Accounting 2 – ACCT 122 – Program #219 – Cash Flow Statement – Conclusion

>>> > Hello there, exactly how'' s everyone? This is the last lecture before you take the
test and what we did below in class, why wear'' t you proceed and show the Elmo, if you could,
please. We took this test here in class. Currently, you folks below who are taking it online,
I'' m going to go ahead and put this specific test in your handout package. Go ahead as well as take that, fine?
anyone'' s simply watching for the enjoyable of it, you can try to take this test as well.Okay, so go

ahead and also take that test online
people, obviously I can'' t grade it for credit, yet when we go over it you can see if you
> >'It ' s a contra liability. 2 passion payments below, so this shouldn'' t be expected to go to zero? It ' s all.
I ' >>d instead you miss out on points'on a quiz than A test.All. Any type of questions on that particular, individuals? Any inquiries

? Hope you people at home succeeded on it. The most effective means to examine for my test is to see if you can create the results utilizing an empty notepad from your research and also your Handouts? You online individuals, you might go back to those handouts once again for bonds, print ' em off once again blank as well as see if you can do ' em. If you can ' t do the handouts by yourself without taking a look at 'your notes, you'absolutely can ' t do the
test. All right. Allow me make an'announcement, due to the fact that I ' m afraid I ' m gon na forget it before we complete at the end. I will claim this at the end. Remind me to state this at the end, too.But I have, I ' m mosting likely to provide this to you all

right here in a little bit, however there is a cash flow statement called the new Warnock Firm, okay? You people in the house, you ought to have this in your hand out somewhere. When do I desire you to do that? We
can come off of that I desire you to do that, I want you to do that. entire money flow declaration. Now remember last lecture number 218, I taught you exactly how to do a full money flow statement, did I not? Well, below '
s the sequence of exactly how I want points to go. I want you to take'your examination and prior to you concerned the following lecture which would be 220, prior to you involve talk 220, I want you to do brand-new Warnock complete capital declaration. I usually don ' t provide you research after the examination prior to the very first time we fulfill, however
that ' s what I ' m mosting likely to do this'time. You'with me? Isn ' t that wonderful of me? It ' s since I love you, all right? So, after you take, you wear'' t have to worry about it before the test, after you take the examination, do that new Warnock complete capital statement '' cause that ' s the initial point we ' ll perform in lecture 220. And you people at residence, very same thing. All right. All'right, allow ' s go over the homework, all right? Allow ' s go over the research here, allow me look at my notes. Let'' s do work out 16-1. Workout 16-1, fine? All right, let ' s simply
see what the answer to work out 16-1 is. I think this was one where they asked you to, they gave you some various cash money flows as well as they desired you to categorize them as much as if it'' s running, spending, funding a non-cash or if it ' s not reported. Is that right'? Let ' s take an appearance'at the solutions to that. I ' m just mosting likely to proceed and put all the responses up, then we can kind of talk 'via ' em. All? Challenging you ' ve, I don ' t believe this is too
difficult. been using your flash cards. Okay? So have a look

there.I don'' t think there ' s any kind of genuine big surprises. F is a non-cash investing as well as funding, isn'' t. it? The acquiring land by providing ordinary shares. Oh, I think this H, H needs a little discussion.
here. What is H? H claims in the publication, “” marketed equipment.
for cash money generating a loss.”” This was a little bit of a trick question.
They ' re additionally directing out that the loss. I most likely wouldn ' t ask it like that on a.
testExamination That'' s why they have those
two checks.
on exercise 16-1? >>> > Exist gon na be double response concerns.
like that? >>> > No, I won ' t give you a twin response one like.
that. Okay? Okay, let'' s have a look at workout 16-3. The solution. I think this set was calculating capital.
from running activities like we did on that handout. Is that appropriate? So allow'' s take.

a look.Okay? 466,600. Did anybody obtain that solution? Okay? 466,600? All right. You can take a look. Now they place these points in a little various.
order. I wear'' t care what order you go in. I generally am rather constant with, I.
examine the non-cash expenses, then I see if there'' s any gains or losses to be dealt.
with, that'' s the second point I do. They had a gain in this circumstance. And after that the 3rd and last point I do is.
evaluate the changes in your present liabilities and also present assets. I put on'' t treatment what order you have
them. in. Now one more time'I ' m gon na advise you. On a test, I ' m gon na be looking for something.

That number.If you have that exact number, you'' ll
get. 3 points on that particular question. You won ' t obtain if you have any other number. any, all right? What did
I say claim the best ideal to >>maximizeTake full advantage of your points? > > Do it and after that do the. > > Do it, and afterwards totally conceal all. your work as if you had actually refrained the issue, as well as do it once again and see if you get to the.
exact same bottom line response. , if you make an error and also you simply kind of.
browse it, you'' ll look right over the error. I assure you, I assure you,
I'assure you. due to the fact that I ' ve been doing this for years as well as I still cover it up as well as do it twice without.
And also I a lot of times catch a little blunder. I put on'' t desire you to shed points. Currently they show a little various layout here.They have the internet revenue here, then they have.
They do a subtotal as well as include that to the internet. revenue.
I normally do it much more like the method they did.
it up here. In any case I wear'' t treatment and also on the examination I ' m. only gon na be evaluating to see if you have this number right here. Okay? And afterwards they did their own in a little various.
order as much the things that they managed, what sequence they took care of those in. Okay? Any concerns on workout 16-4, folks? Well allow'' s do exercise 16-6. I think it ' s even more of the same, is it not? Right here is the response, 452,240. Did anybody get that? Anyone obtain it? >>>

>>> Yep. > > Yeah? Okay. Take a look at that. See if'you made a blunder. It ' s extremely really simple to make a blunder on these.
You understand, something that, let me explain. I may have aimed this out before. I ' ll factor it out again if I did. You need to know that a person chart on
how to. handle existing liabilities and existing properties, right? When I was a trainee, well the means I remembered it.
was, alright, I knew there was a chart for 4 quadrants.This is existing properties, this is existing responsibilities,. This is rise and also decrease? I just bore in mind that the current responsibilities. chose the above indicator.
That the present responsibilities opted for the. above indicator.
So the current responsibilities raise include, decrease.
subtract. Okay? And afterwards these are just the contrary for current.
possessions. Okay? I assume it'' s sometimes excellent to jot that little.
You, you put on'' t make a ridiculous psychological error. Simply jot it down on your test. All right, however there'' s the response to exercise.
Questions on that, people? Is it quick research study 16-3, is that the last.
one? >>> > Yeah, yeah. >>> > Okay? Quick research study 16-3. Allow me go on and show that. Okay, there'' s fast study 16-3 near the bottom. And also what they want you to do is, they want.
you to compute the cash money streams from running activities.Okay? Currently this is only a chosen balance sheet. details, so you put on ' t have your total assets and your overall obligations, all right? It ' s simply selected annual report information. They desire you to calculate your cash flows. from operating tasks.
So let ' s have a look at the solution to that. Anyone obtain a solution? >>> > 35,700. >>> > Allow me see, I wear'' t remember what it is. No, it ' s not that. Anybody else obtain a various solution >>? >>> > Is it 59,850? > > 59,850. You are appropriate. 59,850. If you made an error, simply take a look. What ' d you do? I ' m interested to where your mistake was, Henry. >>> > I assume I blended the 7000 reduction AR. >>> > The decrease in AR you mistakenly deducted.
' Trigger it ' s kind of also difficult on your mind. It'' s so very easy on those. Do ' em once more on the test.
We ' re gon na service another right here in class.
while they play that music, as well as let'' s go in advance and deal with in class, allow'' s. go on as well as work with quick study 16-6. Okay? Let'' s simply do a bit even more practice right here. in class as well as allow'' s do quick research 16-6. This is more a reality situation, right? Where you have to find out the balances.
as well as the current properties as well as current liabilities as soon as you'' ve identified what they are. Okay? And go ahead and utilize the indirect method and.
prepare the cash money flows from operating activities for fast research study 16-6. While they play that music.All right,

we are back. Okay, let'' s have a look at fast study 16-6. There ya address the top. Did you get 83,200? >>> > Mm-hmm >>. > > Whoops. A little excessive of a close-up there. All right, 83,200 is the response. Correct? Currently I wan na, you can leave it on this while.
I chat. But one point I intend to explain in, a question.
that I commonly obtain is, now wait a min. Cash money is a current property. Why do we not assess the adjustment in it like.
We did for accounts receivable, stock and also those various other current properties? Well, you are correct. Cash money is a present asset, however we do not evaluate.
the adjustment in money in this operating section due to the fact that the entire capital declaration is.
An analysis of the transforming money? Check out those lower 3 lines of the money.
circulation statement, and that'' s where we evaluate the modification in cash.So you are proper in that money is a current.
asset, however we do not assess that modification in this operating area. Okay? Any kind of concerns on this set? Anything? That'' s it? All. Okay. I think I gave you this test testimonial sheet,. did >>I not? > > >>Mm-hmm. > > Okay, I gave you among these last duration.
or a period or more back regarding the evaluation for the audit examination second. Something I neglected to explain is, I desire.
you to, do you bear in mind back in lecture 213? We did just a bit of discussion about.
international exchange deals and also we did quick research 1514 and also 1515? I will have a several selection inquiry or.
2 on the examination regarding that. I think I neglected to mention that last duration,.
so ensure that you keep in mind that. That will be evaluated genuine briefly on the test. However, when I describe this examination, I'' m just.
gon na call it the moment worth cash phase 1416 considering that there'' s just one little point from.
phase 15. One more pointer and also I did inform you.
this last time I think, yet I'' ll inform you once again, you are not required to do a complete money.
flow statement on test number two.I will certainly assess that understanding at a later time.
as well as after examination second, we will in fact still talk about money circulation declarations a little.
bit. But you do not need to do a full capital.
declaration on examination number two. Make certain you look over that and make sure.
you put on'' t fail to remember to consider that little aspect of chapter 15. That will be checked on this next examination, number.
2. What is it that I want you to do after you.
take your examination yet prior to you come or watch to the next lecture? >>> > You wan na. >>> > I desire you to do the brand-new, the whole new.
Warnock capital declaration. And again if you require to go back and see.
lecture 218 where I did an entire capital statement as well as consider the sequencing of stats.
and also those sort of points, do not hesitate to do that.But I want

you to do that brand-new Warnock cash.
That'' d be a genuine excellent thing to do a
homeworkResearch Wouldn ' t it, Creighton? It'' s over time, value of money, phase 14.
I do, has anyone gone out to Connect? To look?
assignment, fine? Go ahead and do that, alright? Proceed and do that, folks.It won ' t take you but I put on'' t understand, 10 minutes.
on top. You folks in the house consider the Link date.
for phase 16 Attach task, all right? All of us excellent? All right, best of luck on the test, men. We'' ll see ya and bear in mind to do new Warnock.
before we come back. Bye bye.

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