Accounting 1: Program #28 – “Bank Reconciliations”

Hey there individuals here we are once again um last time
what we started speaking about were financial institution reconciliations right? That formal process of reconciling our cash money
documents to the info that the financial institution gives. We are discussing exactly how essential it is to
do that in concerns to internal control. That is just one of the most vital things to
Do? And also ill most likely repeat myself a couple of times
today however if you keep in mind nothing from this course I want you to keep in mind – I said that
If you only bear in mind like 5 or six points, like 3 or four times this semester
this semester I desire you to bear in mind your own financial institution racks. Okay local business owner around need to be doing
their very own financial institution racks. Don'' t allow your accounting professionals do them, you need to
Eighteen. I designated those did I not, fine so allow'' s. do exercise 8 nine and also I kind of want to walk via this, I wear'' t want to just.
so you can kind of see the process of how it need to look.So let ' s

proceed as well as do that. Fredrick Facility deposits all cash money invoices.
on the day that they are received and also it makes all money payments by check. Its money account shows a fifteen point forty.
one balance. Fredrick Center'' s savings account nevertheless reveals.
fourteen thousand for seventy 5 on the down payment in the bank which are different quantity.
? Prepare bank settlement utilizing the following.
details. Prior to we go on releases ahead as well as begin structure.
our financial institution credit report. So allow'' s switch to succeed, okay first.
of all let'' s title this thing up.Because this isn'' t simply something that we. calculate or do this is something that we want other individuals to see fine so let''
s go. in advance and Fredrick Clinic financial institution rec all right as well as this is since June 30 2011. Whoops okay alright so the first thing that.
we wish to do is we wish to put the balance per financial institution and we intend to place the balance per.
books. And they offer us those quantities fix? The balance per the financial institutions is fourteen 2.
seventy five and also the equilibrium per guides is one 5 one 4 one. Is that correct? To ensure that is where we begin with this whole.
circumstance deal with? Currently allow'' s go with those reconciling items. that they tell us about'as well as let ' s put those in the appropriate place and also we can establish if. they are on the left side the financial institution side or on the best side guide side and I always. ask myself who learns about these as well as who is recently discovering them.Okay and whoever is simply finding out around. them that ' s the side it'requires to take place for instance impressive checks since June thirty.
twenty 5 hundred well we know regarding those best but the financial institution doesn'' t understand about those. Let ' s claim much less superior checks. Correct? Then I'' m mosting likely to put minus twenty five hundred. bucks.'Okay let ' s go to the following one the June thirty. When they, financial institution statement included a one twenty 5 debit memorandum for financial institution services currently.
say there is a debit memorandum then that suggests that they are in fact decreasing their account.
if they had given us a debt memo then that would certainly be their raising amount.It ' s kind of weird'but you obtained ta ' escape. from' the debit credit report we used when you are speaking about banks. In fact there have actually been times.
where I most likely to the bank teller as well as she states we are going to debit your account as well as I desire.
to inform her all right are you going to enhance my account or lower my account? Since I use, exactly how are you making use of that term.
it in different ways do you recognize what I'' m saying. So uh certainly if there are bank services.
there is a financial institution service cost and also so they are mosting likely to lower our represent just how.
much was it one twenty five. So returning to succeed allow'' s say less
financial institution.

service charge.And that was just how much? One twenty 5. Okay the internet thing check number nine one 9.
was noted with a canceled check correctly attracted for 6 forty 9 for an utility bill. Fredrick Center mistakenly taped.
it with a debit utilities costs and credit score cash in the amount of 6 fifty four. Coming off the excel for a 2nd I constantly.
got ta do something with my hands we ought to have decreased the books by six forty five.
correct? We decreased guides by six fifty four incorrectly.
? So we need to add the 9 bucks back. Understand how some students have trouble.
determining do I need to subtract or include. We should have reduced by this much we reduced.
by this much we need to ad 9 back. Okay so allow'' s proceed back to stand out and also say.
add book error and I may also state check 9 one 9. I may even say check 9 one 9 so that.
if someone is following my job they are not just going to see publication mistake they'' re going. to see precisely what the error was from.Okay we are

leaving a trail for ourselves.
Okay so exactly how a lot we need to add back? Okay next thing the June thirty cash invoice.
we received of two thirty fifty were placed in the banks night vault after hrs.
We do but the financial institution doesn'' t yet all right so
we. Alright does that look good all right currently let ' s. see I think this is going to reconcile'so let ' s include those up. Now what are we going to call that?
readjusted bank equilibrium remedy? Are you with me is that what you all obtained? It might have taken longer to experience that.
than I required to however I at the very least wanted to type of have you see the procedure to see exactly how.
this jobs and the equilibrium for books you experience the reconciling procedure alright. And also once again you need to head this up alright so.
If an accounting professional comes in as well as state can I see you bank reconciliation you just publish, that.
them off this sheet right here. Or better yet you already have it printed.
off alright. Concerns on that particular? Okay now the only thing that we have to do.
now however is we do need to make some journal entries.Now do we make

journal access for the left.
side or the best side, we made journal entrances on this side now allow'' s claim we have fifteen. one forty one. After we are done we wish to
have our publications. claim at June thirtieth we have fifteen o' ' 2 five alright so just how are we going to do this,.
Because here we are, well these journal entries in a means kind of write themselves alright.
Including to the balance per publication? Just how do we include to cash what do we do to.
it. We debit it okay to make sure that access we recognize we'' re. mosting likely to debit money for 9 and we will certainly attribute something else.Let me readjust these a little so you can.
see every little thing. Now we also know that right here we need to deduct.
from cash well just how do we subtract from cash money. We attribute it right? So we are going to be debiting something so.
looking at these what would it make feeling for the book mistake that we debt, what do.
you believe? Allow'' s return to my mime hands alright. We initially debited energies expenditure for.
just how much was it? Allow me recall at it. Okay let me claim this in a different means. We need to have debited energies expense for.
Six forty five? Allow'' s go this means we need to have debited. it for 6 forty five, we improperly debited it for six fifty four. We have to lower energies expense by.
9. Does that make good sense? So you wish to reflect to your original.
entries you won'' t make that original entrance and also assume well what should it have been? So what we really credit score below going back.
to the excel is utility expense due to the fact that we don'' t owe any person anything, we paid the appropriate.
quantity we simply tape-recorded it wrong in the books.Okay for the

one forty 5 the financial institution solution.
cost that would certainly it makes feeling that we debit? No it'' s not interest since we are not gaining.
passion this is the financial institution solution charge that they charged us. You can do assorted expenditure or you.
know bank charge cost simply make it whatever expenditure the company uses to videotape that alright. This information right here these two.
journal access are what we have to make. We only make them for the best side we do.
refrain any journal entrances for the left side of the bank correct? Just for the stuff that was adjusted for the.
publications fine however that debit might be for miscellaneous cost or financial institution cost cost or whatever fine.
does that make sense guys? As well as inquiries o that? Did you get that practically okay I think.
I assigned you another one, was it a quick study? Let'' s take a look at that I ' m not going to. walk via that one as slowly yet I think that was an additional financial institution rec you had to do all right.
yet I wear'' t assume they asked us for journal entrances on that one though.Okay we are mosting likely to do quick study eight.
6, Crewe'' s business transfers all cash money invoices on the day they are received as well as makes all.
cash repayments by check at the close of business on June thirty money accounts shows eleven.
5 2 debit equilibrium, Crewe'' s financial institution declaration reveals ten 3 three 2 on down payment at the.
They desire us to do a bank rec for it. Let me obtain a blank item of paper right here well.
the initial point we start out with is our equilibrium per bank and also our equilibrium per book. Correct? I won'' t go through each one of those items.
That is what the bank rec looks like. We boil down to an adjusted balance of eleven.
three forty three on each side is that what you individuals got? Is it vital to understand just how to do a bank rec? Yes fine do you men in fact physically get.
uh those of you who have checking accounts do you obtain a financial institution statement in the mail? Now banks do it in different ways they really.
When they sent you your financial institution declaration they used to actually send the real, they made use of to.
checks.You people are

probably as well young to keep in mind.
that. They used to in fact send you the terminated.
checks so you would certainly thumb via those you know. And also after that they switched over to however what do you.
obtain Sarah? Kind of like a listing of – it'' s simply a checklist. -yeah transactions as well as things – is it a little image of them? No you suggest like copies of my checks? No, what they utilized to do what they after that switched.
to doing for some time they would certainly not send you the real physical check what they would.
send you. Is that someone'' s phone going off? That indicates you have actually reached bring cookies for.
Isn'' t that what we agreed on? They made use of to send you they wouldn'' t send you.

circumstances she was writing herself a check alright she was creating herself a check illegally.
taking the money and also then when she obtained the financial institution rec in with all of the detail she would certainly.
most likely to this information and she would locate which among these was the little check that.
had her name on it then what she would certainly do is she would certainly reduce that out and also she would certainly go.
to an old financial institution rec or something as well as take some scissors and also take the little check that was.
there and she would take it down right here and also she would certainly paste it over there as well as after that she.
If she was smart what she did was previously, would copy it.And.
she swiped she would certainly even look to see what examine she was mosting likely to cover it up with so.
like if she was going to take a legit check from a past bank rec for thirty two.
hundred as well as fifty dollars, three thousand two hundred and also fifty bucks that would be exactly how.
much she wrote it for, herself a check and afterwards she would take that thirty 2 fifty.
so then she would certainly execute a bank rec it would fix up as well as if someone found it they would certainly.
need to be quite astute to acknowledge right? Or if someone asked to see that check she.
would certainly state I can not find that check you know or whatever. Now what I'' m claiming is the majority of people are going.
to go oh I'' m certain she'' s ok I ' m certain she ' s fine well she took a lot of money from this. business fine now what should have happened there? What ought to have taken place is not only should. someone else that didn ' t have check composing abilities been doing the financial institution rec however they.
should obtain that financial institution rec unopened or even better sent to their residence to ensure that nobody can.
change it.Because this lady can have done the financial institution. rec and also shown someone the financial institution rec and possibly been felt confident that they weren ' t. mosting likely to be described sufficient to understand what she did fix? Does that make good sense? I ' m unsure how they captured here yet they. did capture her she stole eighty five thousand dollars, this is the one that was at my relatives. organization yet they spent a great deal of cash prosecuting her and they had to allow numerous people go. it was a whole big mess. And also the reason they allowed her do it is why they. trusted her. She was an actually good lady it was a girl
again. So she was obtaining every one of these checks? That ' s a great inquiry and also I would possibly. state'no. If she was stealing from, since how numerous checks go through the financial institution because. a company for all they understand she is doing speaking with job for them.I obtain checks from firms when I do consulting.

job so that ' s not truly that banks mistake yet that'' s how she was doing it. I ' m constantly afraid I'' m providing you all concepts. When these people do obtain caught a lot of times they simply got also money grubbing, it is impressive that. Once yet the just, if somebody would certainly do this. get greedy don ' t they? And I don ' t recognize you start living a life where. You are simply nervous all of the time? As well as this woman was just stressed in a major. Since like many people she had no criminal record until this as well as they had to pay back, method. the money to, you understand she mosted likely to jail for some time yet they plea bargained to her costs. less time in jail if they paid the cash back over time so ultimately it ' s a big mess.Yeah it ' s actually had to obtain a job as an accountant. again'. Why ' d you leave your last area there was
. a two year break in your return to.
Well I took from the company and also I needed to. go to prison for a while.
Okay okay well we ' ll give you a telephone call if we'. are interested right.
So generally what takes place is they have to money. out 4 o '
one K ' s or whatever however it'' s not a positive experience as I'' m sure it was for.
your neighbor Anna. You understand I'' ve always wanted to locate somebody.
who is in prison for this and also I'' ve intended to ask if I might interview them for this class.
wouldn'' t that be interesting? I would like to do that, so call your neighbor.
and also ask her if I can can be found in and chat to her.I ' ll get right on that particular. Get right on that particular, okay we are finished with the.
research right. What I wish to do now in course is I.
would love to deal with one, you folks in the house I would certainly like you to work with one also. Let'' s deal with workout 8 point eleven. okay lets work with exercise eight factor eleven on web page three forty eight in your publications. I wear'' t believe they have you do the journal.
entrances on that particular, that is fine allow'' s simply have you do the bank rec however allow'' s proceed and. work with exercise eight eleven we'' ll roll that music and below in a while we will certainly go over.
Correct? That rather much what you men obtained? Alright good well we only have one more point.
Now do you desire days and also you can review around. You desire it to be reduced you want you know a. great deal of time we can ' t till our customers pay us.I ' ve had a service of my very own and I can tell.
you often times that I'owed cash to one of our suppliers

and also I had all of these receivables.
and also nobody was paying me so I was stuck best okay? When you figure out this phase like this, now.
It ' s one of the most vital things when. I ' m talking to a client. You income, I need my paycheck well think.
Read concerning that as well as ill appoint one of those. I ' m going to appoint some more research for chapter eight.We are going to just quickly chat concerning one. Okay we are going to speak regarding
one thing.When we sell on, an accounts receivable is
debt and also they are mosting likely to pay us later all right we have a receivable from that
firm. Okay we were just talking about sales receivable
We comprehend what that is? Well the only point I desire to concentrate on today
in relation to receivable is the element of control receivable versus the subsidiary detail
all right let'' s take a look at the LMO alright let ' s take an appearance at the LMO I don'' t assume this will be as well hard of an idea. If we look at a balance sheet if you look at a balance sheet as of twelve thirty one eleven you know you are mosting likely to have your different products yet if you have your accounts receivable the lets simply proceed and do a.
simplified example.So allow '

s claim our balance dues for this
. firm is ten thousand dollars at twelve thirty one okay are you with me? Okay what they implies is we have is a T account.
of balance dues and the balance since twelve thirty one is 10 thousand bucks.
currently what we call this though is we call this the control account that'' s the total of all. receivables the control account nonetheless we recognize that somewhere there is information of.
that owes us what right? Right due to the fact that there is probably not simply one.
firm that owes us money right.So let ' s say in this scenario as well as we will. maintain it basic let '
s say that XYZ Business balance due let ' s state they owe us.'5 thousand let ' s state that sprint balance dues allow'' s state they owe us three thousand. and also allow ' s state that characteristic firm owes us two thousand dollars. Okay can you see that? What we call this information right below, what.
we call this detail is our subsidiary or often we call it our information.
account does that make good sense? Currently the overall of your detail the 5 four.
Always always constantly and when a client would certainly.
Right that ' s not also tough of an idea is. it? One that we maybe place ' t also talked about previously,. I believe it ' s sort of instinctive. I believe we type of already understand this anyhow. Now we put on ' t have looking back at this, we. do not have a line on our annual report for every business that owes us does we? Believe regarding it this is a long list for each and every. company.This might be numerous pages long and we.
just report the control account yet this is called I believe your book describes it as a. schedule of balance dues and you can reveal a routine of accounts receivable which. would look a little similar to for the example we simply
did I asked you to. do a routine of receivables at twelve thirty one eleven I would have XYZ company. I would certainly have Sprint I would certainly have hallmark I would have five thousand
oh I ' m sorry XYZ. owes e five thousand as well as sprint owes me 3 thousand and also characteristic owes me 2 thousand. as well as the overall of that is 10 thousand that would be called a timetable of AR and that. is in fact what I would ask the client for.
Does that make good sense? Now if a, allow ' s move on let ' s say it ' s into. 2012 currently and let ' s claim that XYZ business paid a thousand dollars to it they owe us five. thousand however they pay us a thousand right? When we do that journal entry the way, well. we may tape that is we might simply state we could not just do that but we may just. say that did I state XYZ? We may place that in parenthesis so we recognize.
You have to upload that in accounts receivable. Due to the fact that otherwise the detail in total wont. And also I would have to upload it to the information.
That is currently four thousand does 4 plus three plus 2 equates to 9, yeah it does so. we are still great. Do you comprehend what I ' m discussing individuals? Any questions on that particular? And that is all we are going to talk concerning. in regards to phase 9 today. Okay so let me proceed and give you your. homework.It might be a tad little bit a lot more research than what. I typically assign. So you may
permit just

a little bit extra. time than regular fine. But I desire you to do quick study eight point.
They are right after the exercises, I desire
. I'' d like you to do for research those quick researches and also those troubles and that exercise.
don ' t do it at house okay. Alright im letting you out'a little very early.
Today huh quick one. So do your research as well as I ' ll see you next.

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