Executive Customer Support (Karnataka)

Executive Customer Support (Karnataka)

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Zafco India Private Limited – Date posted: 16 Nov 2018
(i ) To compile monthly orders and make sure that orders are correctly made in system. Orders are made in correct entity with correct Currency & shipping terms and all details are entered in SO like fillers, no. of containers, destination port, delivery terms and any special requirement for documents.

( ii.) To coordinate with finance and get the orders released for allocation. Check with SVP before sending order file to finance.

(iii.) Compile and send orders to Imports before deadline and follow with Imports for allocation. Monthly reconciliation of orders and cancel orders which are not valid and if there is no allocation from supplier

( iv.) Weekly follow up with Imports for shipments in pipeline and ensure that monthly shipment plan is followed

(v) If there is any delay in shipment from supplier’s side than it needs to be notified to salesman and customer.

In case of exports, shipment costing for local charges are entered in system and MIRO is posted accordingly. Ensure that charges are booked in the same month of Invoicing so as to avoid any variation in profitability.

(vi) Monthly report on achievement against Billing plan, exception report on sales return, credit note, debit note passed and extra charges paid against any shipment due to document or information delay. Billing cycle report (Invoice raised against ETD dates and Invoice dates for DDP shipments).

(vii.) Monthly report on Invoices raised, shipment advice sent to customer with dates, copy documents shared with customer with dates and original documents sent to customer with date.

( viii)Weekly list of Invoices generated vs document status should be tracked and followed till the documents are received by the customer….
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