Accounting 1: Program #1 – “Introduction to Class”

Hello, I'' m delighted you ' re here. My name is David Krug, and also I ' m a permanent teacher of Accounting below at JCCC, and if you are seeing this program after that you are enrolled in my Accounting 1 course. You can think about it as a telecourse which it'' s generally been considered, because students primarily utilized to view it on TELEVISION, however currently it'' s a growing number of being considered a media course or an on the internet
class, due to the fact that the majority of my trainees see this online on YouTube, yet what I intend to do today there'' s no students here.You see typically there will be pupils right here, yet I desired to have a separate class where I simply speak with you, the person that'' s taking it in the house, about the course policies and procedures. Now the trainees that you'' ll see in lecture 2 as well as past, currently their plans and procedures are slightly different for them than for you; so I put on'' t wish to confuse them I don'' t wish to confuse you. So I sort of do the curriculum and the class policies sessions independently from each various other. So if you'' re watching this, and also you ' re reasoning I could just skip this as well as most likely to the next lecture please don'' t. You ' re mosting likely to require to view this entire lecture on course policies to prosper in the class, and also if people email and ask me questions as well as I can inform they place'' t viewed it, I ' m mosting likely to claim you need to go back and see that lecture top, because I ' m going to experience the questions I obtain every term regarding this so please watch this whole lecture.I ' ll think you are registered, and I will certainly email you or have on ANGEL your precise curriculum, but we ' re mosting likely to sort of walk through the syllabus in such a way it ' s going to be a little'common, since I ' m going When I teach this class, to use this lecture for
six different various in the future. I ' m. not going to have test
target dates, and also dates as well as stuff, because that modifications every semester,.
but the syllabus that you have will certainly have those dates on them. Allow'' s proceed, as well as take a.
consider what your curriculum is going to resemble. There you see my name, and my phone.
number this is called a telecourse, however, this is an increasing number of being considered.
a media training course or an on-line course.So wear ' t be

thrown'if it wasn'' t provided in the class.
When you enlisted, timetable as a telecourse. One of the primary things I desire you to know.
is I desire you to email me through the ANGEL internet site, and I'' ll show you how to hop on that.
and just how to do that the majority of you are rather skilled at ANGEL, however I put on'' t checklist my email. address, since I actually like that all our communications be through the ANGEL covering. Currently my workplace hours although you are taking this as a telecourse, or an on-line program.
I'' m still right here on campus to help you if you desire to come in.I ' ll email each semester.
specifically what my office hrs are, and obviously you can contact me via the ANGEL.
shell as well as email me. I'' m below to assist you', you ' re out your own.
Allow me chat to you concerning the book, and also the'materials that you ' re. The textbook you ' re going to utilize is
called Fundamental. This is the book
that you definitely absolutely now.
Principles by Wildsha and Chiapeta, and also that it is the twentieth version, however you absolutely.
require this textbook whether you'' re here face to encounter, or you ' re in the house.
The other point. that we highly urge you to acquire are what is called the Job Papers, and it looks a.
little bit similar to this if you purchase them via the JCCC bookstore those will certainly assist you significantly.
in the initial five chapters by sort of providing you templates on which you can do your research. Another thing and we'' ll speak about this here in a few mins, but if you consider.
your textbook and you open the very first page there is something that looks like this. There'' s. to sorts of homework in this class there is the conventional homework that I assign at.
completion of the course duration, and also that you will certainly do using your textbook, utilizing your Work.
Paper, using an old style pencil and also paper, yet there'' s likewise Link research right here,
. and I will have an access code that'' s right here in your publication you damage that off with.
a coin, and also this is a separate type of homework.This is called the Link research, as well as for. those of you taking this as a telecourse, or an online course there are factors awarded. for this. We ' ll talk about that, however there
' s really two types of homework. Returning to. the display allow ' s have a look back there again, and that ' s what I say here I talk regarding the.'Link research right there, alright, for this Bookkeeping 01 telecourse. I ' m going to. be emailing you the information, or more than most likely it ' s going to get on the ANGEL website. by clicking the lessons tab, and also I am mosting likely to reveal you exactly how to do that actually I ' ll simply. undergo that ideal now.Let ' s go to the web if you go to the websites you

' re. going to visit to ANGEL. Currently you'ought to know exactly how to do this, but if you wear ' t call the. JCCC assistance line, as well as that number is 913-469-8500 ext. 4357, but log in to ANGEL as I ' m doing. now I don ' t wish to do auto-complete,'and it will certainly take you to a web page similar to this go to. the suitable term. Now this is fall of 2011, however of course that might not be the. semester for which you ' re taking this program, yet locate this course and you ' re going to obtain. a screen that looks type of like this.
Below is where you accessibility this training course curriculum if you go to the lessons. Number one this says David click right here to see your training course grade to day
well, I ' m. the instructor trainer doesn ' t know that, but for you it will will certainly state name that is how you. You click that web link and it will walk you with obtaining.
that report so you can see how you preformed on the examination and also exactly how you ' re doing in the. training course. Next off, is all the hand-outs you will certainly require for this telecourse, if you jump down.
below a little at the extremely last I have hand-outs distributed in this class, as well as for.
each chapter one with eleven, we do not experience phase seven in this course.If.
you go there it will certainly have web content there that you ' ll requirement for the lectures in relation to.

that phase. Currently for those of you taking this in the autumn of 2011 you can ' t take benefit.
of what I ' m mosting likely to show you here, however, for those taking springtime of 2012 and also'after going.
back to the'screen if you wear ' t intend to enter into each phase as well as take out the hand-outs. that you ' ll require you can click here, and this will certainly have all the hand-outs for'the entire. course it ' s most likely going to be 40 plus pages.
If you ' re taking this in the springtime of 2012. What else is on right here?
The checklist for telecourse. talks currently if you click that you ' re going to obtain something that looks kind of similar to this. and also I ' m mosting likely to reveal it to you on the ELMO. It ' s going to look rather similar to this, currently. it'' s not going to look specifically like this, however it is going to have each program or lecture,. and what it ' s about and this is a nice checklist as you see these you can examine them off. Once you ' ve enjoyed them you'check them off so you can monitor which ones you'' ve. seen and also which ones you place'' t.Going back to the screen, if you most likely to this little.
product below, that'' s the list that you'' ll requirement. The following thing is details on the McGraw.
Hill Attach online homework tool, since'' s what I was talking concerning as for the separate.
homework. If I go to that what you'' re visiting, and I'' ll open that up currently this will. look once again a little different for your specific term, yet this is sort of a generic version.
of it, alright, allow'' s take an appearance let me blow that up so you can see it a little bit better. This is mosting likely to stroll you through just how to obtain on McGraw Hillside'' s Connect website.This is.
for factors in your course so you wish to ensure you do this, and I'' m not mosting likely to stroll. with the specifics I believe it'' s quite self-explanatory. The important points that you'' ll. desire is right below in this large section is going to be the specific URL for
your course. now I exit it'out, due to the fact that it ' s mosting likely to be different for each and every term, but
you ' ll desire. to duplicate that URL paste it into your URL spot on Microsoft Traveler most likely to that internet site,.
and after that bookmark it so you put on'' t have to kind that in any longer. And afterwards it will certainly stroll.
you via exactly how to sign up for that, alright, if you put on'' t very own it will even inform you how.
to acquire it online. So coming back to me this is the access code, or enrollment code that.
you'' ll demand however if somehow this is not readily available to you possibly you got an utilized.
publication, and this is scratched off and also you recognize that gain access to code is no longer valid after that you.
can either especially get straight from the JCCC book shop for your use, or returning.
to the display once more it will certainly walk you with how to acquire it online, but you do require.
to have this for this training course, alright, so that'' s the important point you require is this URL,. and also that accessibility or enrollment code.If you have troubles with this here ' s who you get in touch with.
– there'' s an 800 number, or there'' s an internet site. I truly attempt to limit the number of of these concern.'I ' m mosting likely to area so please contact them not me if you contact me opportunities are what.
I'' m going to tell you is I don'' t know why it'' s doing that, I don ' t understand why it ' s having. problems, yet you require to call this number, so I ' m just mosting likely to send you back to this. number, since they can much better aid you than just how I can aid you. The last thing. you ' ll see on this second page of this document is when these jobs are due for each and every. phase. Currently I have chapter one due by 11:45 pm on blank I did not put a day there, since.
once again it depends on what semester you'' re taking this course, however, when you'' re registered,.
and when you go to ANGEL it will have the ideal days for you in this section,.
alright, once again we put on'' t do phase seven, however this will be the routine of when your
. Link research assignments are due.Now let '

s return to the lessons tab on ANGEL.
we spoke about. This is basic course info I typically have the syllabus in there.
right here are the PowerPoint presentations. Currently I just have the very first 4 in right here now,.
Right here in a week or so I'' m going to have all eleven chapters except for phase seven.
which we wear'' t cover. Coming back to me live – right here are these PowerPoint'' s I ' m mosting likely to. show you in an example on the ELMO. This is just a manner in which you can publish
out on what. I ' m mosting likely to talk on, as well as I such as to do it three to a web page to make sure that you have this area
. as well as you can bear in mind, however I extremely, extremely, highly suggest that you take place the lessons.
tab to that PowerPoint tab and print these off.It ' s mosting likely to be a lot less complicated for you.
as you take this program to not have to copy what'' s on the screen,
or maybe the display. you ' re enjoying it on is type of little. Going back to this is where you obtain these. PowerPoints on the PowerPoints tab you can simply go get every one. The final point I desire.
to reveal you, or the second to last final thing is the method test responses. , if you click.
on that I have Method tests as well as answers for each section this is very practical for.
you to understand the sort of examination that you'' ll most likely be taking, and it will provide you a wonderful method.
of type of exercising additional troubles, type of testing on your own for several of the multiple-choice. When people state what are your examinations like Dave I claim go take a look at the method examinations.
those are actual test concerns that I used in the past.The last point

on this lessons.
tab is the hand-outs dispersed in class, and if you put on'' t or you ' re not able simply to. obtain them all-at-once up right here after that you just go here as well as click each chapter, as well as those.
will certainly be inhabited with web content as we move throughout this program. To ensure that is extremely.
essential that is the products that you need for this program. Let'' s go back to
the curriculum. I ' ll let you check out with the program objectives, as well as I'' ll allow you go through the review,.
Allow'' s speak a little bit regarding this. Coming off the screen audit is a structure.
block Course several of you have actually taken it in senior high school several of you have taken it in university.
maybe you didn'' t do so well therefore you ' re back for one more try.It improves itself.
if you wear'' t recognize chapter one, chapter 2 is going to be nearly difficult, and also.
Chapters three and also 4 are going if you fail the initial examinations over chapters one as well as 2.
to be a lot extra tough. This class develops on itself you need to do a little every.
day it'' s type of like obtaining a sun tan for the summer don'' t get your sunlight tan in one eight. hr session what you need to do is get a bit each day. Now for you who are.
taking this as an on the internet training course or a telecourse you need to be disciplined.I am not going.

to be there, I wear
' t understand what you'look like, I ' m not mosting likely to concern your home or.
home as well as ensure you'' re seeing these lectures and make certain you'' re doing the research.
You. can throw it on the flooring behind the sofa, and nobody is mosting likely to be there to nag you,.
but if you place all of it off and afterwards it comes time to take the examination you'' re not going to. do'well. It ' s an odd phenomenon right here in this course there'' s a great deal of A ' s and also high B ' s. in this course, however there ' s likewise a great deal of F'' s and also when I claim'an F I wear ' t mean like. a fifty-eight percent I meaning that there ' s people that take this program online or telecourse,.
as well as they obtain like a twenty-eight percent on the examination and I recognize why they did not have.
the technique to enjoy the talks, they did not have the discipline to do the homework.
I was asking them to do they just totally blew it off, because no person existed to nag.
them you'' ve reached be disciplined folks.This can be

a terrific way for you to discover accounting,.
however you'' ve reached be disciplined. You'' ve spent for this course you may also do well.
in it. Returning I want you to do your research prior to you view the lecture now this is not.
the Connect homework, but the routine homework. When I offer these pupils their homework.
job at the end of each course; doing that homework make your best shots prior to.
you see the next lecture, as well as prior to we go over the responses. You find out Audit.
by doing it on your own not by watching me do it. If you make blunders that'' s great that'' s. penalty that ' s anticipated that ' s how you find out, yet you have to do the homework.
Going to the syllabus well I ' m right here to help you out I want you to.
shell let'' s remain in the ANGEL covering all your communications will certainly be maintained there together.
ought to we need to return and take a look at it, or should I if I need to discover what previous.
Send me a quick message selected my name go ahead as well as send out away,
and. When you email me you clearly need to inform me who you are and also inform me what program it.
is that kind of point despite the fact that that may be evident with the ANGEL information,.
Go ahead tell me that you are so I can kind-of understand where you'' re coming from and.
I will certainly email you back if I do not email you back I want you assume I didn'' t obtain the communication. Every once in a while I have a pupil state “” I emailed you, did you obtain it?”” as well as I say “” no””.
now what I say is if I put on'' t e-mail you back presume I did not obtain the communication.I ' ll.

constantly email you back within twenty-four hours, yet if I wear'' t shoot me an email it must have.
not obtained with, or I forgot something, however I will certainly constantly email you back so that there'' s. no uncertainty on whether I got your interaction, alright, back to the curriculum. Just how do I watch this telecourse? Well you can selected to check out these online, which is what.
most pupils do. Most trainees even though this is called a telecourse, and it recalls.
the days of individuals enjoying them on the cable television channel that JCCC has. The majority of people see them.
via YouTube, or they can have a look at the DVDs from the JCCC Library. Exactly how do you obtain to those.
video clips? Let me show you here – allow'' s open a new tab, and most likely to the JCCC site. Now you can click on the URL that was uploaded in the syllabus, or what you can do this is.
the JCCC dot website you can go to YouTube, and then you click on YouTube again, as well as it.
takes you to the university YouTube channel after that in this search box right here simply place bookkeeping.
hit search as well as all those lectures are there.There ' s

regarding thirty-seven to thirty-nine.
of them I'' m uncertain the number of we ' re mosting likely to be having this semester, yet they'' re all. there. That is exactly how the vast bulk of pupils see this. The good idea about seeing.
it in this way you can enjoy it according to your timetable. You'' re not a servant to whenever.
the cord channel decides to run it. Now if you put on'' t have internet gain access to, or you wear'' t. like to watch it on-line you can look into the DVDs from the collection, however that is how.
Going back to the syllabus, and also there'' s the URL if you simply want
to click. Well if you ' re taking this in a. spring or loss semester. You need to ordinary about three or four a week you'' re probably.
ok with three, however simply to be risk-free you might intend to say every 7 days I require to have.
viewed 4 of these lectures.If you ' re taking this in a summer season semester you require.
to view five talks a week, because there'' s just 8 weeks in the summer session. I.
assume you'' re good with three to 4 for springtime and also fall, as well as for summer season you need to enjoy.
five a week. Now if you'' re ever before watching a lecture and the sound as well as the video clip leave.
track, and I look like a Japanese Godzilla movie, or something please email me and tell.
me exactly the lecture number for which that happened, and also we'' ll obtain that aligned.
out.What should you have while you ' re seeing your lecture? You should have your book,.
a calculator, your finished research, and also you want definitely paper to remember on. You truly need to have the exact same thing that you would have if you were taking one.
of my in person courses.Examinations or examinations – we have four tests in this course that are
worth a hundred factors each, and also there'' s additionally on top of that a comprehensive final that'' s. worth hundred factors. Now you are enabled to drop your least expensive test rating of the.
four examinations now you can'' t decrease or not take your final you reached take that, and it ' s. going to count, yet of the initial 4 exams you obtain to drop your least expensive score.It ' s

replaced with anything it'' s just went down as if you would certainly have never ever taken it. Isn'' t that. a real good point; due to the fact that there'' s a test that you wear ' t'do real well on, it ' s a great. way to act as if that never occurred. Going back to this you take the examinations in the JCCC. School Testing Facility that is on the third floor of the Student.
Currently you can call.'them, as well as there ' s their contact number for their particular hrs, or you can most likely to the JCCC. website, and in the search box put testing facility hrs, and you can obtain there
specific. hours. You require to be conscious of the days they ' re open as well as the times they ' re
open I ' m. not telling you this, because due to the fact that in some cases changes depending on what semester term'' re. taking this course, yet I highly encourage you before you enter there to take your exam.
to call as well as see to it they'' re open as well as see when they close that day.When you go you.
need to have your JCCC ID, so bring that with you. As well as they'' ll offer you various other guidelines.
as for taking that examination. Now every semester I have trainees that wait to the extremely last.
Please wear ' t do this I offer you a 7 day
window home window you to take that. Pick any day that functions for you, yet I constantly have pupils who hesitate to.
the really last day, and afterwards something takes place as well as they can'' t take the examination that “day
“it. was shut” or whatever “” I had to work, or my baby got ill”” or whatever. You individuals have.
to be disciplined, wear'' t procrastinate, if you hesitate to the
very last day then. you ' ve obtained no margin for

error.Now going back to the screen on your syllabus that you.
have for you particularly I have the dates you require to take these tests by, alright,.
as well as I state examination one phase one as well as 2 should be taken by the end of the day on whatever. Certainly I didn'' t placed in days, since it ' s going to transform for each and every semester. But these.
need to be days you'' re familiar with. Now you'don ' t have to take it on that day I have them
. in there a minimum of seven days before, however you need to take it by the end of the day so you.
require to be familiar with when the test facility is shutting, their hours, their routine, everything. If you, going back for each day past the due date stated above that you take your examination.
miss the due date, and you take it the following day you'' re mosting likely to have fifteen extra factors.
subtracted from your score, if it'' s two days past the due date it ' s mosting likely to be thirty.
added factors deducted from your score.So I don ' t

demand to inform you if you'' re 3 days. late you might as well not also take the test, and also there'' s no exemptions on this.
It may. be a really genuine reason, however again I have students by the nature of this training course that.
hesitate every semester they wait to the extremely last day as well as they come ask me for.
more time, no you'' ve obtained a whole week to function there you require to be responsible regarding.
finding a time that you can take it. It'' s not reasonable to give some trainees a number of. additional time to research for a test so that might be the most vital point from this whole.
syllabus the days that you have to take these examinations by this is not a self-pace training course, where.
you can just take the test whenever you want to.There are

target dates for which you need.
to take that test by. I can'' t be more clear than that. What is the point'' s failure for this. course? Well let'' s take an appearance at that well you obtain a hundred factors for each and every that you.
take, you will drop the most affordable one of the initial four tests. You likewise have a hundred.
factors from the Connect homework projects that I will assign you, and we discussed that.
If you take it actual early.
before the target date I wear'' t go over to the screening facility till the next day after the.
target date, and after that I quality them. So, I will get them graded for you, yet if you take it.
a fifty percent and a week very early I don'' t go each day as well as go pick up the tests to quality them, unless. if'it ' s a special unique circumstance. Back to the syllabus, pupils with specials needs if.
you have an impairment, and you require accommodations, or gain access to in any way, please call our Student.
Accessibility Center, their contact details on your curriculum, and also I want to be whatever help.
I can simply communicate with me.One other thing I wish to note JCCC offers totally free tutoring.
for Audit this is for all pupils currently, they normally supply this regarding five or 6.
days a week below on campus I'' m not telling you today what the particular hours as well as.
area are, since it alters every semester, but on your syllabus or in a separate email.
I will offer you those totally free accountancy tutoring times, and days, as well as location.You don ' t. have to make a visit you can reoccur as you desire, you wear'' t pay anything.
They ' re. If you ' re taking this as an online or, just individuals that can assist you do your research also.
Called for stuff on my curriculum I won'' t read with all this. I'' ll amount this.
all over, my benefits purpose they'' re really strict up there so, I assume that must address.
a lot of your questions in pertains to, to this course as for treatments and also plans. Just.
to sum up a pair of things I wish to see to it I restate these points. Let me.
take a look at my notes a bit to see if there'' s anything else I forgot. I believe I'' ve gone.
through almost every little thing I intended to, but the main thing you need to know are the.
target dates, the days for which you need to take your examinations by, as well as you require to recognize that.
you take it in the JCCC Testing Center.Now there perhaps a

few individuals every currently and also then. who take this class that endure of state, or perhaps out of nation. Contact me with a. separate e-mail, and also we can organize a way for you to take a test occasionally. You end up taking. it at a screening center at a various college, or at a different college or for some army. personnel you take it on an army base and you have a proctor or something like that.
It is possible in these days of email and all that to take this class, and have it be.
a fantastic automobile for finding out Bookkeeping although you put on'' t live in the Greater Kansas.
City area where JCCC is located. The following point I intend to reiterate you'' ve got to be. disciplined with this class, you'' ve obtained to see these lectures 3 or 4 a week.
for springtime and also loss, or five for summer, and when I provide you the research job and also.
Be conscious. It ' s typically extremely similar research. It ' s just a little.
various means of extra practice for you, and you might use your book, you can utilize past.
homework that you'' ve done, you can use whatever you desire when you'' re doing that and also it is.
worth factors, however it will provide you comments too which I assume will be extremely helpful for.
you – other pupils have actually really appreciated that. Please be disciplined in this class. I think.
this should have responded to many of your questions as much as course policies as well as treatments. , if.
not, via ANGEL email me, as well as there will certainly be other things we discuss throughout the.
semester so, as I think about them, or as students below ask questions, this must cover most.
of it. This was lecture number one, next time you see lecture number two there will certainly be.
good shiny faces below, actual people, and also it will seem like a genuine class.And after that we

' ll.
begin going through the material of Bookkeeping. There'' s no actual homework prior to you watch.
that lecture second the only thing you could desire to do is jump on that Connect the.
web site for Connect, as well as register for that also though there may or may not be a project.
available for you, yet that'' s all you require to do, and I really hope to see you in lecture number.
2 thank you for enjoying this entire program. Thanks.

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