Accounting 1: Program #14 – “Intro to Closing Journal Entries”

Alright here we are once again lets jump
in cause I obtained a great deal I wish to go through today the intro stated the title stated introductory
to closing journal entries we in fact have a few eleventh hour things in relation to phase
The competitors gain an ordinary revenue margin of fifteen percent. That gives us 9 point 7 -percent? Equivalent profit margin is constantly something you ' d desire to be high?
Three factor three whoops I existed workout three point

kind of behind then we require to obtain you to tutoring or get you'to the workplace hrs or.
Alright allow ' s take an appearance actual quick exercise there point three prepare adjusting. Ok a depreciation on the company ' s devices of two thousand and a eleven is. Alright allow ' s take a look at that that ' s our.
in December 2 thousand and also a eleven prior to changing for the cost of any type of ran out coverage.
an evaluation of the insurance policy showed that one thousand forty remains.So just how much. insurance coverage was consumed folks
? Fifty nine sixty was utilized up so we lower our prepaid insurance coverage.

by crediting
it and we debit our insurance policy expenditure all right. Alright C the office products. had a three hundred debit equilibrium December on two thousand 10 and also twenty 6 eighty. of office products
were purchased during the year. The December thirty one two thousand. As well as eleven physical matter showed three hundred and fifty four of products offered? So what they did right here is they did a little t account for office supplies they place in. exactly how much was the beginning equilibrium they place in just how much was purchased what the ending. equilibrium as well as we need to claim just how much was consumed bear in mind when we did those? Well exactly how a lot. was consumed? Twenty 6 twenty 6? Ok twenty six twenty 6 so we lowered our workplace. supplies and we debit our materials expense is that right? Concerns? Ok D one half. of the work pertaining to ten thousand bucks of cash received in sophisticated executed this.
duration so we can move that half ten thousand or five thousand out of unearned revenue and. right into earnings or cost profits as they state fix? Alright E the pre-paid insurance account had.
a fifty six hundred debit balance of December thirty one two thousand as well as eleven before.
adjusting for the cost of run out insurance coverage an evaluation of the coverage that 6 hundred.
dollars had run out currently this is worded differently isn ' t it? They are not telling.
us the ending balance and also need us to back right into the quantity that was used up as well as the quantity. that was consumed or ended is the quantity that gets expensed in this situation forty 6. Hundred dollars so we debit insurance policy expenditure as well as we credit score pre-paid insurance coverage?
You. assume we well have any one of these on the test? Obviously we will certainly right so if you don ' t know.
exactly how to do these how well do you think you will do on the test? Not real well ideal? Alright F wage expenditure of 4 thousand bucks has been incurred however not paid as of December.
thirty one 2 thousand as well as eleven so the AJE there is we debit wage ' s expenditure and also we. credit scores wage ' s payable alright? Any kind of questions on exercise three-three ok, no inquiries on.
Ok let ' s take an appearance this is one of those. And also it says there ' s. five staff members each of whom make a hundred bucks per day so what is the day-to-day payroll? Worked only 4 days because New Year ' s Day was an overdue holiday.Ok so this day
Program the adjusting. access that will certainly be videotaped on Monday December thirty one 2

thousand and eleven ok so
we. are doing our financial declarations since the end of this day correct? We have to build up. the number of days of job? Just one and exactly how much is our day-to-day payroll? So our twenty thirty. one is it a eleven AJE is a debit to incomes expense I believe they state wages wear ' t they. and afterwards credit rating to incomes payable for just how much? 5 hundred bucks you with me did you get. that? And they likewise want us to do
bear in mind taking a look at the schedule they ' ll earn money Friday. for today we didn ' t pay them that day were just accumulating it there ' s no cash being'.
The 4th is that proper? This is not an AJE yet this an journal entry how a lot.
Two thousand due to the fact that this day was an unsettled holiday. They ' re'obtaining paid for one two 3 four times the daily payroll 5 hundred. Earnings payable that ' s not a AJE.
will I provide a calendar? No I possibly wont but you can write one down real quick the only. If I do it fast it will be all messy however you can write one down, reason I do it right here. I ' ll provide you a tip
there are seven days a week ok Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday

you recognize I had “a trainee once he asked me this he stated will. you provide us the checklist of
the months and I resembled I didn ' t recognize what he meant.And. I said what do you imply and he stated January, February, March April, May he didn ' t know. the order of the twelve months.
“Like in English he didn ' t know?” Yeah no he just didn ' t know. He claims I never ever truly
remembered it and I stated you understand what it ' s time to remember ok.
or at some point you ' re going to miss your partner ' s anniversary or something like that so ok I. assumes that ' s all the homework is that correct? No so alright questions? Any questions? Yeah” I. seem to constantly write incomes as opposed to salaries” I won ' t take “of but attempt to once again the distinction. in between is that incomes is type of an annual thing versus wages its hourly however you understand. I ' m not mosting likely to take off for that however try to do it.
“And I wrote solution profits rather. I ' m going to offer you some a lot more. Alright oh wait I lied we have to speak regarding something else in phase.
3 we have a little left in phase 3 I constantly

“neglect to do this part so.
Take a. take a look at'the chapter 3 power factors ok we discovered what a trial equilibrium is
right? Currently I didn ' t inform you this yet really what we were teaching is in phase 2 that is.
What we call an unadjusted test balance since we hadn ' t made the modifications yet? Currently this kind of a little worksheet as well as this is probably going to be tough to review for you. folks in the house you could intend to take a look at the PowerPoint ' s you published off of what we have. here is let me see if I can obtain my guideline going here.In this column right below we have. we have what we call the unadjusted trial balance it just says trial balance yet it. most likely just claim unadjusted trial balance and that is just that the unadjusted test. balance currently what we do is'the manner in which we can type of see what ' s taking place with these. adjustments when we make our AJEs they remain in these middle columns.
Ok its in these middle. Oh I won ' t go through each one however you can see what they ' ve done? For instance take an appearance
at suppliesMaterials.
6 seventy currently a few of the accounts wear ' t have adjustments uploaded to them but a lot.
of them do as well as you can see in those blue columns those are the adjusted numbers that ' s the.
readjusted test balance are you with me? Currently we don ' t do as most of these as we used to. when I remained in college we did a great deal of these I would certainly distribute worksheets we would practice. doing this.Why wear ' t we do that as much currently? Due to the fact that we don ' t treatment concerning, why do you assume.
our pupils as high as we utilized? No computer systems you ' re right Jake the computer simply does this.
The changed that ' s why we are doing these AJEs deal with? You can check out concerning that in your book
I didn ' t wantDesire Alright audio excellent alright ok any type of questions on anything.
Remember we. are mosting likely to begin chapter four today your next test mores than phases 3
and four. as well as so it ' s turning up quite fast isn ' t it? For you individuals in your home it ' s in the curriculum. when that will certainly be so constantly examine your e-mails incidentally individuals in the house see to it your email. log gets complete if it gets complete and I begin sending out e-mails as well as it claims Joe Schmoe.
can no more obtain e-mails, due to the fact that his e-mail account is complete I wear ' t understand just how to.
connect I put on ' t assume you put on ' t want me coming by to your home so see to it.
you ' re weeding via that point and examining it and also not allowing it develop also much alright. Allow ' s take an appearance at phase 4 and this is mosting likely to get on completing the account cycle. completing the account cycle.And the important point we are mosting likely to speak about in this phase.
is shutting'the journal entries currently we just spent a whole phase speaking about changing. journal access and now
we are going to begin speaking about closing journal entrances. Listen. to me individuals those are two different things phase three adjusting journal entries phase. four shutting journal entrances.
Alright right here ' s the deal closing process what it does is it. And also were going to find out. Ok so allow ' s. claim you know were going through this game were maintaining track of runs nobody ratings

nobody ratings the 7th inning the house team'scores one and the visitors score 3.
Now it ' s really connected 3 to three isn ' t it? Okay eighth inning no one ratings house team. This should be nobody correct me it ' s constantly site visitors as well as home on lower? Come one. people however the exact same point visitors versus home and after that the 9th inning the visitor '
s team. is up to bat they wear ' t rack up any kind of runs home they score a run and also now what ' s the grand. Overall three to four, house group wins? And we maintained track during this video game we kept.
track of the runs and after that after the game mores than for the home group we placed one win correct? And also
after that for the following video game do we keep an eye on all these runs as well as stuff? No we begin again.
don ' t we and also we are mosting likely to play a whole new ballgame and all that type of stuff ok.
And also all that is that of the initial game is kind of that mirrored up there? We.
Coming off of that the closing procedure if'I looked at revenue. Is it going to show me the revenues and expenses that, that business has actually gained. At zero as well as begin constructing up our incomes as well as costs?
track of how everyone ' s doing as well as its typically very affordable right? Then what do you.
assume they do throughout the next month keeping that white board? They remove and also they begin over.
once again that ' s what the closing procedure is going back to the slides returning to the slides.
Ok this is important take a look at your display here let me get a drink.
Ok there are irreversible accounts long-term accounts are not closed they are long-term. ok.There are some accounts that
are permanent that are not shut we do not close them those. irreversible accounts would be our possessions our liabilities as well as our proprietors capital ok come. off the screen for a second Jake if you had money in your financial institution that '
s an asset for your. business remedy? And also allow ' s say in December thirty initial two thousand and eleven you had. fourteen hundred bucks in the financial institution, of cash ok on January one the following year begins has. that been zeroed out or do you still have the cash? You still have the
money they don Wear t. zero absolutely no your cash account unfortunately it works functions way means liabilities to? Anna allowed ' s claim you have a thirteen thousand dollars auto lending on December thirty first. of 2 thousand and eleven.January one 2 thousand and twelve rolls around do you still. have that liability or did they zero it out? You still have it we wear ' t liquidate assets.
as well as

obligations do you comprehend that? Neither do we liquidate proprietor ' s resources we just close.
out short-term accounts irreversible accounts returning to the slide irreversible accounts.
do not shut those are our properties, responsibilities, owner ' s resources.What do we close we close
our short-term accounts short-lived accounts are our profits accounts are expense accounts
Allow ' s just take a real as well as I ' m simply showing you a partial ledger below.
What'' s the journal entrance we make to achieve that? Uh ten thousand doesn'' t it? We debit revenue recap.
7 thousand thousand? We debited for ten thousand you with me? So what'' s
the. equilibrium of income recap currently? What is it seventeen thousand? On the credit score side.
correct? Now let me ask you this do we recognize if we have a take-home pay situation or do we.
“it seems we have a web income' ' we have a net revenue. “because are incomes are higher than our cost very great Sarah.
are incomes recalling our revenues completed twenty seven thousand our expenses totaled.
ten thousand so we have a net earnings of seventeen thousand don'' t we? Revenue are better than.
expenses currently our 3rd closing access as this mentioned is to close income recap account.
If I desire to close this. I have to debit it for just how much? Now the third closing access.
that is our third closing entry.Ok take a look at those three now I can'' t reveal
them. all on the display does this make any kind of sense people? Closing entrances is among those things.
that if you'' re a pupil I really hope there'' s a great deal of'closing access since it ' s truly. not hard you shut all the profits accounts after that you close all the cost accounts then. you have to do a t account. You need to do a t account to know the amount that enters. the 3rd closing entrance you need to do this put on ' t attempt to shortcut it individuals make your t. account and publish your revenue recap to it twenty 7 thousand dollar credit scores ten thousand. bucks debit it has a seventeen thousand equilibrium hence I require to debit it seventeen.
thousand because 3rd closing access this amount just obtained from a t account. When.
I see these confiscating quantities on your examinations I such as to see a t account someplace in there.
after you'' ve the first two so you understand what totals up to place in the 3rd one make good sense? Questions currently I understand we are not done however are there any kind of concern on the very first three closing.
access? Now come off that for a 2nd now we have one more closing access we'' ll perform in. a 2nd I asked if we have a net earnings or a bottom line scenario and also you stated accurately.
that we have an internet earnings situation is that right? Take an appearance at that third access that.
shutting entrance this ought to make sense do you remember I asked you what are both things.
that boosted resources what are the two points that lowered resources and all that and afterwards.
we discovered the declaration of equity as well as we saw that earnings enhances funding keep in mind.
that how we done statements of equity well resources is funding a regular debit or a normal.
credit history balance account? It'' s a normal credit scores equilibrium account thus when we credit it in.
this 3rd closing entrance what are we doing are we increasing it or reducing it? You.
tell me? We'' re raising were attributing it'it ' s a debt equilibrium account it ' s going up. Since you told me properly this is an internet earnings, its enhancing that need to make feeling.
scenario as well as wear'' t we understand from the statement of equity that earnings raises capital.
Don'' t simply memorize these in a sense I wear'' t understand what he ' s is.
When I see lines there and also I see things like total no these are not an earnings, mistakes.
statement these are closing journal entrances but we close the incomes we needed to debit.
Due to the fact that they had credit report balance and also we had to zero them out we close the cost, them.
accounts by crediting them alright as well as we did this to earnings recap then we determined the.
equilibrium of revenue recap was as well as we needed to close it to make sure that'' s our 3rd closing entrance. We had a net revenue situation so it makes feeling that funding is being credited or boosted.
ok now some pupils have actually asked what is this revenue recap and they'' ve been great pupils.
currently they'' re educated well into thinking the adhering to ok we have a brand-new account right here I.
desire to recognize what sort of account it is and I would like to know If it is a debit or credit score.
equilibrium account I require to understand what financial statement it is income summary is kind of.
a funny little account due to the fact that it'' s not really it doesn ' t have a normal
debit or debt balance. account it ' s not found on any financial statement it ' s just sort of a t account'that we utilize. it has a really brief life it ' s a t represent the closing process then it gets zeroed. out it ' s a short-lived account right? Remember the checklist of temporary accounts it'' s among. the temporary accounts and also it is zeroed out and after that were made with it doesn'' t program upon.
any kind of economic declaration it'' s not a typical debit or credit score balance account it'' s simply. type of like a t account where we toss things for a while throughout the closing procedure does.
that make good sense? Sort of weird I constantly kind of equate to a mixing dish you ever before make cookies? You ever before make cookies Jessica? Ok what do you have you have a blending bowl right you.
obtained a blending bowl place your chocolate contribute there you place your flour in there split.
A few eggs placed some vanilla in there placed some brownish sugar? And after that you blend all of it.
up right mix everything up in the mixing bowl and afterwards you take it out of the blending bowl.
You might do it but it ' s a whole lot less complicated. It'' s a debit equilibrium account so what do we have to do to. Resources for nine hundred bucks withdrawals has a regular debit balance account it'' s a. typical debit balance account, thus to shut it we have to credit history there is no relevance.
that that is red and one is black except I grabbed the wrong pen. Currently this should.
make good sense though reason did you just tell as well as we'' re going to discuss a number of minutes.
over ok I'' m not going to charge you additional, yet this should make good sense since isn'' t withdrawals. that reduces resources from the declaration of equity? And look at this fourth entrance you.
informed me credit report balance account thus when it is being debited we'' re decreasing it right? Make good sense ok any type of inquiries on those shutting entries? “” I have a question given that the income.
recap does it have a typical credit scores equilibrium account if you have a bottom line would certainly you simply.
do the journal access?”” yeah fantastic concern Kim what she was asking what around in a net.
loss scenario we'' re going to at some point do one that is an internet loss however you'' re exactly.
right ok.So what I want you to focus on tonight people is this I want you to recognize.
those 4 closing entrances does that make good sense? Allow me give you your homework ok.
what I desire you to do as well as currently keep in mind to use your job papers in the back of your publication.
are you8 men using those? I assume they'' re very useful I suggest not in the back of the.
publication I assume they sell them separately put on'' t they? Utilize those work paper ' s you can constantly.
return and see what exercise what you'' re supposed to be dealing with but it will certainly provide.
you themes and also t accounts as well as things. Ok for home job I want you to do work out three.
2 currently this this is adjusting journal entrances ok so don'' t obtain perplexed this is still chapter.
3 adjusting journal entries.And for chapter four is what I desire you to do is. I ' m going to give you divide … I ' m going to provide you different instructions I desire. you to do exercise 4 2, exercise four point 2 nevertheless let ' s take a real fast. view exercise 4 2 it ' s down right here. Exercise 4 two is down below do you see.
it down right here? exercise four two I want you to refrain what they'' re asking you to do currently.
this is crucial I desire you to use this exercise four factor two and also I desire you to post closing.
Overlook the guidelines they are providing you wear ' t do that just use the. Ok so your homework is workout 3 point 2 changing journal entrances and then exercise. Alright thanks guy
' s see you.

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