Accounting 1: Program #26 – “Internal Control and Petty Cash”

Alright below we are once more guys, last time
we talked concerning cash and interior controls as well as I desire to discuss a few of the principals
that we spoke about last time just to provide you a bit of evaluation. So let'' s consider the PowerPoint ' s actual fast
, if we could.. We spoke about what the purpose of interior control is, to secure your possessions. But it'' s additionally to ensure trustworthy accounting and also promote effectiveness in your procedure. I put on'' t want you to think inner control is everything about simply capturing costs. It is concerning having our procedures as well as policies in area to assist things be smooth and also aid points be reliable and also help them be trustworthy. It can help protect against mistakes as well. It wishes to give you plans that you can adhere to. Alright the following slide all right. Okay the principals of inner control keep in mind you were expected to keep obligation. You were supposed to report the journal entrances that you make.You intend to guarantee properties and also you intend to bond your vital workers.
You intend to separate you videotape maintaining from your custody of properties, this is a big one, if you have custodianship of possessions whether its money or warehouse products or whatever.
You need to not have journal entries for this. Or else you might simply make a journal access as well as steal entrances couldn ' t you. You need to split
responsibility for relevant deals you wish to apply technological controls such as sales register and cams in some situations and you intend to execute independent and also regular evaluations. Alright currently what I would love to do currently is I intend to reveal you 2 quick little video clips, these are news stories. As well as I ' m mosting likely to lean up so you can hear this. As well as we can make this work.So these have to do with a minute and also fifty percent each. So these are simply two I located while looking at YouTube this morning as well as we will certainly attempt to make this job, alright. She pleaded guilty to swiping virtually twenty million dollars from the company. The Melbourne court has agreed that she Due to the fact that, has actually contributed to the firms break down even though the cash has been recouped she invested it on real-estate. Sonya Causa had been the company ' s payroll supervisor for simply three months when she discovered a loophole in the firm ' s accounting techniques.
Between 2007 as well as 2009 the 39 years of age from Lily Nailes swiped 19.3 million bucks from'her company telling authorities it was easy. Today she pleaded guilty to the supreme courts twenty four matters of burglary. She utilized the cash to acquire greater than sixty residential properties across Australia in addition to in Tasmania and also in Queensland.She likewise spent $110 thousand bucks on a. automobile for herself, 80 thousand on a glass of wine for her spouse as well as precious jewelry for herself. Her legal representative said her actions weren ' t motivated.

by a wish to fund a luxurious way of living,
describing that she had actually ended up being obsessed with the procedure. of purchasing and selling residences. When her company discovered discrepancies. in 2014 she had 44 houses in her name. All yet among them has currently been sold and also. greater than 16 million has been recovered. Courts have concluded that her activities contributed.
The court heard that this was her means of dealing.
She will be sentenced in two weeks. Okay a couple of factors from that, number.

one she swiped twenty million, they recuperated the majority of it, sixteen or seventeen million. However they are still brief three million. That is a poor day at the workplace, isn ' t it? You can see all of the points that.
were I put. She had some type of stress and anxiety I her life; she. had an autistic kid and a failing marital relationship. She probably utilized those 2 points to rationalize. what she was doing as well as she said it was easy. It was very easy, there was the chance.
She had the justification, the chance.
and also some type of stress. Which are the 3 points that we locate in. practically every case of swiped possessions from a company. She didn ' t have any criminal document before. this; she was soothed to be captured. This is a timeless instance.
Let me reveal you one various other one. This one is a bit more of an extreme instance. Authorities won ' t say just how much was taken from.
the couple had uncovered the burglary. The Calberts take care of building as well as the club. team had actually been keeping their publications. They were in the procedure of doing their own. accounting and also Gerwing was exercising the details. Police claim he was the last person to see them.
together, and there has been no indicator of them since very early march. Washington, the connected press. This is a little bit more of an extreme instance. People have passed away
in that one? If any person saw sixty minutes last, I don ' t recognize. evening? It was an actually good story, it was a meeting. with the Madoffs, do you understand that the Madoffs are? Bernie Madoff and the largest Ponzi scheme.
A great deal of these stories are similar, at. Okay, I don ' t understand just how this occurred.
It was really fascinating if you most likely to sixty. mins as well as, or if you go to google and key in sixty mins interview with Madoff you. could possibly watch it.
I assume they have their interviews in the. whole on there on'their website. We could invest all early morning enjoying information.
That is just a pair of them, yet going.
There are minimized processing mistakes for certain. What do we imply by that, well I ' ll inform you. Every'business uses computer system software, I don

' t. wish to claim every yet virtually every, 99.99% use some sort of computer system software to maintain. track of their accounting.You can purchase a great bundle for less than a. couple hundred bucks. Currently it will not allow you upload a journal entry. without your debits equaling your debts.
When individuals do this by hand they would certainly often. make a mistake or a transposition mistake and their debits would not equal their debts. On

paper it couldn ' t be captured yet on with.
innovation and computers that things can be protected against an additional thing is it will build up. numbers and also columns as well as if you develop spread sheets as well as reports then the numbers will certainly be determined. as well as flow with so there is a great deal of that type of simply enhancement reduction reproduction. and division that there have allowed improvements on with simply having technology. Now one thing that innovation has actually always done.
Everyone alright so if I had actually asked that fifteen. Anybody, okay a few of you. Innovation a good thing about, an additional excellent.
One obstacle is though that the splitting up. Perhaps in a company where there used to be.
10 accountancy tasks there is now 7 since technology does a great deal of things
that used. to require individuals to do. That ' s the trouble
, fortunately is that. the jobs that innovation removed were mainly the actually, actually boring tasks. The type of tasks that you don ' t wish to strive.

to anyhow alright, there is still a fantastic need for accountants and also interpreting this information.
and also understand what to do and you know there is no substitute today for a great strong. accountant.
As an issue of fact when I enter'to my clients. when I do my audit, you recognize exactly how they state a bit of understanding is an unsafe. thing? Occasionally these bookkeeping software program programs. are allowing them to do a whole lot of things where you are going I desire you hadn ' t done that. You know and also possibly they feel the power or. expertise that they actually didn ' t understand. Yet modern technology has impacted the variety of. accountants out there, no doubt.
Okay however the jobs are still really plentiful.There are restrictions of inner control. and I believe I said you can not devise a system that is% 100 safe. It ' s like I claimed yesterday I can not devise. a system where there is definitely'guaranteed no method to cheat on my test right? I can absolutely make it a whole lot more'tough. and eliminate many of it. Yet recognize also there are times where individuals. make mistakes or they are perplexed fine as well as individuals

may look at this it doesn ' t necessarily. imply they are burglars and they are stealing from the firm, most of us make errors right? All of us make blunders and possibly they put on ' t. understand what they are doing. Perhaps they had teacher who provided take home. examinations as well as didn ' t treatment concerning them, okay that ' s why I put on ' t provide take house tests.But there are also situations where there. is human scams and also let me tell you, it is really tough, you can devise techniques.
to different record maintaining from safekeeping of assets. However it is very challenging if 2 or three people. collude to swipe from you. Do you recognize what that means, that means that. 2 or three individuals that work for me state hello lets swipe from Krug.
Every one of you have'checks and equilibriums on each. other and if you all'make a decision to steal from me then that is very difficult to avoid isn ' t. it? That is why a great deal of companies have policies. versus I am not going to work with member of the family.
I am not going to employ your sweetheart; I am. Do you see what I am saying? Due to the fact that they put on ' t want those partnerships.
simply wear ' t exceed the costs.And allow me offer you an example I used to utilize',.
I made use of to function at a business where there was a fridge with containers of pop that they. We are always going to be short regarding$ 20. I would certainly simply place a$ 10 costs in there simply to state you know I put on ' t want to, simply to minimize.
the discomfort a bit. You know you are going to lose a little. cash you recognize. Someone told me they operated at a dining establishment. and I was asking him if individuals ever stole assets from the business, from the dining establishment.
And also the trainee said

yeah every so often. a chef will certainly take a pair poultry tenders as well as consume them, you know anybody right here ever functioned. at a restaurant? Any person ever take some food, placed some food. in their mouth that they possibly shouldn ' t have? Well points like that occur, possibly not.
You are possibly not going to go insolvent. The things that we want to stay clear of and also the things. We have to do a price advantage analysis.
on it. Okay alright lets take an appearance at the research.
Lets go with those, now when we go with these, do what I constantly do as well as. I believe I informed you this the other day, whenever
we go to a restaurant I will go this is how. And also I will go this individual can do than as well as.
I always assume just how would I steal from this. Company if I desired
to steal take this company? As an issue of truth business have actually employed former.
Tom Hanks? That was a real life story.About a man who embezzled and also took and also all. sort s of various other stuff well he is an expert now so ask on your own in these circumstances'how. you would certainly steal if you wished to fine exercise eight one leading
what inner control. procedures would you suggest in each of the following situations. A giving ins company has one employee that. markets towels colders and sunglasses at the beach daily the workers is offered a number. of coolers and also towels and sunglasses to last with the day as well as sufficient cash to make adjustment.

the cash is maintained in a box at the stand all right first off exactly how would certainly you take money if. you desired to take cash from this company? Just take it out of package. Yeah yet opportunities are that the box is secured,. I recognize how I would certainly steal cash, any person else have an ideas? Take towels take those materials you could. do that, there is a great deal of people that are not going to go burglarize a locked box as well as. steal money or run away with a lot of towels all right but what they are mosting likely to do is this,. this is a little method I made use of to use with my friends when we made use of to head to the baseball. game is I would inform them hey that desires
ice lotion? As well as they would go, I said oh I ' ll go get. the ice lotion, and also so I ' d go obtain the gelato and say
I ' ll inform you what you owe me after. I get it.Si the gelato would really set you back like. three dollars and also fifty cents for a big waffle cone and also so I ' d acquire it and also tell my friends. it costs 5 bucks and they would provide me five dollars. You see what I indicate? See I reasoned it I thought that is.
I recognize what I would certainly do allow ' s claim the tee shirts cost 10 dollars alright you see some abundant Johnson. Noise like a great idea.Now put on ' t create these down I '
m always constantly. I ' m training my trainees just how to swipe.
a money register right? But they do really have portable things. Now people can put on? You ever before seen those? I think they have them at sonic don ' t they? Where its like a sales register that prints. out a receipt. You could do a circumstance where you state. if we put on ' t provide you a receipt your thing is free. 2 individuals, here is the issue with that. Top it is twice as pricey you are. most likely paying two individuals for something that really just requires one person.And the various other point is this. The length of time do those 2 people that are strolling. around on the coastline talking as well as overtaking each other prior to they say, hey I have.
a suggestion allow me run this suggestion by you, you see what I ' m claiming? Um good though but that ' s the threat you.
run there Jake? Indications behind them that the owner makes since.
they are probably not going to head out as well as change the indications. That ' s a great suggestion Jake, what he is. stating is make the indication at the stand.
That ' s a quite popular. One of my trainees brought up an excellent tip. She stated that maybe you make the Tee shirts that.
your workers wear have the menu on the back. So that you can tell if they are showing the. menu and so it ' s sort of advertising the food selection as they stroll around.Do you see what I ' m claiming? Currently certainly you intend to have a situation. where you offer a staff member some money and also some product to make change and also they go'out. When they come back they need
to either have merchandise, for the early morning and also then come back andGoods Or the quantity of cash for that merchandise? And also that ll needs to be resolved so. they need to have that. Does that make sense okay I believe those are. probably the major methods. Any type of other believed on that? You could look at them
like pay individuals to. Go as well as- really good idea matt what he is stating is do checks

on them.That ' s independent testimonials? You may every now and then especially. if you recognize someone who is concerning the coastline say, hey do me a favor, if you purchase something. from my staff member to day wear ' t claim you recognize me, simply tell me how much they bill as well as. the way they do things. A secret shopper kind of a point fine excellent.
Exactly how would certainly you steal from this business? Well you could just take the cash money again so. I wrote down that if you utilize a company credit history card you can see all the purchases.Yeah you could when again you could simply swipe.
Below is the bargain thou if you swipe cash or. You steal a products you can quite much do it when? If I desire to steal towels or sunglasses and also.
following day right? To ensure that ' s almost among those circumstances where. , if that occurs it ' s a drag but its not going to possibly put you under.What we are much more worried concerning is that there.. is some way people can steal hundreds and numerous bucks on a recurring basis fine. now that being claimed antique dealership how could
you have an ongoing situation where you are.

losing cash? I know one; I would offer them a checkbook.
Some wear ' t also take checks. Well I can simply state if I was making use of money,. Now just how do we attempt to prevent if we can ' t write.
Due to the fact that hang on if you get a receipt from. a yard sales what is it going to be? Hand written, yeah something composed on a. past it keep in mind.You might have falsify receipt all day long,
where I can do it myself to ensure that'' s sort of tough.You can have log of where they went like
addresses or something. And inspect on them? Yeah you might do that. Specifically for extra expensive items. Or you can have some kind of kind that needs
to be filled up out actual quick and I think independent reviews is possibly the most effective thing that you
Just empty billings. That they fill up out. And also some individuals you know.
You at the very least want the circumstance there where there is the prospective to be caught.
Do you see what I ' m saying? I do know university trainees who put on ' t beverage when they are minor because it ' s versus. Think this or not these people exist.
There are college students who put on ' t drink. I am going to
be applying for jobs I don Put on t. need demand worry in my life. The advantages don'' t surpass the expense.
points I simply didn'' t do due to the fact that it was prohibited and I was always the one that got caught and also. I didn ' t intend to get captured fine besides the Reeces Peanut Butter Mugs I informed you about.
That sort of incident? Okay great conversation on this. Allow'' s jump in the direction of the various other one real quick.
was it work out eight 2? Okay this is a scenario that remains in a lot.
of newspaper article really similar to it.A canto firm is a rapidly expanding beginning.
up service its record keeper who was hired 9 months ago defaulted after he had actually found.
a big sum of money had actually disappeared over the previous 3 months an audit revealed that.
the record keeper little composed as well as authorized a number of checks made payable to her fiancé and also recorded.
the checks as wage expense. The fiancé that paid the checks but never ever.
functioned for the business, left town with the document caretaker. As an outcome the business sustained a without insurance.
loss of 84,000. Assess their inner control system and.
Ok, they didn'' t guarantee their properties or bond.
crucial workers, due to the fact that it states they shed all the cash. Ok, great, what else? “” Separation of jobs.”” Separation of jobs, or different document keeping.
from- separate document avoiding custody of possessions. She had, she had both obligations, right? And if I would have entered there 4 months.
back and told them, you shouldn'' t give her both of these duties, what would certainly. they have informed me? She'' s the best woman worldwide, we wear'' t. need to bother with her, she ' s great.She '

s obtaining married, her fiancé feels like.
a wonderful man to, he'' s always in a really excellent mood. Ok, um ok, so that good. Anything else? One other thing I'' d possibly add is'they wear ' t. -it didn ' t look like they were doing independent reviews. Ok? One point you must constantly look for is,.
You as the owner of a company must always go through your if you do your own payroll.
payroll checks to see that these checks are contacted, to ensure they'' re real workers. Ok? Alright, and also um, since if you much like,.
That'' s a common way to take from a company,. Ok, and they'get
paid every week, and as well as ' re.
Ok? Any others that you can assume of? No doubt they'didn ' t ' really feel like they needed.
complete of integrity as well as character.Ok? So you require

to have these points in area. Alright, allowed'' s most likely to a little lecture here,.
Currently why do we speak about cash money in the internal. Well that'' s because the much more liquid something. As well as cash is the most liquid of all.
Due to the fact that there'' s money anywhere, isn ' t there? Currently you desire to divide your handling of. Well this means the individual who creates checks.
or they can compose themselves a check as well as adjust it out. Cash receipts ought to be promptly transferred.
in the financial institution. You ever operate in a dining establishment as well as you go like,.
Ok? It ' s not vulnerable to fraud. You put on'' t simply stick a lot of twenty-dollar.
bills in a envelope to pay your costs, right? You make use of a check.Ok? Um, now when we speak about cash money we ' re not. just speaking about dollar costs and also coins, yet we ' re discussing access to'monitoring. accounts, accessibility to interest-bearing accounts. I would place texas hold’em chips up below also. Are texas hold’em chips cash? No, but they rather a lot can be dealt with as. what we ' re going to speak about in a second, a cash matching practically. But this is any accessibility to the business ' s cash,. even if it ' s by check or credit scores card or debit card or whatever.Cash equivalents are those things that practically. not money, but they ' re

short-term and also they are so fluid that we almost treat them as. a money equivalent. Such as like a 90 day certificate of deposit. However, we understand what these things deserve cash-wise. and if it ' s an investment they ' re so near to maturation day that they ' re not even delicate
. to any interest rate modifications that could occur. So we desire to secure our cash and also our cash. equivalents.
Ok, of the counter cash money invoices. Once again, we chatted regarding you wish to have a. cash money register with a secured record of your transactions, correct? , if we put on ' t offer you an invoice your meal is.. totally free. Ok? That ' s their effort to obtain every little thing in. the sales register with a secured in document.
You wish to contrast the cash register document.
At the end of the day with the cash that ' s in there? This is called a reconciliation of the money. drawer, or the sales register. Ok? Bank tellers have to do this at the end of. each shift. What happens if you obtain money receipts by mail? Once more, meaning mostly checks, people don ' t. send out cash in the mail, however getting sign in the mail.Well, you'want to separate the obligations,. maybe have two people open the mail. You provide the cash to the cashier ' s office. and you provide the checklist to the accountancy department', to ensure that the same individual doesn ' t have custodianship. and recordkeeping. What about dispensations? Again, you make your dispensations by check,. as well as we ' ll discuss the exception, petty money, in a minute. You want to divide authorization for check. signing from recordkeeping, once again the proprietor of the firm is the just one who can. sign a check.But, so many times below ' s what happens, the.
proprietor obtains careless

and also simply thinks, you understand'what Barbara I ' m mosting likely to put you on the monitoring. account this is insane, due to the fact that I ' m always gone playing golf and I trust you, you ' ve been. here 3 years, you'seem like a terrific woman, I ' m mosting likely to
proceed as well as provide you check finalizing. capability, as well as that is the beginning of the end. Because now you '
ve offered the person that has. recordkeeping duties protection of the assets, checks.
As well as they begin writing themselves checks. Ok? Don ' t do that. It speaks about a coupon system. What is a coupon system? Well a voucher system the plans and also treatments. in location for making cash disbursements.Here is an example, coming off the PowerPoints. Allow ' s claim that you individuals are staff members at my. firm, allow ' s state that you need a new computer- you ' re an employee of mine as well as you require. a new computer system. Well you complete a demand, I the owner approve.
that demand, as well as so I give it my acquiring division, Matt.
Ok? He buys it, and when the computer comes. Kim, you after that mount it as well as sign an item.
Ok? Then, when the billing can be found in, you ' re my. accounting professional Allie, you'take all these documents, the purchase request, the receiving record,. etc., see to it that they all straighten together and also you prepare the check to be paid as well as staple.
all of it together. And afterwards you provide it to me to authorize and I look.
You see what I'' m saying? This following slide gives you a whole lot of instances.
of points you may find in a coupon system, billing approvals, obtaining records, purchase.
orders, purchase demands. Also the check itself becomes part of the validation.
of that settlement. Ok? When you make money settlements you go through.
this procedure. Currently this procedure can take a bit,.
That is why we have actually something called
a. petty minor money of control. Let'' s say once more that you men are workers.
at my business as well as allow'' s state suddenly you need to publish out a report that you'' re. going to offer a client that your going to meet in a couple hrs. And we run out printer cartridges, as well as.
the printer doesn'' t have any ink. So we don ' t wish to experience this procedure.
where everybody needs to do this, right? Because that takes a while, right? What a petty cash fund is generally like.
a little steel box where you keep like 500 bucks money that you can go make a fast.
purchase with.Anybody ever before functioned where they have something. like that? It ' s very usual, ok? And absolutely if you claim, ok I ' ve reached go. to Office Max as well as get some printer cartridges. Ok, let me obtain you some money out of the petty. cash fund. Now I offer you a pair hundred dollars to. get, you understand, 5 or 6 of them.
Well absolutely what am I going to desire you. to revive? A receipt.An invoice, ok? Currently what
' s the worst that can take place if. I have a 500-dollar minor money fund.
A person could swipe all 500-dollars. Ok?
people could make a quick purchase. Due to the fact that the coupon system while that is the.
preferred method, sometimes it doesn'' t make feeling because you require some money today.
to do something. Ok? Make sense? Here'' s the means this works though, on a straightforward.
Ok? Allow'' s claim this is my petty money box. Ok?
and also there'' s no receipts', well allow ' s say you go invest 150 dollars
on printer cartridges,. ? And afterwards you place the modification back in package. Well then there'' s just 350 bucks. worth of money, right. There ' s additionally an invoice for a 150 bucks,. ? The receipts plus the cash money need to constantly amount to.
Ok? Let'' s state you go acquire some pizza for the. Well now we just have 300 dollars cash money.
You see what I'' m claiming? Now at some point you Have to restore this.
Ok? Let ' s talk concerning the petty cash a little bit. Well you decide on the quantity you want to.
established up as your petty cash money fund you compose a check as well as you make this journal access right.
below to develop the fund. They set their own up for 400 bucks. So you debit petty cash for 400 and you credit.
cash for 400, due to the fact that you took money out of your bank account or whatever, so you'' re. decreasing your cash money and also you'' re putting 400 dollars in your minor cash fund. Right? And you place it in a little lock box or whatever,.
ok? Currently you pay various individuals things, like.
You get invoices and if there ' s a lack of. Ok? You desire try to get legitimate invoices for.
that. Now at some time you have to replenish the.
Ok? Ok, let'' s take an appearance at this example. Tension company maintains a minor money fund.
of 400 bucks. When they established up this minor money fund they.
debited minor money for 400, and they credited cash for 400. At some time passes, and also it'' s time to replenish. this fund. Currently, we find the adhering to details in.
there. Let'' s say that these are our invoices,'ok? Allow ' s state this details right below is our.
Now, there'' s additionally still some money in there. There'' s not 400, yet there is $ 137.80, ok? We open up this metal box,'there ' s four invoices,.
Well the first question I always ask is, if. I intend to have 400 dollars therein, which is what we set it up for, and also we just have.
137.80 just how much even more cash do I have to put in that box to bring it back up to 400? Currently here'' s exactly how you do the journal entry, as well as.
I like to assume of it as in steps do these three steps as well as you won'' t make a blunder. Even when I'put on ' t do these 3 actions in.
wear'' t credit petty cash, you credit score cash, for the quantity of money you require to place in.
the box to bring it up to its initial quantity. Currently, we had 137.80, deal with? We have to go to the bank and also obtain 262.20.
That'' s the first point you do. The second thing you do. For the traveling expenditure receipt you
93.42 you debit home entertainment expenditure for 93.42. Postage expenditure for 55 dollars, you debit.
that. Workplace provides expenditure, you debit that. To make sure that'' s the second step is you simply picture.
on your own going with these receipts and taping every one in the proper account they.
ought to enter. Typically an expense account is debited. That'' s the second action. We got the initial action, we got the 2nd.
action. The 3rd step after that, is if needed, if the.
journal access doesn'' t balance, your going to either debit or credit rating this account called.
Cash money Over and also Brief. We were short two bucks in the petty cash money.
fund. Now are you going to freak out over 2.
Might have simply been an error. You'' re either going to debit or credit rating.
Money Over as well as Brief for whatever you need to to make this journal entry equilibrium, that'' s. your third and also last step.Now Cash Over

as well as Short is an income declaration.
account and it can have debit equilibrium or a credit report equilibrium. If you are short cash money it has a debit balance,.
like an expenditure, and that'' s the situation below. You can have extra money in there then you were.
meant to as well as there we would credit Money Over as well as Short. Do you think you generally have a debit balance.
in your Cash Over and Short, or a credit rating balance? A debit. If you offer out to much change, because typically.
to someone their not going to state anything, right? If you offer out to little, they'' ll inform.
you you shorted them. Does that make sense? Ok. Those are the actions to renew the money.
fund. I want when you do your research tonight.
you to do those three steps when it'' s time to renew your minor money fund.How much cash money do I have to place in there to.
bring it as much as the needed amount, is the primary step. The 2nd step is you undergo those receipts.
as well as you tape-record them in the correct accounts. And also the third step is you debit or credit history.
Money Over as well as Brief for whatever you have to to make that journal entry equilibrium. And also if that account doesn'' t have a huge.
Ok? Ok, now we'' ll reviewed a little bit concerning
You can review concerning that, yet why wear'' t. you go in advance as well as do, um allow me create your homework down. As well as I'' ll put it up here on the expenses for.
you to do. Alright, , go in advance and do them in this.
Go in advance as well as do Quick research 8.4. Alright, see you people following time.

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