Accounting 1: Program #1 – “Introduction to Class”

Hey there, I'' m glad you ' re right here. My name is David Krug, as well as I ' m a full time teacher of Audit right here at JCCC, and if you are viewing this program after that you are enlisted in my Accounting 1 class. You can consider it as a telecourse which it'' s traditionally been considered, due to the fact that students primarily used to see it on TELEVISION, yet currently it'' s a growing number of being considered a media class or an online
class, due to the fact that the majority of my students watch this online on YouTube, but what I desire to do today there'' s no trainees below. You see normally there will be pupils here, yet I desired to have a separate class where I simply chat with you, the person who'' s taking it at house, about the course policies and procedures.Now the students

that you ' ll see in lecture two and beyond, now their policies and also treatments are slightly various for them than for you; so I don ' t want to puzzle them I put on'' t intend to puzzle you. So I'sort of do the course as well as the syllabus plans sessions independently from each various other. If you ' re watching this, and you ' re reasoning I could simply miss this and most likely to the next lecture please don ' t. You ' re going to need to enjoy this entire lecture on course
policies to do well in the course, and if individuals e-mail as well as ask me inquiries and also I can inform they place ' t watched it, I ' m mosting likely to say you need to go back and also see that lecture primary, because I ' m mosting likely to go with the questions I obtain every term'regarding this so please watch this whole lecture.I ' ll think you are enlisted, as well as I will email you or carry ANGEL your exact curriculum, but we ' re mosting likely to kind of go through the syllabus in a way it ' s going to be a little common, because I ' m going When I teach this class, to use this lecture for six different terms in the future. I'' m. not going to have test deadlines, and also days and things, because that adjustments every term,. but the syllabus that you have will certainly have those days on them. Allow ' s go on, as well as take a. check out what your
syllabus is going to look like.There you see my name, and my phone. number this is called a telecourse
, nonetheless, this is increasingly more being believed

of as. a media training course or an online course. So don ' t be tossed if it wasn ' t noted in the course.
When you enrolled, timetable as a telecourse. Among the main points I desire you to understand.
is I desire you to email me via the ANGEL site, and also I ' ll reveal you exactly how to get
on that. as well as how to do that the majority of you are quite experienced at ANGEL, but I'put on ' t checklist my email.
address, due to the fact that I really choose that all our interactions be through the ANGEL covering.
Currently my workplace hrs although you are taking this as a telecourse, or an on the internet program. If you desire to come in, I ' m still below on university to assist you. I ' ll e-mail each semester.
particularly what my workplace hours are, and also naturally you can contact me via the ANGEL. shell and also email me.I ' m here to help you, you ' re not on your very own. Just call me and also.
Allow me talk to you regarding'the textbook, and also the materials that you ' re.
This is guide that you most definitely need now. This textbook. has kind of two different covers if you are in JCCC or in the local area, as well as you purchase. it with our bookstore it ' s mosting likely to resemble this the front cover is mosting likely to look. similar to this, nonetheless, it additionally may have this as a cover you can see I doodled my name. on it. The main point you wish to make certain of is that it ' s called Essential of Audit'. Principles by Wildsha and also Chiapeta, and also that it is the twentieth version, however you absolutely. require this textbook whether you ' re below
in person, or you'' re at home.The various other thing. that we extremely motivate you

to acquire are what is called the Job Papers, as well as it looks a. bit similar to this if you buy them through the JCCC book shop those will certainly assist you greatly. in the very first 5 phases by sort of offering you layouts on which you can do your homework. One other point and also we ' ll discuss this here in a few minutes, yet if you look at. your textbook and also you open the very first page there is something that resembles this.
There ' s. to sorts of homework in this course there is the conventional homework that I appoint at.
completion of the course duration, and that you will do using your book, utilizing your Job. Paper, utilizing an old style pencil as well as paper, however there ' s additionally Attach homework right here,. as well as I will'have a gain access to code that ' s right here
in your book you scrape that'off with. a coin, as well as this is a separate kind of homework.This is called the Attach homework, and also for. those of you taking

this as a telecourse, or an on-line program there are points granted. for this. We ' ll talk concerning that, but there ' s actually two sorts of research. Going back to.'the display let ' s take a look back there once more, which ' s what I state right here I speak about the.'Connect homework right there, alright, for this Accounting 01 telecourse. I ' m mosting likely to. be emailing you the info, or greater than likely it ' s going to be on the ANGEL website. by clicking the lessons tab, as well as I am mosting likely to show you exactly how to do that in fact I ' ll just. go via that today. Allow ' s most likely to the internet'if you most likely to the website you ' re. mosting likely to log in to ANGEL. Now you'need to know just how to do this, yet if you put on ' t call the. JCCC aid line, and also that number is 913-469-8500 ext. 4357, however log in to ANGEL as I ' m doing.

currently I wear ' t intend to do auto-complete,'and it will certainly take you to a web page similar to this most likely to. the suitable semester. Now this is fall of 2011, yet obviously that might not be the. term for which you ' re taking this training course, however discover this training course as well as you ' re going to obtain. a display that looks sort of similar to this.
It ' s mosting likely to say Accountancy'01 the right section. the best CRN number.Here is where you gain access to this training course syllabus if you go to the lessons. tab that is largely where you are going
to find every one of your details that you need. for this course. Allow ' s walk via this a bit', as well as claim what every one of these. are. Primary this claims David click here to see your course quality to day well, I ' m. the instructor it doesn '
t understand that, but also for you it will certainly state your name that is just how you. obtain your qualities for the examinations.
You click that link as well as it will walk you through obtaining. Next, is all the hand-outs you will need for this telecourse, if you jump down.
Now for those of you taking this in the loss of 2011 you can'' t take
benefit. of what I'' m going to show you right here, but for those taking springtime of 2012 and also after going.
back to the screen if you put on'' t wish to go right into each chapter and also take out the hand-outs. that you ' ll need you can click on below, and also this will certainly have all the hand-outs for the whole.'course it ' s most likely going to be 40 plus pages.If you ' re

taking this in the springtime of 2012.
you can obtain all of your handouts by going here. For loss of 2011 you'' re going to have. to go to each chapter, and'that ' s due to the fact that I ' m kind of developing these as I go along so.
sorry regarding that autumn of 2011 folks. What else is on right here? The list for telecourse.
and also what it'' s about and also this is a nice checklist as you watch these you'can check them off. Once you ' ve saw them you'inspect them off so you can track which ones you ' ve. enjoyed as well as which ones you sanctuary ' t. Returning to the screen, if you most likely to this little. product below, that ' s the checklist that you ' ll need. The following point is details on the McGraw. Hillside Link on the internet homework'tool, now that ' s what I was discussing as for the

homework.If I most likely to that what you'' re going to see, and I'' ll open that up now this will. look once again a little different for your particular term, but this is sort of a generic variation.
of it, alright, allow'' s take an appearance allow me blow that up so you can see it a bit better. This is mosting likely to walk you via just how to jump on McGraw Hill'' s Link web site. This is. for factors in your class so you intend to ensure you do this, and I'' m not mosting likely to walk. via the specifics I assume it'' s rather self-explanatory.

The important things that you'' ll. want is right below in this large section is mosting likely to be the specific URL for
your course. currently I exit it'out, due to the fact that it ' s going to be different for each semester, but
you ' ll desire. to replicate that link paste it right into your URL place on Microsoft Explorer most likely to that web site,.
as well as then bookmark it so you put on'' t need to kind that in any longer. And also then it will certainly walk.
you with how to sign up for that, alright, if you put on'' t own it will certainly also inform you exactly how.
to acquire it online.So returning to me this is the accessibility code, or enrollment code that. If for
some reason this is not available readily available you maybe perhaps bought got used, you ' ll demand however. publication, as well as this is scraped off as well as you understand that accessibility code is no more valid after that you. can either especially purchase straight from the JCCC book shop for your usage, or returning. to the screen once more it will walk you with just how to buy it online, but you do need. to have this for this program, alright, so that ' s the important point you require is this link,. and also that access or registration code.If you have issues with this here ' s that you contact

.- there ' s an 800 number, or'there ' s a website. I actually try to limit the number of of these'concern. I ' m going to field so please call them'not me if you call me possibilities are what. I ' m going to inform you is I put on ' t understand why it ' s doing'that, I wear ' t know why it'' s having.
problems, but you require to contact this number, so I'' m just going to send you back to this. number, since they can far better help you than exactly how I can assist you.The last

you'' ll see on this second web page of this document is when these tasks are due for each.
phase. Now I have chapter one due by 11:45 pm on empty I did not put a day there, since.
again it depends upon what semester you'' re taking this training course, nonetheless, when you'' re registered,.
as well as when you go to ANGEL it will certainly have the proper dates for you in this area,.
Link homework tasks are due. We chatted about.This is basic class info I generally have the curriculum in there.
right here are the PowerPoint discussions. Currently I only have the initial 4 in right here now,.
yet right here in a week or so I'' m mosting likely to have all eleven chapters other than for phase 7.
Coming back to me live – right here are these PowerPoint'' s I ' m going to. This is merely a means that you can publish
out on what. I ' m going to lecture on, as well as I like to do it 3 to a web page so that you have this section
tab to that PowerPoint tab as well as print these off. It'' s going to be a lot easier for you.
as you take this training course to not need to replicate what'' s on the display,
or perhaps the screen. you ' re enjoying it on is

type of little.So returning to this is where you get these.
PowerPoints on the PowerPoints tab you can just go get every one. The final point I want.
to reveal you, or the 2nd to last final thing is the technique examination answers. , if you click.
on that I have Method tests and also solutions for each area this is extremely valuable for.
you to recognize the type of test that you'' ll probably be taking, as well as it will offer you a great way.
of type of exercising additional problems, sort of testing on your own for a few of the multiple-choice. When individuals say what are your tests like Dave I say go take an appearance at the technique tests.
those are real test concerns that I made use of in the past.The last point

on this lessons.
tab is the hand-outs dispersed in class, as well as if you don'' t or you ' re not able just to. obtain them all-at-once up below then you simply go here as well as click each chapter, as well as those.
will certainly be populated with content as we move throughout this training course. To make sure that is extremely.
essential that is the products that you need for this course. Let'' s return to
the syllabus. I ' ll let you go through the training course purposes, and I'' ll allow you read via the introduction,.
yet allow'' s chat a little concerning this.So coming off

the screen audit is a structure.
block Training course several of you have actually taken it in secondary school a few of you have actually taken it in university.
maybe you didn'' t do so well therefore you ' re back for another try. It improves itself.
if you wear'' t comprehend chapter one, chapter two is mosting likely to be nearly difficult, and.
Chapters 3 and 4 are going if you fail the very first tests over phases one as well as 2.
to be a whole lot harder. This class improves itself you need to do a bit every.
I am not going.

residence as well as make sure you'' re seeing these lectures and also ensure you'' re doing the research.
You. can toss it on the floor behind the sofa, as well as no one is mosting likely to be there to prod you,.
If you place it all off as well as then it comes time to take the test you'' re not going to. It ' s a strange phenomenon below in this class there'' s a lot of A ' s and high B ' s. in this training course, however there ' s also a great deal of F'' s as well as when I claim'an F I wear ' t mean like.
and also they obtain like a twenty-eight percent on the examination and I recognize why they did not have.
the self-control to see the lectures, they did not have the technique to do the homework.
I was asking to do they simply totally blew it off, because nobody existed to nag.
them you'' ve reached be disciplined folks.This can be

a fantastic method for you to learn audit,.
yet you'' ve got to be disciplined. You'' ve spent for this program you could as well do well.
in it. Going back I want you to do your homework prior to you see the lecture currently this is not.
the Attach research, yet the regular homework. When I offer these pupils their research.
project at the end of each class; doing that research make your finest efforts before.
you enjoy the next lecture, as well as before we go over the answers. You learn Accounting.
by doing it yourself not by seeing me do it. If you make mistakes that'' s terrific that'' s. fine that ' s anticipated that ' s exactly how you learn, but you have to do the homework.
Going to the curriculum well I ' m right here to assist you out I want you to.
shell allowed'' s continue to be in the ANGEL covering all your communications will certainly be kept there with each other.
need to we need to go back and consider it, or should I if I require to learn what previous.
Send me a quick message selected my name go ahead as well as send away,
and. When you email me you undoubtedly require to inform me who you are and inform me what program it.
is that kind of thing also though that may be evident with the ANGEL info,.
however go on inform me that you are so I can kind-of know where you'' re originating from as well as.
I will certainly email you back if I do not email you back I want you assume I didn'' t get the interaction. Every once in a while I have a trainee state “” I emailed you, did you obtain it?”” as well as I say “” no””.
now what I claim is if I don'' t email you back assume I did not get the communication.I ' ll.

constantly email you back within twenty-four hrs, however if I don'' t shoot me an email it should have.
not survived, or I forgot something, yet I will certainly always email you back to ensure that there'' s. no uncertainty on whether or not I obtained your interaction, alright, back to the syllabus. How do I watch this telecourse? Well you can chose to watch these online, which is what.
most students do.Most students although this is called a telecourse, and it remembers.
the days of individuals seeing them on the wire channel that JCCC has. Many individuals view them.
using YouTube, or they can take a look at the DVDs from the JCCC Library. Exactly how do you reach those.
videos? Allow me reveal you right here – let'' s open a brand-new tab, and also most likely to the JCCC internet site. Now you can click on the link that was posted in the syllabus, or what you can do this is.
the JCCC dot web site you can go to YouTube, as well as then you click on YouTube once again, and it.
takes you to the university YouTube network after that in this search box right below simply put audit.
hit search and also all those talks are there. There'' s about thirty-seven to thirty-nine.
That is exactly how the substantial majority of trainees watch this. The good point concerning seeing.
it this way you can watch it according to your schedule.You ' re not a servant to whenever. the wire channel determines to run it. Now if you wear ' t have web gain access to, or you'put on ' t. like to watch it on-line you'can have a look at the DVDs from the library, but that is how. you check out these. Going back to the curriculum, and
there ' s the URL if you simply wish to click. on that particular to get'to them. The amount of do you need to see?
Well if you ' re taking this in a. springtime or fall semester. You need to'average regarding three or 4 a week you ' re most likely. If you ' re taking this in a summer season term you need.If you were taking one, you truly need to have the precise very same point that you would certainly have
of my face to face courses.Tests or exams-

we have four exams in this class that are worth a hundred factors each, and also there ' s additionally in addition to that a comprehensive final that ' s. worth hundred points.
Now you are enabled to drop your least expensive test score of the. 4 examinations currently you can ' t decline or otherwise take your last you reached take that, and also it ' s. going to count, yet of'the first four examinations you get to drop your most affordable score. It ' s not. changed with anything it ' s simply went down as if you would certainly have never ever taken it. Isn ' t that. a real good thing; due to the fact that
there ' s a test that you don'' t'do real well on, it ' s a wonderful. If that never ever happened, means to act as. Going back to this you take the examinations in the JCCC. University Testing Center that is on the 3rd floor of the Pupil.
Now you can call.'them, and also there ' s their telephone number for their specific hours, or you can most likely to the JCCC. web site, and in the search box placed screening center hours, and you can arrive
specific. hours.But you need to be familiar with the dates they'' re open and the times they ' re
open I ' m. not informing you this, because sometimes it alters relying on what semester you'' re. taking this course, but I very encourage you prior to you go in there to take your examination. to call and also ensure they'' re open and also see when they close that day. When you go you.
require to have your JCCC ID, so bring that with you. And also they'' ll provide you various other standards.
as far as taking that exam. Currently every term I have students that wait to the really last.
day to take the exam, and also after that they go and also they say “” it'' s shut I can ' t take the test. what do I'do”. Please wear ' t do this I provide you a seven day
home window for you to take that. test. Select any type of day that functions for you, yet I always have trainees who hesitate to.
the really last day, and after that something takes place as well as they can'' t take the examination that “day
“it. was closed” or whatever “” I needed to work, or my infant got ill”” or whatever.You men have.

to be disciplined, don'' t procrastinate, if you put things off to the
very last day then. you ' ve got no margin for mistake. Now returning to the display on your syllabus that you.
have for you specifically I have the dates you need to take these tests by, alright,.
and I say examination one phase one as well as 2 have to be taken by the end of the day on whatever. Undoubtedly I didn'' t placed in dates, since it ' s mosting likely to transform for each and every semester. Yet these.
need to be dates you'' re familiar with. Now you'wear ' t have to take it on that day I have them
. in there at the very least seven days before, but you have to take it by the end of the day so you.
require to be knowledgeable about when the examination center is shutting, their hours, their schedule, every little thing. Returning for each and every day past the due date mentioned over that you take your test if you.
miss the deadline, as well as you take it the following day you'' re mosting likely to have fifteen extra factors.
subtracted from your score, if it'' s two days past the due date it ' s mosting likely to be thirty.
extra factors deducted from your score.So I put on ' t

demand to tell you if you'' re three days. late you might too not also take the examination, as well as there'' s no exemptions on this.
It may. be an extremely legitimate reason, yet again I have trainees by the nature of this course that.
postpone every semester they wait to the really last day and also they come plead me for.
even more time, no you'' ve obtained a whole week to work there you require to be responsible as for.
discovering a time that you can take it.It ' s unfair to offer some pupils a bunch of.
added time to research for an exam to make sure that may be one of the most essential thing from this whole.
syllabus the dates that you need to take these examinations by this is not a self-pace program, where.
you can just take the test whenever you wish to. There are target dates for which you need.
to take that test by. I can'' t be more clear than that. What is the point'' s breakdown for this. class? Well let'' s have a look at that well you get a hundred factors for each that you.
take, you will certainly go down the most affordable one of the very first four tests. You additionally have a hundred.
factors from the Link research tasks that I will certainly appoint you, and also we went over that.
tab on the lessons tab on ANGEL so that deserves a hundred factors, and I can tell who'' s. doing that, as well as that ' s not doing that, that'' s one of the primary factors I have this as component.

of the class.Even prior to the examinations I can'see that ' s done their
chapter one job. on ANGEL, that ' s done their chapter 2, so Link deserves one hundred points. And afterwards. going back to the screen the comprehensive final deserves a hundred factors. Since. you go down one of these examinations the entire class deserves 5 hundred points. Below'' s the grading. range, people claim “” exactly how do I find out how I did on the examination””, you look on ANGEL, your.
examination quality will certainly be posted on ANGEL, and I believe I showed you on the lessons tab the.
very first point that you click, which offers you your grade, and also you have to recognize.
I will obtain them graded for you, however if you take it.
a week as well as a half early I wear'' t go as well as go every day pick up the tests to quality them, unless. if'it ' s a special unique scenario. Back to the curriculum, trainees with impairments if.
you have an impairment, as well as you need accommodations, or access in any way, please contact our Student.
Accessibility Facility, their call info on your curriculum, and I intend to be whatever help.
I can just interact with me. One other point I intend to keep in mind JCCC deals complimentary tutoring.
for Audit this is for all students currently, they generally provide this about 5 or 6.
days a week below on university I'' m not informing you today what the particular hrs as well as.
location are, since it alters every semester, however on your syllabus or in a separate e-mail.
I will give you those cost-free accounting tutoring times, and dates, as well as location.You wear ' t. need to make a visit you can go as well as come as you desire, you wear'' t pay anything.
They ' re. simply individuals that can help you do your homework also if you ' re taking this as an online or.
telecourse. Needed stuff on my curriculum I won'' t read through all this. I'' ll amount this. up; please don ' t cheat on your exam. Even in the Testing Center I know they have video cameras.
all over, my benefits benefit they'' re extremely strict up there so, I think that must answer.
many of your concerns in relates to, to this course regarding policies as well as procedures.Just.

to summarize a number of points I intend to see to it I restate these factors. Let me.
look at my notes a little bit to see if there'' s anything else I failed to remember. I think I'' ve gone.
through nearly everything I wished to, yet the main point you need to recognize are the.
deadlines, the days for which you need to take your examinations by, and you need to know that.
You take it in the JCCC Screening. Now there perhaps a couple of people every once in a while.
who take this course that endure of state, and even out of nation. Call me with a.
separate email, as well as we can prepare a way for you to take an examination sometimes. You finish up taking.
it at a testing facility at a various college, or at a various college or for some armed forces.
workers you take it on an army base and also you have a proctor or something like that.
so it is feasible in these days of e-mail and all that to take this course, and also have it be.
a fantastic vehicle for finding out Audit despite the fact that you don'' t stay in the Greater Kansas.
City location where JCCC is located.The following point I intend to restate you ' ve reached be. disciplined with this course, you ' ve reached view these lectures 3 or four a week. for springtime and also fall, or five for summer season, as well as when I provide you the homework task and also. offer these great individuals their homework job. That ' s the routine homework you require to do. it prior to you watch the next lecture, due to the fact that the next lecture we ' ll go over it. Know. in addition to the normal research be aware of that Connect research job that is on the internet,. we do not discuss the Attach research in course. It ' s typically really comparable homework. that we ' ve provided for normal research other than'its various numbers. It ' s simply a little.
various method of extra technique for you, and you could utilize your publication, you can make use of past.
homework that you'' ve done, you can make use of whatever you desire when you'' re doing that and also it is.
worth points, yet it will provide you feedback too which I think will certainly be very practical for.
This was lecture number one, following time you see lecture number 2 there will be. As well as then we ' ll. There ' s no real research prior to you enjoy.

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