Accounting 1: Program #28 – “Bank Reconciliations”

Hello there individuals here we are once again um last time
What we started talking concerning were financial institution reconciliations? That official procedure of resolving our cash
records to the details that the financial institution offers. We are discussing just how vital it is to
do that in relation to internal control. That is among one of the most essential points to
Do? And unwell most likely repeat myself a few times
today but if you remember absolutely nothing from this class I desire you to bear in mind – I claimed that
If you just keep in mind like 5 or six points, like 3 or 4 times this semester
this semester I want you to remember your own bank shelfs. Okay company owner available ought to be doing
their own financial institution shelfs. Don'' t let your accountants do them, you ought to
Eighteen. I appointed those did I not, alright so let'' s. do work out eight nine and also I kind of desire to stroll via this, I don'' t want to just.
so you can type of see the process of exactly how it should look. Let'' s go in advance and do that. Fredrick Clinic transfers all cash money receipts.
on the day that they are gotten as well as it makes all money payments by check. Its cash account reveals a fifteen point forty.
one balance. Fredrick Facility'' s savings account however shows.
fourteen thousand for seventy 5 on the deposit in the financial institution which are various amount.
right? Prepare financial institution settlement utilizing the adhering to.
information. Prior to we go on releases in advance and also begin building.
our financial institution credit scores. So let'' s switch over to stand out, fine first.
of all allow'' s title this point up. Due to the fact that this isn ' t just something that we. calculate or do this is something that we want other individuals to see alright so'allow ' s go. in advance and also Fredrick Center financial institution rec fine as well as this is since June 30 2011.

Whoops all right alright so the very first thing that.
we want to do is we wish to put the equilibrium per financial institution as well as we want to put the equilibrium per.
publications. And they provide us those amounts deal with? The balance per the banks is fourteen 2.
seventy five and also the equilibrium per guides is one 5 one 4 one. Is that correct? To make sure that is where we begin with this whole.
circumstance correct? Currently let'' s experience those integrating products. that they tell us about'as well as let ' s put those in the correct area and we can determine if. they are on the left side the financial institution side or on the appropriate side guide side and also I always. ask myself who understands about these and that is simply now learning about them. Okay as well as whoever is simply discovering.
them that'' s the side it requires to take place as an example impressive checks as of June thirty.
twenty 5 hundred well we understand regarding those best however the financial institution doesn'' t understand about those. so let ' s state less outstanding checks.Correct? After that I ' m going

to place minus twenty five hundred. dollars. Okay let ' s go to the next one the June thirty.'financial institution statement consisted of a one twenty five debit memorandum for bank services now when they. state there is a debit memorandum then that indicates that
they are really lowering their account. if they had actually given us a credit report memorandum then that
would be their increasing quantity. It ' s kind of weird however you obtained ta ' flee. from the debit credit we made use of when you are discussing financial institutions. As a matter of reality there have been times. where I most likely to the bank teller and she says we are mosting likely to debit your account and also I want. to inform her alright are you mosting likely to enhance my account or decrease my account? Since I make use of, how are you using that term. If there are bank services, it differently do you know what I ' m saying.So uh obviously. there'is a bank solution cost therefore they are going to reduce our account for just how. much was it one twenty five. Going back to excel allow ' s claim less bank. service fee. And also that was just how much? One twenty five.
Okay the net product check number nine one 9. was noted with a canceled check appropriately drawn for six forty 9 for an utility bill. Fredrick Clinic incorrectly recorded. it with a debit energies costs and also credit score money in the quantity
of 6 fifty 4. Coming off the excel for a 2nd I constantly. got ta do something with my hands we ought to have lowered the books by six forty 5. deal with? We decreased guides by six fifty 4 wrongly. ? We have to include the 9 bucks back. Understand just how some pupils have problem.
deciding do I need to add or subtract. We need to have decreased by this much we reduced. by this much we require to advertisement nine back. Okay so let ' s proceed back to excel and also claim.
include book error and I may also claim check nine one nine.I might even state check nine one nine to ensure that.
Okay we are leaving a path for ourselves.
We do but the bank doesn ' t yet all right so we. Alright does that appearance great all right currently allow
' s. see I think believe is going to reconcile integrate let Allow s add include up. Let
' s call that the adjusted bank balance.
and the adjusted publication balance.And those quantities in yellow are equal are. they not? So those equal to the cent are equivalent to the. changed bank balance correct? Are you with me is that what you all got? It might have taken longer to experience that.
Or much better yet you currently have it published.
Okay now the only thing that we have to do. Currently do we make journal entries for the.
side or the right side, we made journal entries on this side currently allow ' s claim we have fifteen. one forty one. After we are done we wish to have our books. say at June thirtieth we have fifteen o ' 2 five alright so how are we going to do this,. well these journal entrances in a manner kind of compose themselves alright due to the fact that right here we are. Adding to the equilibrium per publication? Exactly how do we include to cash what do we do to. it.We debit it okay to make sure that entry we recognize we ' re. going to debit cash money for 9 as well as we will attribute another thing. Let me readjust these a little so you can. see whatever. Now we likewise recognize that here we need to
deduct. from cash well just how do we deduct from cash. We attribute it right? So we are mosting likely to be debiting something so. taking a look at these what would certainly it make sense for the publication mistake that we credit history, what do. you think? Let ' s go back to my mime hands okay.We initially debited energies cost for. how much was it? Let me recall at it. Okay allow me say this differently. We need to have debited energies expense for. six forty five right? Let ' s go this means

we should have debited. it for 6 forty 5, we inaccurately debited it for six fifty 4. So we have to minimize utilities cost by. 9. Does that make sense? You want to think back to your original. access you won ' t make that original entrance and also
believe well what should it have been? So what we actually credit right here returning. to the excel is energy cost due to the fact that we wear ' t owe anybody anything, we paid the right. amount we simply recorded it incorrect in guides. Okay for the one forty five the bank service. cost that would it makes good sense that we debit? Due to the fact that we are not earning, no it ' s not passion. interest this is the financial institution solution bill that they billed us. You might do various expenditure or you. recognize financial institution cost cost simply make it whatever expenditure the firm makes use of to
record that okay.But this information right below these 2. journal entries are what we have to make.
We just make them for the ideal side we do. Simply for the things that was readjusted for the.
does that make good sense men? And also concerns o that? Did you get that virtually alright I assume.
Let ' s take an appearance at that I ' m not going to. I wear ' t assume they asked us for journal
entries on that one. Okay we are going to do fast study 8.
Correct? I won ' t stroll via every one of those items. That is what the bank rec looks like.
We boil down to a modified balance of eleven. three forty three on each side is that
what you people obtained? Is it essential to understand how to do a bank rec? Yes alright do you men actually physically obtain. uh those of you who have checking accounts do you get a financial institution statement in the mail? Currently banks do it in different ways they in fact. When they sent you your financial institution statement they used to actually send the actual, they made use of to. checks.You guys are possibly also young to bear in mind.
that. They made use of to in fact send you the terminated. checks so you would thumb with those you know. And afterwards they switched over to however what do you. get Sarah? Kind of like a listing of -it ' s simply a checklist.- yeah deals and also stuff- is it a little image of them? No you mean like copies of my checks? No, what they used to do what they then switched over. to doing for a while they would

not send you the real physical check what they would. send you. Is that someone ' s phone going off? That means you have reached bring cookies for. everybody isn ' t that the regulation? Isn ' t that what we settled on? They utilized to send out'you they wouldn ' t send you. the actual physical check yet they would send you a notepad as well as they would certainly have a. xerox of each check you
see have you ever seen that.Now allow me tell you exactly how one business that I. located how she was taking from the company she did the financial institution rec and as in many scams. circumstances she was creating herself a check fine
she was composing herself a check illegally'. taking the cash as well as then when she got the bank rec in with all of the detail she would. most likely to this information as well as she would certainly discover which one of these was the little check that. had her name on it after that what she would do is she would certainly reduce that

out and she would certainly go. to an old financial institution rec or something and also take some scissors and take the little check that was.
there as well as she would take it down below and she would certainly paste it over there and afterwards she.
would certainly photocopy it. And if she was smart what she did was previously. she swiped she would certainly also look to see what check she was going to cover it up with so. If she was going to take a genuine check from a past bank rec for thirty 2, like. hundred and also fifty dollars, 3 thousand two hundred as well as fifty bucks that would be how. a lot she composed it for, herself a check and afterwards she would certainly take that thirty two fifty. After that she would execute a financial institution rec it would reconcile and also if someone found it they would.
Have to be pretty astute to recognize? Or if someone asked to see that check she. would certainly state I can not locate that examine you understand or whatever.Now what I ' m
stating is most people are going. to go oh I ' m certain she ' s ok I ' m certain she ' s fine well she took a whole lot of money from this.
business fine currently what should have taken place there? What must have happened is not just should.
someone else who didn ' t have check composing capabilities been doing the financial institution rec however they.
should get that bank rec unopened or even better

sent to their home so that no one can.
change it.'Since this lady can have done the financial institution.'rec and also also revealed somebody the financial institution rec and also most likely been felt confident that they weren ' t. going to be detailed sufficient to recognize what she did fix? Does that make good sense? I ' m uncertain how they captured below but they. did catch her she took eighty 5 thousand bucks, this
is the one that went to my family members. business yet they spent a great deal of money prosecuting her and also they needed to allow a number of people go. it was a whole big mess.
As well as the factor they allowed her do it is why they. relied on her.She was a truly wonderful girl it was'a lady once more. So she was getting every one of these checks? That ' s an excellent question and I would most likely. say no.
due to the fact that the amount of checks go via the financial institution since if she was swiping from. a company for all they recognize she is doing getting in touch with benefit them. I get checks from firms when I do speaking with. work so that ' s not truly that financial institutions mistake yet that ' s just how she was doing it.
I ' m constantly scared I ' m giving you all suggestions. When these people do get captured a lot of times they just got too hoggish, it is fantastic that. If somebody would do this once but the simply. get hoggish put on ' t they? And I wear ' t understand you begin living a life where
. You are just nervous all of the time? And this lady was just stressed out in a major. method due to the fact that like lots of people she had no rap sheet till this and they needed to repay. the money to, you'understand she went to jail for some time yet they plea negotiated to her costs.
Why ' d you leave your last location there was. Well I stole from the company and also I had to.
Okay fine well we ' ll give you a call if we. Are interested. Typically what occurs is they have to money. out 4 o ' one K ' s or whatever but it ' s not a positive experience as I ' m certain it was for. your next-door neighbor Anna. You recognize I ' ve always intended to find'somebody. who is in jail for this and also I ' ve intended to ask if'I could interview them for this course.
I would like to do that, so call your next-door neighbor. I'' ll obtain right on that.Get right on that, alright we are done with the.
research right. What I'wish to do currently in'class is I. wants to function on one,'you individuals at residence I would like you to work on one as well. Let'' s work with exercise 8 point eleven. okay allows job on workout eight factor eleven on page three forty eight in your publications.
I wear ' t think they have you do the journal.
did you get as you modified equilibriums fourteen thousand eight hundred that is the appropriate. solution so take a look at that on the display the process coincides you begin with your. financial institution statement balance as well as you start with you book keeping equilibrium and after that you basic. experience your integrating items as well as put those where they belong

and place those on the. financial institution side or guide side as well as add or subtract it. Correct? And also then of course they entitled it up as well as.
follow it away is proof that bank settlement is executed. So rather obvious I believe
if you. recognize this and I desire you to understand it actually ill appoint one even more financial institution rec for.
you to do for research tonight but is there any kind of questions on workout eight eleven? That practically what you guys got? Okay excellent well we just have another point. to speak about in phase 8 so allow ' s do that real fast um mosting likely to the PowerPoint. the really last slide this is the proportion that
they cover in chapter eight and what it is. it ' s called days sales gathered and this is just how much time is most likely to pass before. we get the cash from our receivables or from our credit score sales so we determine it. by taking accounts receivable split by internet sales times three hundred as well as sixty five and also. that will provide us something like oh let ' s say eighty 2 factor 5 days that suggests.
it would certainly take us eighty 2 factor 5 days to get our money from the receivables does.
You want it to be reduced you desire you recognize a. whole lot of time we can ' t till our customers pay us.I ' ve had a business of my own and I can tell. It ' s one of the most vital points when. I ' m speaking with a client.
We could speak about those proportions but there.

make use of when I go in to a client. Review about that and ill designate one of those.
for your research fine alright any questions? We are kind of done with chapter eight.
I ' m mosting likely to assign some even more research for chapter eight. We are going to just quickly talk
concerning one. little point that is mosting likely to be in chapter nine.Okay we are mosting likely to chat regarding something.
in phase 9 so I think possibly we will simply one slide from phase 9 today however phase. 9 remains in regards to accounting for receivables. Bookkeeping for.
receivables in our journal entries throughout the term so we understand what an. Accounts receivable is?When we offer on, an accounts receivable is
credit rating as well as they are going to pay us later okay we have an account receivable from that
business. Okay we were simply discussing sales receivable
We recognize what that is? Well the only thing I intend to focus on today
in regards to receivable is the facet of control receivable versus the subsidiary information
Let ' s state our accounts receivable for this. Okay what they implies is we have is a T account. Allow ' s claim in this situation and also we will.
keep it basic let ' s claim that XYZ Firm balance due let ' s state they owe us.
account does that make good sense? Now the total of your detail the five four.
three two account always has to equal your control account.
Correct? When a client would, constantly always always as well as. tell me our account equals 10 thousand bucks what I would certainly claim is can you give me the. detail of who owes you what. That ' s not too difficult of an idea is. it?'One that we maybe haven ' t also gone over previously,. I think it ' s sort of user-friendly. I think we'sort of already know this anyhow. Currently we don ' t have recalling at this, we. do not have a line on our balance sheet for each firm that owes us does we? Assume concerning it this is a lengthy listing for each. business. This can be numerous pages long as well as we.
just report the control account yet this is called I believe your publication describes it as a. timetable of accounts receivable and you can show a schedule of accounts receivable which. would certainly look a little bit similar to for the instance we just
did I asked you to. do a timetable of receivables at twelve thirty one eleven I would certainly have XYZ firm. I would have Sprint I would have hallmark I would certainly have 5 thousand
oh I ' m sorry XYZ. owes e five thousand and also sprint owes me three thousand as well as characteristic owes me two thousand. and also the total of that is 10 thousand that would certainly be called a schedule of AR as well as that. is in fact what I would ask the client for.Does that make good sense? Now if a, let ' s carry on let ' s state it ' s right into. 2012 now and allow'' s say that XYZ business
paid a thousand bucks to it they owe us five. thousand but they pay us a thousand right? Well when we do that journal entry the method. we may tape-record that is we may just claim we might not simply do that however we could just. say that did I state XYZ? We may put that in parenthesis so we recognize.
the detail to head to. Understand? As well as when we are browsing this we will.
know which company really paid us the thousand bucks. Now the vital point is whenever you have.
a credit or a debit to balance dues you need to post that not only in the control.
account yet additionally in the subsidiary detail. You have to upload that in accounts receivable.
for both spots. Do you recognize that? Because or else the detail in complete wont.
equals the control will it? So because instance that I just did for the journal.
entry right here I would need to upload that to the control account so now it is what 9.
thousand.And I would certainly need to post it to the information. to ensure that is currently four thousand does four plus three plus 2 amounts to nine, yeah it does so.
we are still excellent. Do you understand what I'' m speaking about individuals? Any type of inquiries on that particular? Which is all we are mosting likely to talk regarding.
in relation to phase nine today. Okay so let me go in advance and also offer you your.
research. It might be a tad little bit more research than what.
I normally assign.So you may permit just a little bit much more.
time than normal okay. I desire you to do fast study eight point.
seven and also eight factor one one and I want you to do not exercise individuals yet problem, have.
we done problems before in this course? They are right after the exercises, I desire.
you to do problem eight one an and also 8 4 a, not b however a. eight one an and also eight four an and afterwards one.
last thing I'' d like you to for phase nine is exercise nine factor 2 to ensure that is what.
I'' d like you to do for research those fast research studies and those issues which workout.
it shouldn'' t take you as well long.It will possibly take you a little bit much longer.
than today'' s research so allowing on your own adequate time you put on'' t mind this stuff if you.
don'' t do it in your home okay. Alright im letting you out a little very early.
today huh fast one right. Do your research and also I'' ll see you next.

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