Accounting 2 – ACCT 122 – Program #201 – Introduction to the Class

>>> > All right. Hello there, every person. I value it if you are seeing this. That implies you are registered in my Accountancy
2 on-line course below at JCCC. And what I'' m going to make with this course period,
obviously there'' s nobody below, fine. Typically there will be students here, but
in this really extraordinary period, I intend to go over some of the procedures as well as policies
I can simply avoid this lecture and go on to the next one, do not, alright. Desire2Learn, exactly how we make use of that
website in this classCourse I ' ll respond to those concerns.
Probably at the beginning of the next lecture is when I ' m going to discuss that research, okay. And these individuals ask inquiries concerning it, and it ought to be extremely, really useful to you. In various other words, for instance, at the end of lecture 205, I ' m going to designate research, see to it you do that paper and also pencil research prior to you do talk # 206. Okay? Currently, this kind of a format is a great online class for the complying with person: Leading, I presume that you absolutely wish to discover the subject, all right. This is not a great course for somebody who says, you understand, I don ' t wish to take audit, I actually don ' t treatment about discovering this
subject, I want something that ' s just fast and also'simple and also in as well as out, and I simply wish to, you understand', I wish to do the entire training course in a weekend.That ' s not this class, fine. I constantly make the assumption that my pupils genuinely want to learn the subject. And also I recognize that there are on-line classes out there that have a credibility of they ' re extremely simple as well as you can do them in 3 or four days. This is not one of those. If you ' re looking for something like that, this won ' t be it. This is a wonderful format, though, for people that absolutely wish to learn the subject and virtually wish that possibly their timetables would afford them to be able ahead to a face-to-face classroom. In a manner it ' s mosting likely to be like you are sitting in this class, all right, much like you are a trainee here, yet you can watch these lectures at your very own convenience, okay.
So I obtain a whole lot of emails from individuals that really similar to this style. There ' s undoubtedly a great deal of initiative by me as well as the crew to prepare these, however I think they ' ll job really, extremely well with your'schedule. We ' re taping this in Autumn
of 2014. Individuals have actually been requesting for years for us to'do Accountancy 2 in this layout, and we ' re ultimately doing it, so.This is not a good course, too, for individuals All right if you are a slow starter. If you take on-line courses, you have to have some discipline, all right. Due to the fact that I ' m not mosting likely to be there to see you or if you wear ' t come to class I won ' t understand, if you ' re not watching the lectures I'won ' t. understand. If you ' re not doing your homework, I wear ' t. recognize. So you might throw your books behind your. sofa as well as not touch it for three weeks, however'you ' re going to have an extremely challenging time. doing well in this course. Hey, you'' ve taken Accounting 1 before, you. understand it ' s a foundation course, as well as you need to stay on par with it.Okay? Now,
exactly how we ' re going to do this? Like I said, generally there will certainly be students.

below. You ' ll view the video clip lecture. You ' ll do whatever we do in class.
I ' ll assign paper and also pencil homework'at the. end that you ' ll do for the following one. Allow me talk a little
little bit about the'sequencing. of these talks. This was lecture # 201, fine.
It ' s the very first lecture for Audit 2'online. The following one will certainly be 202. Okay.
Okay. I put on ' t want people to get blended.

So simply ensure you view each lecture in. its whole. You can ' t avoid them.
Okay? What I desire to see to it of, I have e-mailed. you this, more than likely numerous times.
This is also detailed on the JCCC class, when. you do a search for a class.
You are needed to come to the JCCC school. in person to take your examinations, okay.
You do not do that in this course, alright. Ideally this is not the very first time you'' re. It ' s just like a regular examination.
I wish to make certain that you know that. Okay? All right. Allow'' s go in advance as well as take an appearance. I have actually e-mailed you a syllabus, and you can.
I didn'' t placed the term on this, since
. I want to utilize this introductory video lecture for a number of years and semesters.
you survived the web site or with my email and you can sort of take a look at.
I will certainly reveal you in that different lecture on navigating D2L for this training course, I ' ll program. Let ' s at least emphasize specific points. Let'' s speak concerning the textbook that we will.
usage for this course. The textbook you will utilize looks like this,.
all right? I'' m going to hold it up. Okay. As well as allow me simply lay it on the Elmo right here. I'' m uncertain just how much you can see it with. the glow, alright. Yet this is it. Make certain it states Accountancy 122. Okay. See to it it ' s the 21st Version. But it needs to claim Essential of Accounting. Concepts. It ' s by Wild, Shaw, and Chiappetta, 21st Edition. Okay. Ensure it has this blue border. The Bookkeeping 1 book for JCCC looks very.
comparable other than it has a red border. You have the incorrect if you have that book.
It needs to say Audit 122, 21st Edition. Okay?
Look a little differently, okay, if you got it used or something, all. This is my– guide that I have. It looks comparable, however again, it says Essential.
Accounting Principles, Volume 2, Chapters 12-25, 21st Version. Okay?
book shop. If you did, it had diminish wrap around it,.
and on the shrink wrap it really had a little sticker like this.Take an appearance at this. As well as this states “” bundle consists of required accessibility.
code.”” And after that you can'' t return it if the bundle.
has been opened. Okay. What they are talking about is a card that.
appear like this. Let me put that down right here for you to look.
Okay? Link is an on the internet device where you will do.
projects. They are worth factors for the course. You send them, you can use your publication on.
those if you'' d like, and after that you get instant feedback. Okay. It is worth factors in this course. It is required. Okay. Again, looking at this card,
let '

s flipTurn it over.What it will offer you is it will certainly give you.
an access code, all right. As well as you simply take a coin as well as scratch that.
Okay? You need this for the course.
has that little orange dot on it that states it has an accessibility code. Occasionally this is not discovered on the first web page. Occasionally it will be six or 7 pages right into.
it. Make certain you have that.It is required for this course. Okay? You do not– we wear ' t usage job papers for. this course.
You might have had if you took Accountancy 1.
to acquire separate job documents that were kind of themes and general journals and also.
that type of point. We don'' t do that, all right. I will certainly be e-mailing you info with.
D2L. You need to be inspecting your email, and also you.
require to be looking at your web content web browser on the D2L site. Okay? So ensure you'' re doing that. And also once more, enjoy the lecture that is specifically.
in respect to browsing D2L for your online class. I won'' t reviewed the program summary.
Going to the following page. Once again, striking on some highlights, pertaining to.
calling me. Also though this is an all-in class, I'' m right here. for you, I want to assist you out, okay. I'' ve been below, this is getting all set to begin.
my 11th year as a permanent bookkeeping instructor right here at JCCC, I love teaching accounting.I love training at JCCC. I ' m very satisfied to aid you'. Okay? As I stated, you require to inspect your email account. regularly via D2L.
If you desire it sent, possibly you claim, well,.
I put on'' t check my e-mail address at JCCC, can you send out all your e-mails to a various e-mail,.
The response in brief is no.I ' m not going to keep a large checklist of emails. I e-mail whatever via D2L.
can stroll you with just how to onward your e-mails to that other e-mail address that you prefer.
which possibly you inspect more frequently. The JCCC Help Workdesk is (913 )469-8500, expansion.
If you e-mail me, I will certainly respond to your email. If you don'' t obtain an action back, I want you.
to think that I did not obtain the e-mail due to the fact that every now and also then, somebody attempts.
to say, oh, I'' ve been e-mailing you all term as well as I have actually not spoken with you! Well, I would certainly say currently did you get emails.
back? And they would need to state no. And I would certainly say, well, after that you needed to think.
that I did not get that information. Okay? So e-mail me and I will e-mail you back. If you put on'' t get that, after that assume I didn'' t. obtain it. And you know, from time to time I will miss.
an email.

So if it'' s been 2 days as well as I sanctuary ' t responded,.
please simply send me one more e-mail, fine. I attempt to maintain up on that stuff, but I do make.
blunders sometimes. You can ask my wife. Okay? One of the primary inquiries is how do I watch.
this online course? Well, the easiest method to do this is by watching.
it on YouTube. Okay.Now, you can come off that for a 2nd, since. this is very crucial.
I am mosting likely to e-mail you the URL that you. need to reach these talks, all right? You might or may not be able to most likely to YouTube.
as well as do a search for these. I would recommend that you use the link I send.
There ' s possibly going to be at least 35 to. 40 videos in overall, alright. You really require to be viewing– if you ' re.
concerning 3, perhaps four, three or 4 lectures each week. If you are taking this class in the summer season.
term, which is only eight weeks as compared to 16, you require to for sure be seeing as well as.
doing five talks a week.And I understand

that'' s a great deal, yet summertimes are a. pressed period as well as we have to educate the exact same quantity of material. With the summer semester you won'' t have. near as much time between– you'' re going to need to take your tests on a quite consistent. basis, all right. You can ' t just take three or 4 times off.
while you research. You can sort of do that with fall and springtime.
if you'' re timing things well, alright. However you actually can'' t do it in the summer. All? Now, whatever songs you listened to at the start.
of this lecture is the songs that you should hear at the beginning of every lecture.If you hear various songs, there ' s a good. chance you ' re
viewing the wrong videos, okay? I have actually made a lot of videos for JCCC. So you might jump on a various accounting class,.
one for terms past or an accounting 1, as well as you'' ll see me and you ' ll believe I'' m where. I ' m expected to be, however if it ' s various songs, you are not where you ' re intended to.
be. So whatever music you hear at the beginning.

of this, you need to listen to every time.Also, starting following lecture, you '
ll see some. students, and if you see a different team of trainees during the semester, you probably. I claim this every term and there'' s always. Pay interest to that songs, please! Currently, there utilized to be a time that people enjoyed.
this course by examining out DVDs from the library or by making use of JCCC'' s cable channel. I wear'' t know of anybody that does that any longer. I assume since displays are a lot clearer.
and the resolution is much better, everyone pretty much views this on their computer system by means of YouTube.
as well as online.Okay? So but if there ' s– if you want to do one. of those various other means, you
need to e-mail me and allow me understand. But I believe the most effective point to do is to– is. to see it via your computer.
All? Allow me have a look at my notes here. I ' ve spoke about the sequencing. This is lecture # 201. The following one you ' ll watch is 202, and so on. Let ' s go to the following page. What ought to you have while viewing this lecture,. or these lectures? Well, you need to have your textbook, have. a calculator, have your finished homework, as well as certainly paper to make note on, okay.Now, again, you require to be disciplined, individuals. Let me inform you one of the most typical concern that.
I obtain from my on-line trainees. Let me make an actual crucial point to answer.
that inquiry now. People claim, am I expected to do this paper.
Or how do I get that to you? Or do I e-mail it to you?
research to me, all right. Currently, allow me be clear.When I speak about

homework in this class,. I am speaking about paper and also pencil homework. It ' s right stuff I designate during class or at. completion of course, individuals do it in their textbooks and pencil and paper, and after that the following course. duration we discuss it.
That is the paper and pencil homework. Whenever I discuss homework, that ' s what. I ' m speaking regarding.
Currently, separate from every one of that is the Connect. assignments on the internet, alright.
That ' s different. You guys recognize from Bookkeeping 1 that you can ' t. learn this things if you don ' t do your homework, fine. It ' s simply– it ' s simply nearly difficult.
Allow ' s talk a little bit regarding tests as well as examinations. Throughout the training course of the semester, I ' m. going to have 3 exams, and also they ' re
worth 100 points each, and and also ' s also a final. That indicates it ' s not over the entire class.
in a 2nd. So there'' s 3 tests and a final examination. Okay? You are allowed as an on-line student to go down.
your most affordable examination rating of the first three examinations. Currently, you can not drop or not take your final.
test. You need to take it, as well as it'' s going to count. You get to drop your least expensive examination score.
of the very first three tests, alright? I'' m not saying I replace that examination score.I ' m stating I entirely drop it. So whichever one you did worst on, I will.
obtain clear of it. Okay? Currently, as I stated very plainly, all examinations are
. to be tackled the JCCC campus in the JCCC Screening Facility, which is the 3rd flooring of.
the Testing Center. I have their contact number here, as well as I'' m additionally.
going to reveal you– let'' s switch to the computer system actual fast, okay. I'' m not mosting likely to provide you the hrs of the.
JCCC Testing Facility since they change every term, all. So if you go to, rise to this.
Search box and also placing in Testing. And here it is. Checking services. If you click that, that takes you to this.
page. And also I would advise that you go through.
this web page, okay.Their hrs

are right here. Those are subject to change. So I suggest that you always go appearance at.
that each term, alright? Don'' t make presumptions that they ' re open on'. particular days. Don ' t make assumptions that they'' re open at.
certain times, all right. You can go through that if you would certainly such as,.
That is where you have to go to take your exams.One plan

I will certainly tell you concerning that they.
— they have signs all over in the JCCC Screening Center that you are not to bring your.
phone in to the examination. Okay? You need to go put it in a storage locker, just do.
it before you even go in, fine, or leave it in the automobile. It doesn'' t matter if you transform it off. It doesn'' t issue if it ' s broken.Don'' t take your phone in there, all right. They'' re actually rigorous concerning that. It ' s your obligation to go to that website.
It ' s not like a dining establishment where they let. you complete your meal, alright.
So you require to be familiar with those JCCC screening. hrs. Okay? Okay, let ' s speak a consider the due'dates,. All? The due days of
test completion. Now, I have actually left these blank since I desire. to use this lecture for numerous semesters. However in the curriculum that you have for me,. that actually has dates on it, okay? What I desire you to observe is that test # 1. must be taken by the end of the day on– let '
s just make up a day– for instance, January. 20th. That does not indicate you need to take the examination.
on January

20th. That means you require to take it by the end. of the day January 20th. Okay? I constantly give you a minimum of a five-day home window. to take those tests. That is not the due day so a lot for the. test as the last day that you can take the test.
Does that make good sense? I hope it does. Now, I will inform you what occurs every term,. once again, allow ' s utilize the example of January 20th as a due day. They could have taken the examination January 15th,. 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th, currently it ' s January 20th
, they waited until the really last day and also guess. what? They ' re ill. Or their child is sick.
Or something, alright. I'wear ' t want to be mean, however'take a look what.
You might have an extremely, really legit reason,.
all right. I put on'' t recognize why everybody always waits until.
the last day of that home window to take their examination, but if you do that and you don'' t allow.
yourself any margin, no breathing room, then something might take place and also you'' re not going.
to be able to do it. So I really urge you not to wait up until.
that last day. However if you do and also you wind up taking it, for.
example, on January 21st, that will be 15 extra points off your examination. If you take it January 22nd, that'' s an overall.
of 30 factors. So put on'' t be

late.You need to be mindful of those. Okay? So these due days will certainly be clearly stated.
in your curriculum. I also clearly state them on the calendar.
I post examination grades on D2L. Okay. And also I'' ll reveal you just how to get to those when.
we do that navigating video. You do not reach keep your examinations in this.
class.If you intend to go over them, I ' m happy to.
consult with you as well as do that, however you do not obtain your tests e-mailed to you or anything.
like that, because I do reuse a lot of the examinations. But considering that I wear'' t allow you keep the test that. you take, I do have technique examinations available for you, and those are on the D2L site. Okay? Next page of highlights. If you have a pupil– if you'' re a trainee. as well as have any handicap or anything that the Trainee Gain access to Facility can be of aide.
— support on, please, please call them, as well as they will be greater than happy, alright, to.
assist you out with that.All right

? I additionally wish to make you aware that JCCC has.
free bookkeeping tutoring. I will e-mail you the hours of that, due to the fact that.
once more, that adjustments each term. So, but make use of that. It'' s a fantastic source. You put on ' t have to make a visit. You can reoccur as you'' d like. It is a fantastic point. And after that you may review this called for stuff.
in relation to don'' t cheat in my class, no plagiarism or anything like that. Okay. Allow me assume if there'' s anything else I require.
to cover.Let me look

at my notes real quick. We cover Chapters 12-23 in this course. When you look at your syllabus, you get.
points for points other than simply taking the examinations, taking the tests. I'' ve currently informed you one of those points,.
you receive factors for the Link jobs that you'' ll do. There will also be a few other on-line points.
That you'' ll do to obtain factors, as well as that will probably be through Attach. Yet that will certainly be especially mentioned on your
. syllabus. Okay? So take a look via that entire syllabus. Like I said, people– sometimes individuals will.
Now, if you ' ve enjoyed the videos as well as look.
me assist you out. I recognize the inquiries that folks ask, and also.
I attempt my finest to resolve those in these video clips so that you put on'' t have to go to that effort.Okay? I am really pleased you'' re taking this.
intend to, you will certainly find out as long as the people that are right here in person, fine. It'' s totally approximately you, if you'' re disciplined. Once once again, the tests are absorbed the JCCC.
Testing Center. I'' m striking the high factors right currently. When I broach research, it is paper and also pencil.
research; I do never collect it, you never ever send it. Make sure the music is the same at the end.
of each– or, I'' m sorry, at the beginning of each lecture that you see, and also make sure.
those faces that you see are the same.Otherwise, you could

be enjoying the incorrect. video clips.
All right? I believe I have actually covered everything and I'' m pleased.
you are in this class and also be certain to view the video, it could be detailed over there to.
the right as well as I'' ll most likely e-mail that to you as well, in regards to navigating D2L.
Various other than that, I believe that'' s it. As well as I will see you following lecture after you.
enjoy the D2L navigation lecture. Lecture # 202 as well as beyond, you'' ll see a whole. class right here of terrific trainees that are taking the class just like you are. All right? Thanks a whole lot. We'' ll see you later on. Bye bye.

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