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AnalystDeloitte Support Services India Private Limited (Invoicing Client Engagement)

As BUCC Finance administrator you will be in charge of managing the working capital of your client portfolio. This includes processing invoices monitoring, together with the manager/ partner the outstanding receivables and work in process. Prior to the acceptance of a new client and/ or the start of a new engagement, you will perform a series of checks, in order to assure compliance with all quality, risk and independence related policies and regulations. Work you will do

Billing & Invoicing

Ensure accurate, complete and timely input of engagement, WIP and billing related data;

Process invoices accurately and in accordance with defined procedures and timescales;

Monitor outstanding receivables to ensure that they are paid within the agreed timescales;

Respond to customer enquiries and complaints, by telephone or in writing, after having checked the relevant facts from existing records;

Consult with the client teams to ensure that any disputes about deliveries and payments are resolved, within a predefined timeframe;

Check ledgers, statements and accounts to identify errors and take any necessary corrective action, referring more complex items to the finance controller;

Assist finance controller to reconcile parking accounts, internal orders;

Carry out any statistical analysis and produce management reports as required.

Client & Engagement Acceptance

Comply with Anti Money Laundering formalities for new clients, this includes the gathering and archiving of relevant documentation;

Create and maintain client and engagement records in SAP;

Verify whether Deloitte Tax is allowed to serve a client based on national and international independence regulations and gather and archive the required pre-approvals according to the type of engagements;

Make an assessment of the risk profile of new clients and/ or engagements;

Maintain the permanent risk file;

For more complex matters you will refer to the QRR manager.

Contracting cycle

Create and maintain contracts in SAP in accordance with the terms and conditions (e. g. pricing, staffing) of the engagement letter. …
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