DGM – Financial Planning and MIS (Maharashtra)


DGM – Financial Planning and MIS (Maharashtra)

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Fact Personnel Pvt Ltd – Date posted: 14 Apr 2018
MIS reporting – 1. Deploying the use of the automated MIS system and generating and analyzing reports on consolidated & business levels as and when required.
2. Quarterly consolidation & analysis as and when required

Automation of MIS – A one -time exercise involving understanding of various MIS activities performed periodically, data requirements, source of data, analytics undertaken and a model that automates the above analysis.

Working Capital Model – Working Capital MIS model to be developed and maintained, periodic analyses required, areas of anomaly to be pointed and suggestions (if any) to improve working capital cycle/ reduce the amount of WC required to be made for implementation by businesses.

DMS Implementation – Periodic updating & improvement in DMS.

Cost Saving proposal & analysis Value Creation – Perform analysis & activities and identify potential areas of cost savings….
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