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CE Marking

CE Marking is a key indicator of a product’s compliance with EU legislation and enables the free movement of products within the European market. By adding a CE mark on a product, a manufacturer is declaring, at their sole responsibility, conformity with all of the legal requirements to achieve CE marking and therefore ensuring validity for that product to be sold throughout the European Economic Area.

Why CE Marking?

The CE mark is not only a quality-mark but also—

– It refers to the safety rather than to the quality of a product.
– CE indicates conformity with mandatory European safety requirements.
– Your product will gain access to the European Economic Area (EEA).

If you are a manufacturer and wants to export your product to the European market, then CE Marking is mandatory and therefore crucial to your success.

The occurrence of this important CE Marking in Rajasthan, Rajasthan on a product doesn’t imply that the product has been manufactured in Europe, but signifies that the manufacturer has complied and adhered to all rules and legislative regulations as mentioned by the European authorities pertaining to safety, health, environmental protection requirements. Manufacturer from any country- inside Europe or outside Europe needs CE Marking on every product which can be sold within Europe.

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