what you'' re mosting likely to create. and look, this is a + see this is the plus 2 so you are all positive these.
work most journal access have money in them, so I such as to I like to work.
with the cash money first if you recognize what the cash is doing then you'' re around.
halfway there are a whole lot of times no this'' ll if you recognize what the cash money is.
doing you could you just you know obtain a 75.
rating on a paper or something, so anyways ten thousand dollar lending from bank ok, 10 thousand buck car loan. so you have.
favorable cash money, favorable money which is a Property so below you have your.
ten-thousand-dollar ten thousand dollars that are getting in cash right below so that'' s the Debit right? that ' s the Debit!! so below Below Create Here Write Cash Ten Thousand, Debits to the left hand.
side ok, so now you'' ve obtained ten thousand bucks or did you obtain where'' d you obtain that from? A loan.You owe the financial institution that ' s a payable', that'' s. mosting likely to be an obligation but't ' s either going to be a responsibility or.
equity you truly wear'' t touch this as well much unless it'' s like the end of
the year. preserved earnings so you know, if you'put on ' t understand anything you ' ve currently got your money, you understand. the opposite, you recognize the Debits 10,000/ you understand the Credits needs to be. 10,000 so is it Profits? did you function to make the ten thousand bucks? No, you got a finance it ' s a payable is a Responsibility of yours. you ' re liable for that ten thousand bucks so below
we go, ten thousand dollars right here,. do'these equivalent? indeed they do!!! So
, you ' re mosting likely to have'a. financing Responsibility, going to place financing that ' s going to your Credit.

Finance 10 thousand bucks well there ' s your. Journal access do you like it, do you love it, do you.
that'' s it however these are the silver linings these. declare that positive'Debits favorable credit scores so let ' s go to the. second one ok, acquire a vehicle for 5 thousand dollars you ' re acquiring a truck for 5 thousand.
dollars.Are you getting more money? or Are you obtaining much less cash?? purchasing a.
vehicle below. here'' s my here you take money, I get
. vehicle so, your money is leaving, your money is. leaving. Possession cash is a Possession, however it'' s leaving so that ' s going to be your Debt
is. going to be cash, money is mosting likely to be your Credit rating of 5,000. To ensure that'' s going
to. be our Debt below so you understand that, so let'' s just write. down our journal entry below. we ' re mosting likely to compose Cash 5000 since it'' s leaving!!!! and so right here, so you take money I obtain vehicle offer me truck provide me a freakin
truck so i have'the. vehicle so where ' s the vehicle, trucks an Asset favorable your gain getting much more so.
BOOM!!! easy peasy lemon squeezy appropriate come on.
allow'' s go Male this is enjoyable, this is enjoyable I like this spunk, alright number three.
the 3rd transaction 3rd journal access you pay rent five hundred.
dollars ok here here'' s five hundred bucks
i. get my rent I get to remain below ok to ensure that''
s an. Expense it ' s something that I
' m paying in. the hopes of earning money for my organization so it ' s an Expenditure all'right to start with allow'' s go ADE LER allow'' s choose the cash allow'' s opt for.'the cash allow ' s keep it easy i ' m giving you 5 hundred bucks so ok now i have much less
cash I have much less money to make sure that implies the. Property we have less cash cash is a Possession we have'an adverse amount so'that ' s. going to be a Credit rating so yeah we ' re mosting likely to have cash money for. five hundred bucks so allow ' s allowed ' s simply compose our Credit history right now cash – five hundred dollars ok
so currently we need to match up when you. pair up at five hundred bucks ugh hmm as a Debit so what are we'going to do how we'' re. going to do'that how we ' re going to how we '

re mosting likely to put that, is rent. an Asset? NO. Is lease an Attract? A Circulation? no lease is an Expenditure it needs to be one.
favorable money favorable property left hand side ADE here we are 3 hundred bucks coming.
in for solution you did so $300 with solution coming in the asset you obtained.
cash money can be found in favorable quantity so that'' s the Debit three hundred dollars and also exactly how.
Equity NO it'' s an Income you worked for it Earnings.
solution earnings so we'' re mosting likely to do up$ 300 money because we obtained cash coming in so.
that'' s a debit 300, get my fat head out of the way 300 oh we'' re mosting likely to place revenue went with.
solution in come on the what exactly how do we get that for solution of.
service income gon na be around new service income Service earnings, 300, these all match,.
DEBITS = CREDIT SCORES/ DEBITS = CREDIT HISTORIES DEBITS = CREDITS ADE/LER ok favorable side last one person mosts likely to the ATM.
gets a $100 invests it takes takes a day out spend $100 for.
personal so now so you reached assume this obtain kind.
of complicated however you obtained to assume as we'' re doing this as a service ok so you you take a hundred bucks out.
of the service so you have negative cash money to ensure that'' s going to be a Credit so you.
have adverse cash money because you have cash appearing of the Account so we'' re going
to. have a money of a hundred bucks of cash is $100, cash money is a Credit score and also.
now what is the begin what is the Debit on this? is it Expense? NO.because it '

s not in the hopes of.
making generating income for the organization of not an Expense you took something personal is that an.
asset? spending $100 that'' s not a Property currently it'' s a Circulation or Attract because.
you personally took it out so we'' re mosting likely to say we'' re going to place. Draw one hundred dollars anyways this one is. CHRIST!!!! 13 minutes and also.
i'' m going to have freaking watch this if you made it this long, as well as like if you.
obtained any kind of inquiries for you can put him down there asking a freaking inquiry.
i'' m no teacher I recognize one thing though DC/ADE/LER all right, the toughest certified public accountant in Florida BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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