Accounting 1: Program #1 – “Introduction to Class”

Hello, I'' m grateful you ' re right here. My name is David Krug, and also I ' m a full-time trainer of Bookkeeping here at JCCC, and also if you are enjoying this program after that you are registered in my Audit 1 class. You can believe of it as a telecourse which it'' s typically been believed of, because trainees mostly used to see it on TV, today it'' s a growing number of being taken a media class or an on the internet
course, due to the fact that many of my students view this online on YouTube, yet what I desire to do today there'' s no students here.You see generally there will certainly be pupils here, but I wished to have a separate course where I simply chat with you, the person that'' s taking it at home, concerning the class policies and procedures. Now the pupils who you'' ll see in lecture 2 and past, now their plans as well as treatments are a little various for them than for you; so I put on'' t want to confuse them I put on'' t wish to puzzle you. I kind of do the syllabus and also the class policies sessions individually from each other. So if you'' re watching this, as well as you ' re thinking I can simply avoid this and also go to the following lecture please put on'' t. You ' re going to need to see this entire lecture on course policies to succeed in the class, and if individuals email and also ask me inquiries and I can inform they sanctuary'' t saw it, I ' m going to state you need to go back and view that lecture primary, because I ' m mosting likely to go via the questions I get every term about this so please watch this entire lecture.I ' ll assume you are signed up, and also I will email you or carry ANGEL your specific curriculum, but we ' re mosting likely to kind of walk via the curriculum in such a way it ' s mosting likely to be a little'generic, due to the fact that I ' m going to utilize this lecture for
six different semesters in the future when I educate this class. I ' m. not mosting likely to have examination
due dates, as well as days as well as stuff, since that adjustments every term,.
however the syllabus that you have will certainly have those dates on them. Let'' s go ahead, and also take a.
look at what your curriculum is mosting likely to resemble. There you see my name, and my phone.
number this is called a telecourse, however, this is a lot more and also extra being considered.
a media course or an on the internet course.So put on ' t be

tossed'if it wasn'' t noted in the class.
When you enrolled, schedule as a telecourse. One of the important things I want you to know.
is I want you to email me via the ANGEL internet site, as well as I'' ll reveal you how to jump on that.
and also how to do that many of you are quite experienced at ANGEL, but I put on'' t checklist my e-mail. address, due to the fact that I actually prefer that all our communications be via the ANGEL shell. Now my office hrs also though you are taking this as a telecourse, or an on the internet course.
I'' m still below on university to aid you if you desire to come in.I ' ll e-mail each semester.
specifically what my office hours are, and also certainly you can contact me via the ANGEL.
covering and also email me. I'' m here to aid you', you ' re out your very own.
Allow me talk to you concerning the book, and the'products that you ' re. The textbook you ' re going to make use of is
called FundamentalEssential This is the publication
that you definitely certainly now.
Concepts by Wildsha and also Chiapeta, which it is the twentieth edition, yet you certainly.
require this book whether you'' re right here one-on-one, or you'' re in the house.
The other thing. that we very motivate you to get are what is called the Work Papers, as well as it looks a.
little similar to this if you purchase them via the JCCC bookstore those will certainly aid you greatly.
in the first five phases by sort of offering you design templates on which you can do your research. Another point and we'' ll speak about this right here in a couple of mins, yet if you look at.
your textbook and also you open up the first page there is something that appears like this.There '

to kinds of research in this class there is the conventional homework that I assign at.
completion of the course period, which you will certainly do using your book, utilizing your Work.
Paper, using an old style pencil as well as paper, yet there'' s additionally Link research right here,
. as well as I will certainly have an accessibility code that'' s right here in your publication you scrape that off with.
a coin, and also this is a different kind of homework.This is called the Link homework, and also for. those of you taking this as a telecourse, or an on-line course there are factors awarded. for this. We ' ll speak about that, however there
' s truly two sorts of homework. Going back to. the display allow ' s take an appearance back there once more, which ' s what I claim below I speak about the.'Connect homework right there, alright, for this Bookkeeping 01 telecourse. I ' m mosting likely to. be emailing you the info, or more than likely it ' s going to get on the ANGEL internet site. by clicking the lessons tab, and also I am going to reveal you exactly how to do that really I ' ll just. undergo that now. Allow ' s most likely to the web'if you most likely to the web page you ' re. mosting likely to log in to ANGEL. Currently you'should know exactly how to do this, however if you put on ' t call the. JCCC customer service, which number is 913-469-8500 ext. 4357, but log in to ANGEL as I ' m doing. now I don ' t wish to do auto-complete,'and also it will take you to a web page like this most likely to. the proper semester.Now this is
fall of 2011, however of course that might

not be the. term for which you ' re taking this program, yet find this program and also you'' re going to obtain. a display that looks sort of similar to this. It ' s going to claim Audit 01 the right area. the ideal CRN number. Here is where you access this training course syllabus if you most likely to the lessons. tab that is mostly where you are mosting likely to locate every one of your information that you require. for this training course. Let ' s stroll via this a little bit, and say what every one of'these. are.Number one this states David click on this link to see your training course grade to day

, I ' m. the instructor it doesn ' t understand that, but also for you it will certainly claim your name that is how you. obtain your qualities for the tests. You click that web link and also it will certainly walk you with obtaining.
that report so you can see just how you preformed on the test and also exactly how you ' re carrying out in the. training course. Next, is all the hand-outs you will certainly require for this telecourse, if you leap down.
right here a little bit at the extremely last I have hand-outs dispersed in this course, and also for.
each chapter one via eleven, we do not go through phase 7 in this course.
Now for those of you taking this in the loss of 2011 you can ' t take advantage.
of what I ' m going to reveal you right here, however, for those taking spring of 2012 and'after going.
For loss of 2011 you ' re mosting likely to have. to head to each phase, and that'' s since I ' m kind of producing these as I go along so.
sorry about that autumn of 2011 people. What else is on below? The checklist for telecourse.
lectures currently if you click that you'' re going to get something that looks sort of like this.
as well as I'' m mosting likely to reveal it to you on the ELMO. It ' s mosting likely to look somewhat like this, now.'it ' s not going to look exactly such as this, but it is mosting likely to have each program or lecture,.
and what it'' s about and also this is a great list as you see these you'can inspect them off. When you ' ve enjoyed them you'inspect them off so you can track which ones you ' ve. seen as well as which ones you haven ' t. Returning to the display, if you go to this little. thing right here, that ' s the list that you ' ll need. The next thing is info on the McGraw. Hillside Attach on-line research'device, since ' s what I was talking regarding as for the

homework.If I most likely to that what you'' re going to see, and I'' ll open that up currently this will. look once again a little various for your details semester, yet this is kind of a common variation.
of it, alright, allow'' s have a look allow me blow that up so you can see it a little bit better. This is mosting likely to walk you through exactly how to jump on McGraw Hillside'' s Connect internet site. This is. for factors in your course so you want to see to it you do this, and I'' m not mosting likely to walk. through the specifics I think it'' s rather obvious. The main points that you'' ll. want is right here in this huge section is going to be the specific URL for
your course. currently I leave it'out, because it ' s mosting likely to be different for each and every term, yet
you ' ll want. to replicate that link paste it right into your URL place on Microsoft Traveler most likely to that internet site,.
Coming back to me this is the access code, or enrollment code that.- there ' s an 800 number, or'there ' s an internet site. I ' m going to tell you is I don ' t recognize why it ' s doing'that, I don ' t recognize why it'' s having.
problems, however you require to call this number, so I'' m just mosting likely to send you back to this. number, because they can better assist you than exactly how I can aid you. The last point.
you'' ll see on this second page of this document is when these projects schedule for each and every.
chapter. Currently I have phase one due by 11:45 pm on blank I did not place a day there, because.
once more it depends upon what semester you'' re taking this training course, nonetheless, when you'' re enlisted,.
and also when you most likely to ANGEL it will have the proper dates for you in this section,.
alright, once again we put on'' t do phase seven, but this will be the routine of when your
. Attach research projects are due.Now allow '

s go back to the lessons tab on ANGEL.
we spoke about. This is general class information I generally have the curriculum in there too.
below are the PowerPoint presentations. Currently I just have the initial 4 in here today,.
however below in a week or so I'' m mosting likely to have all eleven phases with the exception of phase seven.
I ' m going to talk on, and I like to do it three to a page so that you have this area
tab to that PowerPoint tab and also print these off. It'' s mosting likely to be a lot easier for you.
as you take this program to not have to replicate what'' s on the display,
or perhaps the display. you ' re seeing it on is sort of little. So returning to this is where you obtain these. PowerPoints on the PowerPoints tab you can simply go obtain each one. The final thing I desire.
to reveal you, or the 2nd to last final point is the practice examination answers. , if you click.
on that particular I have Practice tests as well as solutions for each section this is really practical for.
you to understand the kind of examination that you'' ll most likely be taking, as well as it will certainly offer you a terrific means.
of sort of practicing extra problems, sort of testing on your own for several of the multiple-choice. When people say what are your examinations like Dave I claim go take an appearance at the practice examinations.
those are real examination questions that I used in the past.The last point

on this lessons.
tab is the hand-outs distributed in class, and if you don'' t or you ' re not able just to. obtain them all-at-once up right here then you simply go below and click each phase, as well as those.
will certainly be occupied with material as we relocate throughout this training course. To ensure that is very.
crucial that is the products that you require for this training course. Allow'' s go back to
the curriculum. I ' ll let you review the training course purposes, as well as I'' ll allow you go through the overview,.
Let'' s chat a little bit concerning this. So coming off the screen accounting is a structure.
block Program several of you have actually taken it in secondary school a few of you have taken it in college.
maybe you didn'' t do so well therefore you ' re back for one more try.It builds on itself.
if you wear'' t recognize phase one, chapter 2 is going to be nearly difficult, and.
if you fail the first tests over phases one and also two, chapters three as well as 4 are going.
to be a great deal harder. This class builds on itself you have to do a bit every.
day it'' s type of like getting a sunlight tan for the summer wear'' t obtain your sun tan in one 8. hr session what you require to do is obtain a little everyday. Currently for you that are.
taking this as an online course or a telecourse you have actually to be disciplined. I am not going.
to be there, I don'' t know what you look'like, I ' m not mosting likely to pertain to your house or.
house as well as make certain you'' re enjoying these lectures and make sure you'' re doing the research.
You. can toss it on the floor behind the sofa, as well as no one is going to be there to scold you,.
yet if you put all of it off and then it comes time to take the examination you'' re not going to.

do'well.It ' s a strange phenomenon below in this course there'' s a great deal of A ' s and also high B ' s. in this program, however there ' s additionally a great deal of F'' s as well as when I say'an F I don ' t mean like. a fifty-eight percent I suggesting that there ' s individuals who take this training course online or telecourse,.
and they get like a twenty-eight percent on the examination as well as I understand why they did not have.
the technique to see the talks, they did not have the technique to do the homework.
I was asking to do they simply completely blew it off, since nobody was there to nag.
them you'' ve obtained to be disciplined individuals. This can be a fantastic method for you to discover bookkeeping,.
You'' ve obtained to be disciplined.You ' ve paid for

this training course you may as well do well. Going back I desire you
to do your homework before you watch view lecture now currently is not. When I provide these pupils their homework.
mosting likely to communicate? Mosting likely to the syllabus well I'' m right here to help you out I desire you to.
interact with me you have a JCCC email account, as well as I access that in fact not with.
my JCCC, however with ANGEL so we'' re mosting likely to communicate per other with email.
primarily with the ANGEL shell so please wear'' t gain access to me with email outside of an ANGEL.
shell let'' s continue to be in the ANGEL covering all your interactions will certainly be kept there with each other.
must we need to go back and also check out it, or need to I if I require to learn what previous.
inquiry you were describing or whatever.So the way you

email me allow'' s most likely to that ANGEL. shell once again if you ' re on this course you can simply send me a fast message right there this. is just how you email me. Send me a quick message chose my name proceed and send away,
as well as. this is exactly how this is your inbox for this course so when I reply back this is where you ' ll. check it, yet I want all of our email interactions to stem from this little box right here. When you email me you clearly require to tell me who you are and also tell me what program it.
is that type of thing although that may be apparent via the ANGEL information,.
yet go ahead tell me that you are so I can kind-of recognize where you'' re originating from and also.
I will certainly email you back if I do not email you back I want you presume I didn'' t obtain the communication. Every now and then I have a trainee say “” I emailed you, did you obtain it?”” and also I claim “” no””.
now what I claim is if I don'' t email you back think I did not get the communication.I ' ll.

constantly email you back within twenty-four hours, yet if I don'' t shoot me an e-mail it need to have.
not obtained via, or I neglected something, yet I will certainly always email you back so that there'' s. no uncertainty on whether I got your interaction, alright, back to the curriculum. Just how do I watch this telecourse? Well you can picked to see these online, and also that is what.
most trainees do.Most trainees even though this is called a telecourse, and it remembers.
the days of individuals enjoying them on the cord channel that JCCC has. A lot of individuals enjoy them.
by means of YouTube, or they can examine out the DVDs from the JCCC Collection. Just how do you reach those.
videos? Allow me show you right here – allow'' s open up a brand-new tab, as well as most likely to the JCCC web site. Now you can click the URL that was published in the curriculum, or what you can do this is.
the JCCC dot website you can go to YouTube, and after that you click on YouTube once again, and it.
takes you to the university YouTube channel then in this search box right here just put accountancy.
hit search and also all those talks are there.There ' s

about thirty-seven to thirty-nine.
That is exactly how the large bulk of pupils see this. The excellent point concerning viewing.
it by doing this you can view it according to your schedule. You'' re not a slave to whenever.
the wire channel makes a decision to run it. Now if you put on'' t have web access, or you wear'' t. like to watch it on the internet you can take a look at the DVDs from the library, yet that is just how.
Well if you ' re taking this in a. springtime or fall term. You need to average regarding three or 4 a week you'' re possibly.
ok with 3, however simply to be secure you might want to say every seven days I require to have.
watched four of these talks. If you'' re taking this in a summer semester you need.
to see five lectures a week, due to the fact that there'' s only eight weeks in the summer season session. I.
assume you'' re good with three to 4 for springtime and also fall, and also for summertime you need to enjoy.
5 a week. Currently if you'' re ever watching a lecture and also the sound as well as the video clip get off.
track, as well as I resemble a Japanese Godzilla movie, or something please email me as well as inform.
me exactly the lecture number for which that happened, and also we'' ll get that straightened.
out. What should you have while you'' re enjoying your lecture? You should have your textbook,.
a calculator, your completed research, as well as you desire definitely paper to bear in mind on.If you were taking one, you actually require to have the specific very same point that you would certainly have
of my face to face courses.Tests or examinations-

we have four tests in this class that are worth a hundred points each, as well as there ' s additionally in addition to that a comprehensive final that ' s. worth hundred points.
It ' s not. Isn ' t that. Going back to this you take the tests in the JCCC.
to call and also make certain they'' re open and see when they close that day. When you go you.
require to have your JCCC ID, so bring that with you.And they

' ll give you other standards.
regarding taking that examination. Now every term I have students who wait to the extremely last.
day to take the examination, and also after that they go and they say “” it'' s shut I can ' t take the test. what do I'do”. Please put on ' t do this I offer you a 7 day
home window for you to take that. test. Choose any type of day that helps you, but I constantly have pupils that put things off to.
the extremely last day, and after that something takes place and also they can'' t take the test that “day
“it. was shut” or whatever “” I had to work, or my infant got ill”” or whatever. You people have.
to be disciplined, don'' t procrastinate, if you postpone to the
very last day after that. you ' ve got no margin for error. Currently returning to the display on your curriculum that you.
have for you specifically I have the days you need to take these tests by, alright,.
Currently you'wear ' t have to take it on that day I have them
need to be familiar with when the test facility is closing, their hours, their timetable, whatever. If you, going back for each day past the due date mentioned over that you take your examination.
miss out on the due date, as well as you take it the next day you'' re mosting likely to have fifteen extra factors.
deducted from your rating, if it'' s two days past the due date it ' s mosting likely to be thirty.
extra factors deducted from your score.So I wear ' t

need to tell you if you'' re three days. late you could also not even take the examination, as well as there'' s no exemptions on this.
It may. be a really reputable factor, but again I have pupils by the nature of this course who.
hesitate every semester they wait to the really last day as well as they come plead me for.
even more time, no you'' ve obtained a whole week to function there you need to be accountable regarding.
discovering a time that you can take it. It'' s unfair to offer some pupils a lot of. added time to study for an examination to ensure that may be one of the most crucial thing from this whole.
syllabus the dates that you have to take these examinations by this is not a self-pace program, where.
you can simply take the examination whenever you intend to. There are deadlines for which you need.
What is the factor'' s failure for this. Well let'' s take an appearance at that well you obtain a hundred factors for each that you.
take, you will drop the cheapest among the initial 4 tests.You likewise have a hundred.
points from the Attach research jobs that I will certainly appoint you, and also we reviewed that.
Also before the examinations I can see that ' s done their phase one job.
you drop among these tests the entire course is worth five hundred points. Below'' s the grading. scale, people say “” how do I figure out just how I did on the test””, you view on ANGEL, your.
test grade will be posted on ANGEL, and also I assume I showed you on the lessons tab the.
extremely first thing that you click, which offers you your quality, and also you have to understand.
I will get them rated for you, however if you take it.
a week and a half early I wear'' t go as well as go every day get the examinations to quality them, unless. if'it ' s a special unique situation.Back to the

curriculum, trainees with specials needs if.
you have a disability, as well as you require accommodations, or accessibility in all, please contact our Trainee.
Access Center, their get in touch with details on your syllabus, as well as I desire to be whatever help.
I can simply connect with me. One other thing I want to note JCCC deals cost-free tutoring.
for Accountancy this is for all students now, they normally supply this about 5 or 6.
days a week below on campus I'' m not informing you now what the particular hrs and.
area are, because it changes every semester, yet on your curriculum or in a different e-mail.
I will certainly offer you those totally free audit tutoring times, as well as dates, as well as location.You put on ' t. have to make a consultation you can go and also come as you want, you don'' t pay anything.
They ' re. simply individuals who can help you do your research also if you ' re taking this as an online or.
Required things on my curriculum I won'' t checked out with all this. I'' ll sum this.
all over, my benefits benefit they'' re very strict up there so, I believe that need to respond to.
a lot of your concerns in pertains to, to this course as for policies as well as procedures.Just.

to summarize a couple of points I intend to make certain I restate these points. Allow me.
take a look at my notes a little bit to see if there'' s anything else I forgot. I believe I'' ve gone.
through almost whatever I wished to, but the important point you need to know are the.
deadlines, the dates for which you require to take your examinations by, and also you need to know that.
you take it in the JCCC Screening Center.Now there maybe a

couple of individuals every once in a while. who take this course who live out of state, or even out of nation. Contact me with a. different e-mail, and we can prepare a means for you to take an examination in some cases. You finish up taking. it at a testing center at a different university, or at a different university or for some army. personnel you take it on an army base and you have a proctor or something like that.
so it is possible in these days of e-mail and also all that to take this class, and also have it be.
an excellent car for learning Audit although you wear'' t stay in the Greater Kansas.
That ' s the routine research you require to do. It ' s typically really similar research. It ' s simply a little.
different way of added method for you, and also you could utilize your publication, you can use past.
research that you'' ve done, you can use whatever you want when you'' re doing that and it is.
worth factors, but it will give you comments also which I assume will be really practical for.
This was lecture number one, next time you see lecture number 2 there will be. As well as after that we ' ll. There ' s no real research prior to you enjoy.

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