Accounting 1: Program #25 – “Internal Control”

Alright just how are you all doing? Hopefully just how did everybody do on the test? You don'' t know yet since I place ' t handed
it back to you. Existed any shocks? Ok, alright, I hope everyone has actually taken the
3rd test over chapters 5 and also 6, today we are going to proceed we are currently like
two thirds via this program term is zipping, isn'' t it? We do not cover phase seven in your textbook ok.
We go right on to phase 8, as a.
matter of fact Truth donPut on' t think assume even also chapter seven 7 some of your text message
Publications. Ok, however we are going to begin phase 8. What chapter 8 is on is to go to the PowerPoint.
and also with any luck once more you drew these from ANGEL phase 8 gets on money as well as internal.
control cash as well as interior control.Sometimes we state a business has internal control. framework ok. Do you people understand what
an internal control. structure of a business is? Any kind of guesses?
When you claim a company has weak inner controls. or a solid internal controls.
Any kind of assumptions? Ok internal control structures are the rules. that you established in position to attempt and safeguard your assets and promote performance ok. Currently let me ask you this does anyone here. work retail or has anyone right here ever functioned retail? Ok where did you work Anna? “The youngsters ' s location” the youngsters'' s place. what is that? “It ' s a kids ' s apparel shop.” A child ' s clothing store Kara where did you. job? “Well I sell retail at my hair salon to ensure that kind. of. “” Ok Jake? “Supermarket” ok did you work? “I operated at wild oats” wild oats ok any person. else worked retail? “Grocery shop” grocery shop once again grocery. store a great deal of food store employees.Ok, allow me ask you
this, I ' m not certain “what. the solutions would be with this, but did you ever understand
did you ever before have a situation in.

business you functioned at where there was employee theft going on? “Yes” actually? “Constantly” were people swiping alcohol? Individuals steal alcohol? Ok, at
the supermarket “extremely simple”. Jake it was incredibly easy “if you think of it it ' s exceptionally easy to I imply it ' s. depressing but it is.” What would certainly people do? “well like in my circumstance I function in fruit and vegetables. as well as I have actually “become aware of circumstances like they would certainly take apple you know how “people get apple boxes. for relocating for something like that where they would certainly
take an apple box” like a staff member would. “as well as put a 6 pack in there and afterwards shut the apple box as well as then go out act like they ' re. taking it to the client and after that toss it in their car.” Brian? “Oh in our cellar where we store all the. food we wear ' t have video cameras down
there some individuals just go down as well as take those as well as simply. conceal it and also return'up.
” “there ' s one electronic camera at the back and also” it ' “s simply. kind of where the trucks was available in'as well as transported things out various other than that there was no other. electronic cameras.” Kara what about your area any kind of employee theft.” “there'? “I ' m the only one there so.
” You ' re the just one there you get on cam. Please wear ' t devote any type of crimes.Um did you Sarah?
“No sometimes people would certainly return stuff that. they didn ' t use like we would get to keep it yet that ' s due to the fact that like we couldn ' t like. often we need to send it back to the supplier yet often it

was simply a loss “.” Well we discussed how this did the stores.
you people operated at were they much more worried with staff member burglary or'consumer theft? “Customer” was it customer
? Ok in some cases it relies on the type of company. ok however I will inform you and students have actually validated the following is that they there place of. work was extra concerned with worker burglary than consumer theft currently I matured in. a time where the big put on ' t shoplift you understand they started really splitting down on shoplifting. as well as they were prosecute you I keep in mind as a youngster this always afraid me not that I shoplifted. but it was just like you are on camera and you were being watched such as this however I have. heard kind a great deal of my trainees that work retail that there is a lot more employee burglary.
Best get ok anybody nobody here has worked. And also if “you go to ideal buy as well as look up and. There ' s cameras right there is cameras all.
Costly things ok can you think of another. When
you work function a bank the more much more the. You much better have solid internal control structures.
in position right? Have you ever before does anyone understand anybody that. operate at a financial institution? A whole lot of times my trainees
would certainly be

bank employees. and also things however what they would certainly do is they would mimic cash money drawers accounts ok. Or things like that to try to remove or. decrease burglary. Where is an additional place that has astounding. internal control? An online casino if you ever mosting likely to take don ' t. swipe from a gambling enterprise ok since allow me tell you they have cams anywhere they I suggest. it boggles the mind as a matter of reality the knowing channel as well as things have you ever seen. these programs that they have on to capture a thief or to you know where they show exactly how.
There ' s bunches of money I mean if you go to. You throw that point in your pocket it ' s rather. Ok.So there was a couple individuals that there wasn ' t. burglary at their place.
“Some individuals would certainly take like one bite of something. Ok well that is certainly the exception of.
they need to deal with daily and I assume it is a remarkable “topic that this. whole area. Let ' s chat a bit most likely to the very first slides.” of your power factors and also let ' s discuss what is the objective of internal control what. is the objective of internal control.Now the plan interior control is the plans. as well as treatments supervisors utilize to safeguard their properties to guarantee trustworthy bookkeeping to advertise. Alright these are the rules that they have in place.
perhaps you just have a single person doing like every little thing maybe it ' s a little business, as well as
. you got some lady and also I might state Barbara she looks like an actual great lady, yet she is.
just doing whatever and also they would certainly go oh yeah Barbara she ' s a fantastic girl she has actually been. with us for twenty 5 years I claimed do you realize all the things she does accounting.
wise I go that type of look at Barbara ' s job and also it ends up like no one does and. If Barbara desired to do you understand, I would say that ' s a really weak interior control.
the manner ins which she could steal from you she could do this or do that or do this.And I claim you know if you want my company
. can work with your my company can function with your own and we can set up an internal control structure.
Where you people well be much more risk-free a lot a lot more safe since your kind of revealed. once in a while what do you believe the CEO or the proprietor of the firm would certainly constantly tell. me? I simply I inform you I can not inform you the number of. times this has happened they would certainly say specifically that Marlin they would certainly state Dave you sure seem.
like a fire boy and also I truly value the evaluation that you have actually done. But allow me tell you Barbara has dealt with. our company for twenty five years she is a dear girl she is a wonderful girl she plays.
the organ at the church she is so wonderful on people ' s birthday celebrations she will certainly make them cookies.
and things and also she is a dear lady I know her partner I know her kids I understand her grandkids.
as well as I tell you what there was a person in the stockroom Larry, Larry '
s mom died a. couple years ago you recognize Barbara went to Larry and also went to Larry and stated I am so sorry. regarding your mommy I ' ll never ever be able to replace your mommy, yet Larry I want you to recognize. that I am here for you as well as a method I want you to think about me as your second mom and also just how. ever I can help you in life if you ever need suggestions or a shoulder to sob on or just a great. pal, which ' s simply the type of woman Barbara is she is an incredible human
being.And so we wear ' t I know I value we require. interior control as well as those
are essential points, but fortunately at my firm you know we are. like family and I appreciate it however I think we will certainly be alright. Do you know exactly how lots of times I listened to that? Constantly and after that I would return two. years later …'Yeah Anna? “That ' s just amusing since my neighbor actually.
she was an actually wonderful lady and she was married and also she had like four or five youngsters and also she.
That ' s the offer currently she was controller or. Currently allow me ask you this did you understand this. Was she a nice woman?
She was a wonderful lady wasn ' t it? “Yeah she brought us a good basket a welcome
. basket and also yeah.” If you would have seen this woman, and is she. in a dark alley at evening would certainly you even be scared of her? “No” no ok it ' s so typical as well as I ensure. you if would have gone to that workplace and also said this” lady'has method also much duty.
“No” we ' re great we ' re great and then a couple. I don ' t leave the space while you take the. And here ' s what I'think what I ' ll ask of you.
and you can provide me some responses”that I ' m most likely mosting likely to differ with you right here ok. Allow ' s say I plucked a hundred university. pupils at random from university what percent now prior to you answer allow me complete what percentage. of them do you think would
rip off with cheating being defined as this.That they will proactively try to look off of. individuals ' s examination alongside “them to bring or obtain solutions “like a little note sheet or whatever. What percent do you think will proactively.
I put on ' t concur with that. Ok some people would claim all of them or eighty. I really wear ' t think that I indicate I can inform you this I ' m not a best human being.
I hesitated of getting caught I'just didn ' t do it, it was the method I was raised I ' d rather.
Never ever I
mean imply once again you either but I ' ve. Is number one I was always the type of kid.
that was worried that I would certainly be the one that obtained caught and secondly I simply had sufficient. confidence I suggest this sounds egotistic, however I had enough confidence in my all-natural ability. to do well on points that I didn ' t seem like I required to rip off and I just didn ' t do that. type stuff.Here ' s the kind of “youngster that I was” I could. remember this tale very strongly, however I was 6 years old my
favorite sweet and also Halloween. is turning up for you all my favored sweet in the whole globe Reese ' s peanut butter cups. I love Reese ' s peanut butter mugs I love everything about Reese ' s peanut butter cups I enjoy the. shade of their wrapper I'like the odor I'like the little jaggedly edge around it I. love every little thing about Reese ' s peanut butter cups. If someone gives, and also the worst thing is that. Because I know all of those are just going to be in my stomach quickly, Reese ' s butter mugs. cause I just like them.
And also when my children go method or treating they. conceal the Reese ' s peanut butter cups because I can ' t control myself.But when I was a child we resided in a much various.
time than you do we had a regulation at our house that as soon as a week on Saturday evenings you either.
got a piece of sweet or a pop'that was it ok these are various times.
Now I don ' t remorse that component of me because. It ' s an excellent liability? It ' s a good responsibility.
I'will certainly tell you whenever I was in secondary school. whenever somebody would do something
as well as I would certainly do it I would constantly be the one that. obtained caught all the time currently I wasn ' t cheating it would certainly be other things you recognize avoiding. course or whatever I was constantly the one who got captured yet that ' s the kind of person I. am.Now you claim'we go back to this disloyalty instance. Due to the fact that I would certainly be the one person who, that was one of the reasons I didn ' t cheat most likely. would obtained captured I simply didn ' t need to do it. Ok so going back after this long Reese ' s peanut. butter story as well as I ask forgiveness if actually fifty percent of trainees as well as you say eighty

you. said fifty if as a matter of fact fifty students are cheaters after that what you basically told me is that. out of the twelve of you here six
of you are downright cheaters that ' s what you informed me. With your own lips you ' ve told me that 6 of you are cheaters?So would I not be a fool to not put policies
and procedures in position to attempt to remove that or decrease that.No I ' m directly'am not naïve sufficient to
like ok how do I do this? And after that look it up and also while the instructors.
up there resting on his computer system you understand?”” allow me ask you this anybody in a course where.
“Yeah” “” “sometimes educators would leave I'' ve.
cheating and also it'' s sort of tough simply to rest there and also do your very own point and every person ' s.” Right here is among the most significant lie I believe is.
stated concerning cheating what'' s the catch expression that cliché concerning unfaithful? “” Cheaters never ever thrive?”” or this cheaters they'' re only hurting themselves.
and also I assume that'' s complete garbage.Would you wish to

most likely to a doctor that cheated.
through clinical institution? “” No”” Would you most likely to an auto mechanic that had cheated.
via mechanic institution? “” No”” ok here'' s the various other
thing is I believe. it is truly discouraging to the truthful pupil and also I do believe there are truthful students.
I believe it is extremely dissuading to the truthful. Because here ' s the offer like it or not in.
does negative I normally do something to adjust for it but believe regarding if, if the average.
And I don'' t do anything. Well below'' s the various other point you don ' t think
. Completing with various other college pupil'' s?
When I would certainly be in courses and also I functioned hard to try to do something and also I would certainly see, pupil.
I ' m going to at the very least make an effort to try to stop cheating and by golly I did become. Now if your goal is I'' m going to cheat in
. Krug ' s course if your objective is that then there'' s probably not I probably can right into
prevent stop.

a canteen on there and they have published their very own label have you become aware of this? And like it'' s a rip off sheet “exactly how might you.
check out that?”” and also they'' ll placed it right there as well as for I understand.
you'' re drinking water as well as “” that'' s quite far-fetched however kind of brilliant to.” “” “I'' ve heard people like take off the paper.
and after that create the responses down and after that placed it back on and after that they look within.” “” “I listened to someone in the testing facility created.
on their footwear solutions and got captured.”” Great for them I such as when they obtain caught,.
Below'' s the bargain I ' m constantly like you can always funnel that power for researching isn'' t. that easier just to discover the stuff? Yet you understand the people that would go to that
. length are the exemptions right here is the deal your neighbor who obtained captured Anna do you think.
if they had correct internal control structure in place do you think she would certainly have committed.
that criminal activity? “” No”” and I bet you the response is no she would certainly.
not have if you put policies as well as procedures in place she would not have done it I can.
virtually warranty you.She would certainly not

remain in jail currently her other half.
and did she have kids would not be humiliated by her this is the heritage she leaves right? If she obtains out, when she passes away at some point also.
of prison they'' re going you see that old woman she swindled her business for 2 hundred.
grand you know that'' s her heritage right? Let me inform you I hear a few of these people.
that will certainly steal three hundred thousand dollars and they need to spend a pair of years in.
jail and individuals go oh three hundred thousand two years in jail that'' s terrific no. Below'' s the bargain they haggle down to 2 years.
since they have to settle it back as well as they come and they take your cost savings and also they come.
and also take your 401k and also they garnish your wages and you put on'' t pay them they put you back in. jail and afterwards that'' s additionally after you do you know taken goods is taxed? Stolen cash is taxable the internal revenue service the internal revenue service is.
after this girl I wager you “” yeah her family members moved they marketed their house.”” It'' s miserable it ' s ineffective and also as pleasant'.' as those Reese ' s ' peanut butter cups were it was not worth the regret I had a great deal of.
people will turn themselves in.Cause they are

coping with the regret ok I.
won'' t ask you to increase your hands yet allow me ask you a concern, ok? If you ' ve ever before been in a Best, have you guys. Purchase as well as you see a CD of the new band that you like as well as you take that CD as well as you put.
it in the rear of your t-shirt and you just stroll out and you take it from the company.
you'' ve ever before done that? I would bet of the twelve of you below that.
probably nobody has actually done that maybe one at the most. I would certainly claim would certainly you concur that the majority.
people possibly have refrained that. Ok now allow me ask you another question as well as.
put on'' t elevate your hand. You ever illegally shed a CD for a good friend.
or approved one? Well what'' s the distinction your swiping music.
in both instances what'' s the distinction? “” There'' s” none” one method there your possibly.
not going to obtain captured the possibilities of you obtaining captured for a close friend is next to zero.But there

are policy and procedures to prevent.
You from strolling out the door with a CD taken from best buy am I? Here'' s what you have to comprehend the majority of.
If there would have been some plans as well as procedures in, these would not do the crime.
place. I think that with dishonesty. I think that I put in these I might remove.
a lot of it can I eliminate all of it? No however I can get rid of a great deal of it. Ok and also I have individuals in my class have claimed.
I have actually ripped off in various other courses however I wear'' t cheat in your class.For a range of reasons several of it is I recognize.
just how you feel about it as well as I understand you would be actually let down in me. Disloyalty I was so disappointed dissatisfied As well as think the look of disappointment dissatisfaction, one of my preferred pupils of all time I.
caught cheating.
I gave this person and he was penalized but I think the look of frustration reason we.
had a good connection I assume it actually troubled him I wish it did. “” I would say that the appearance of frustration.
is that like moms and dads or educators provide you is in some cases worse than an actual punishment.
like your moms and dads like I'' m let down in you it'' s like argh.”” As well as depending on your connection below'' s. what you never ever intend to obtain to Kara you never ever intend to get to the point where aware is. Hardened that it doesn'' t trouble you, since let me inform you those people are not people.
You want to live by or marry or I mean you don'' t want these individuals in your life.They ' re called lunatics? I guess I constantly assume this yet maybe. I simply wear'' t want that ok.
old little girl let me ask you this what do you long for her which of these circumstances would.
you instead select? That she is an honest fantastic individual her.
entire life deals with individuals with regard with honesty as well as integrity she is never ever abundant but.
she resides in a tiny house which'' s her life, or that she is remarkably abundant really.
powerful but she'' s referred to as a cheat a take, rips off on'her partner you wear ' t desire the latter.

you intend to former.Well why ought to you want even much less for yourselves.
Than you for your own child'' s? But you need to choose all the time.
in life I just think this is an interesting area of audit ok. However among the important things you always find when.
people swipe from a company is that there is no plans and also treatments in area there.
was a possibility to take. The various other point that you find there is 3.
things that you locate there'' s a possibility to take'there ' s economic problem there ' s. usually something economically difficult in their life like betting financial debt or bank card.
financial obligation out of hand or hubby who simply shed their work or and also there is additionally a 3rd thing.
is rationalization this woman didn'' t steal all that money at as soon as she took a little.
little bit as well as she said ill repay it back will certainly then she reasoned well I'' m not being paid enough.
or my boss is a jerk you know we are great at reasoning are wickedness away right? You need to be very careful of those kind of.
things.Here ' s why this phase is so essential a.
lot of you a lot of you will not be accounting professionals in life a few of you might yet most of you.
won'' t but a great deal of you will own or co have a company as well as you need to bear in mind what I.
am telling you or you will certainly obtain stolen from you will certainly obtain stolen from. Ok I'' m just assuring you I have actually attended lots of.
events on an individual basis so have these points as well as plans in position currently allow'' s look.
at a few of these what are some of the concepts of internal control? You need to establish responsibility who is.
in fee of what? Now I know the finest way to get absolutely nothing done.
When, with my two children at residence is to say.I leave for a night and I claim hey.
I get home somebody needs leading vacuum this rug and also the various other individual needs to alter the.
feline can. I'' ll return and also nothing will certainly be done but.
if I state you are in charge of cleaning the can and also the other child you are in.
If I claim you are in charge of this and also.
cash money drawer this your money cabinet as well as this is your money drawer you wear'' t just state
go. to any type of cash drawer you want no you remain with the one your designated to make feeling? We establish obligations when maintain.
sufficient documents now regardless if you'' re a topsy-turvy person you have to preserve.
appropriate documents for your company. When I enter into a business and also I see a settlement.
and also I say show me this source documents for this repayment and I wish to see the consents.
that were made and also sign off as well as the invoice duplicate and also the receiving report. All that kind of stuff that verifies that.
that settlement was made you'' ve reached have that stuff a lot of these things you have to have.
if the internal revenue service comes in right you'' ve reached keep sufficient documents ok? Another thing is you have to insure your properties.
and bond essential employees now most of us understand guaranteeing properties is right? You possibly drove a vehicle to school today that.
What is a bonding of a worker do you recognize? No not that although that would be wonderful bonding.
with a worker is type of like taking an insurance plan out on an individual.Like allow ' s state that Sarah is a key worker. allows say I ' m a smaller sized business and she does a whole lot with the books and also stuff as well as I try to.
split up responsibilities yet there'' s a limit to just how much I can do it. Well allow'' s say she ' s not bonded let me tell. you a common scenario allow'' s state I discover that she stolen fifty thousand bucks from.
the company. Therefore I state Sarah can you enter into my office.
for a min therefore she is available in and also I offer her with this and also she realizes she is caught.
as well as she cries and afterwards the rips start moving and it'' s like I ' m sorry yet I
have a 2 year. old child as well as I have a hubby who runs out job today and also you know I got some.
financial debt as well as my father is you recognize all these excuses.When I claim well

where is the cash currently? It ' s all gone it ' s all gone? It ' s not like she has a large money bag in the house. With it she can pay back? It
' s gone do you recognize a great deal of times what. I would perform in this kind of situation as
an owner do you a great deal of times what happens? Nothing I might tell her she has to give up and. she ' s gone a lot of times charges are not even pushed I wear ' t even press fees why? Why would I not'push charges on an individual. who swiped fifty thousand bucks from me? “it
sets you back cash” it set you back even more cash to press. costs “what did you claim Kara below ' s the various other thing I ' m not obtaining the money back I ' m going. to invest more'money.What ' s the various other point?'I ' m going to be ashamed my'other company'. owners it ' s going to be in the paper that I was taken from I was an idiot what ' s the. factor there? I ' m not going to get any one of this money so. I offer you a put on the hand and also I claim ugh. However you recognize the various other point perhaps me and. your partner play noise ball each week perhaps we are close friends as well as maybe I really simulate. you and also feel poor for you. Well if I would certainly bond you as a staff member that. indicates that I would certainly get an insurance plan on you and also I would certainly pay instantaneous money and if. you stole from the company lets state I could show you took fifty thousand possibly I could. recovered forty 2 of that. Recover forty 2 thousand and then do you. assume as well as after that who is in cost of choosing if they ' re going to press fees? The bonding firm as well as exactly how do you assume your. unfortunate tale if going to have fun with them? It ' s not so much is it? Do
you recognize what I am claiming so I redeem. several of my losses yet you also know if I obtain caught I can be in
genuine severe trouble as well as. My depressing story I ' m not going to obtain off because my other half plays racket round with Dave.You see what I am seeing so not just am I. advocating bonding crucial workers however I ' ll let them

understand they are bonded? Create it will certainly be entirely out of my hands as well as. I will say I'' m sorry but it ' s not my choice I will see you in prison.
There ' s a lot of silly businesses out. You can check out in there paper concerning the ones.
And also they all were dumb, why? We put on ' t need since we ' re such a household. Since she ' s like a mommy to me, to stress regarding her.
I mean it ' s the very same story over and also over again. 2 elderly females obtained caught, they ' ve been. Oh, she ' s so wonderful, she ' s so wonderful.
Well perhaps she doesn ' t take holiday because. That ' s why some business ' s mandate you take. Since after that you ' re like, ooh I wear ' t somebody.
She can write sign in the checkbook, she. can spread cash money, and she likewise could make journal entries in concerns to cash money. I wager you, I wager you, I wager you that was the. situation. If somebody supervises of the stockroom. you do not desire to place him or her also accountable of making journal access for the assets. because warehouse.Bad concept, ok. The majority of the moments when there ' s burglary
, this.

is the scenario. Someone is in fee of the property itself.
as well as additionally the journal access for that possession.
They can make a journal and also steal entrance,. ? But if I ' m in charge of the possession and you ' re. accountable of the recordkeeping', you ' ve got a little protection there, right? Currently it ' s really hard if you and I choose we ' re. mosting likely to steal from the business.
“That ' s what I was going to state, interacting.” As well as here ' s the factor.” Have you ever before came across companies that say,. we ' re not going to hire your relative, we ' re not mosting likely to hire your guy or. girlfriend.That'' s due to the fact that they put on ' t desire to make themselves-.
they wear'' t intend to increase the opportunity that you'' re going to do that. If I hire a number of siblings or sisters to.
job together, the possibility of them swiping as well as teaming up is a lot even more than if it'' s strangers. That'' s why when I do a seating setup.
I try to place you by someone you wear'' t understand? If that person will turn you, you don ' t understand.
in or not.

“” In the grocery store I operated at, my mama.
Functioned there part-time and also she was a cashier, and she couldn'' t ring me up because. Ok? Alright, divide obligation for related.
in the mail for repayments from customers, rather of putting Jake in cost of the whole point.
I may say, you open the mail, I want you to copy the checks, uh Anna you prepare.
the down payment slip, and Marlin you take the deposit to the financial institution. I spread it across four individuals? So if you wish to steal, you recognize, if I match.
your work up, it'' s not going to match.So a great deal of the times that will certainly aid. Ok, so you divide obligation for associated.
transactions. Apply technological controls. Now, the earliest technological control is the.
cash register. Do you ever go get Taco Bell, or do you ever.
go purchase a sandwich at a little sandwich store as well as it says, If we do not provide you your receipt.
you meal is complimentary? That'' s since they want that transaction.
in the cash register. I make use of to function at a Pizza Hut, as well as the way.
my manager would swipe from the company, we learnt is, people would show up or somebody would certainly.
can be found in and also he would certainly take their order for their pizza, he would never enter it into.
the system. He'' d make their pizza, deliver it out to their.
table, and after that he would bank on the fact that individuals were mosting likely to pay him, in money. And also sometimes he'' d attempt to obtain them to pay. at the table and he goes I'' ll just bring you your change.And he '

d take it out of his own pocket. Or if they came to the cash register he'' d. go, the cash register is down right now I'' m mosting likely to have to call you up in the back one. They wear'' t care. But he was taking from'the company.
That ' s why a whole lot of these locations say, if. we wear ' t offer you an invoice your meal ' s on us.
They ' re bringing you right into their internal control.
framework. Or do you ever go to Taco Bell, you acquire a. couple chalupas and also a diet coke as well as it claims, you owe 4 dollars as well as 12 cents if you are.
They'' re bringing you in. That'' s a means of doing technology, making use of technology. You want to do independent.
Because they trusted her. She'' s such a dear woman. If you work at a Financial institution, no issue that you.
are, every once in a while they will come matter your cash money drawer, they will assess your job. You need to assess the work of others. Is that? You need to assess the work of others. Ok? These are really essential things that I'' m telling.
you people. It'' s among these points that if you keep in mind. nothing else about this class, if you remember nothing else concerning this class, remember this,.
that I appreciated every one of you as well as I want what'' s best for you.But, if you keep in mind two things bear in mind that.
Or your going to obtain swiped from. One last thing I'' ll close with as well as after that I'' ll. I ' m kind of, my life is an auditor in these.
sort of things,. My other half will certainly make fun of me due to the fact that we'' ll go. to a restaurant as well as I'' ll always state, here'' s how you could swipe from this company.She could do that, he might do that, you could.
take, they can'' t catch you. And she goes like, you'' re like lunatic. The means my, the method my mind goes is I always.
As well as that'' s the way you got to believe to. I'' ll go into a service and I'' ll think.And right here'' s what I discovered, if somebody can
be. Simply guarantee that, ok?
have there'' s constantly a ways around it”” There is, nevertheless once more this situation right below.
Marlin, if they would certainly have had policies and also procedures in position, they would not have shed.
that money. You'' re never ever going to get rid of whatever,.
but you can lower it rather a bit. As opposed to losing 500 thousand bucks perhaps.
you lose 15 or 20. Ok? Ok, I desire you to do exercise 8.1 as well as workout.
Workout 8.1 as well as exercise 8.2 for research. Alright, see you people.

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